• Showtime: The 50 Most Influential Exhibitions of Contemporary Art 

    Editor - Jens Hoffmann (with contributions of Hans Ulrich Obrist, Massimiliano Gioni and Maria Lind)

    In his book, the prominent curator and author Jens Hoffmann compiles 50 innovative exhibitions of the last 20 years that have a curatorial significance. Amongst exhibitions that changed the direction of contemporary art, we find a diverse group of shows whose topics range from globalism to public art, from architecture to theater. The compilation showcasing curators from the US, Brasil, South Africa, Mexico, Europe and Turkey includes a text explaining the content and historical context of the exhibition and photographs from the show. Some of the selected shows are large-budgeted exhibitions, Biennale, Manifesta and Documenta shows along with experiential exhibits. We recommend this book to all those who enjoy following the progress and the history of Contemporary Art – a concept that is hastily being transformed in our day.

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  • An Artist of the Floating World

    Kazuo Ishiguro

    Set during the aftermath of WWII in Japan, famous author Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel invites the reader into the story of a talented painter Masuji Ono. Although the artist decides to retire and live a life of tranquility, his memories of past do not leave him alone. In time he realizes that the destructive nature of war and militarism has influenced his paintings. This acknowledgement gives Ono the opportunity to question his past mistakes and confront himself. The novel proves that art acts like a mirror, helping individuals to confront their inner world. Ishiguro narrates the story from the viewpoint of Ono and focuses on his regrets and questionings, while shedding light on the history of change in Japan. Bringing the author the Whitbread Award in 1986, the novel is a great choice for art lovers who cherish inner journeys.

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