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  • Final Portrait

    Director: Stanley Tucci, 2017

    ‘The Final Portrait’ that will come on screen on 18th of August tells the story of Swedish painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti. Set in 1964 in Paris, directed by Stanley Lucci, it stars Geoffrey Rush as Giacometti. The painter runs across his old friend, American writer James Lord, and wants to make his portrait. Lord accepts his offer. Weeks pass however Giacometti doesn’t seem to finish the portrait, which makes Lord suspect that the painter is keeping him on purpose. Hence a special dialogue start to develop between two leading to the making of one of the masterpieces of a genius mind.

  • Modigliani

    Director: Mick Davis, 2004

    In this unforgettable 2004 production, we watch Andy Garcia as Italian painter Modigliani. The film focuses on Modigliani’s rivalry with Picasso, and shines with its colors, performances and montage. Jewish Modigliani falls in love with a young and beautiful Catholic girl Jeanne. The couple has a baby without marriage, who is sent away by Jeanne’s family, to be raised by nuns. Desperate to get his son back, Modigliani needs money. It was the time of annual art competition, offering money and career to the winner. Modigliani and Picasso, friends and rivals, enter into the competititon and change their lives.

  • Frida

    Director: Julie Taymor, 2002

    An Oscar winning film (the Best Actress), Frida tells the life story of Frida Kahlo, one of the most extraordinary women in art history. Since her early childhood onwards, Kahlo suffers from health issues. When she grows up she falls in love with famous painter Diego, who is also known as a casanova. The couple involves in a troubled romantic relationship full of ups and downs. Although they despise the concept of loyalty, their love and passion for each other leading to jealousy weakens their marriage. In the meantime, Frida keeps reflecting her pain in her canvas, loving Diego and painting for 30 years.