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  • Tim’s Vermeer

    Director: Teller, 2013

    This documentary aims to understand one of the biggest mysteries in art history: technique of grand master Johannes Vermeer, who is best known with his painting ’The Girl with the Pearl Earring’. How Vermeer succeeded in painting photo-like portraits before the invention of photography is still an unexplained mystery. Portraying Tim Jenison’s comprehensive project that explores Vermeer’s technique, this documentary follows Jenison and takes us on a voyage all way from Delft, Holland where his Yorkshire landscapes were made through Buckingham.

  • The Girl with the Pearl Earring

    Director: Peter Webber, 2004

    Based on Tracy Chevalier’s novel with same name, the film is about 17th century painter, Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’. Although we don’t have any records on the identity, many people think that the subject of the painting was a maid working at Vermeer’s House. Departing from this point, the movie focuses on her identity and making of the portrait. Upon the request of his patron Van Ruijen, Vermeer starts making Griet’s painting. Through time, the painter and Griet get closer leading to problems in the household.