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    100 Artists’ Manifestos

    Alex Danchey, Translated by M. Emir Uslu, Espas Publications, October 2017

    This first full Turkish translation of the anthology of 100 Artists’ Manifestos which was compiled by Alex Danchev, presents us an overview of diverse movements such as Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Feminism, Communism, Destructivism that marked the 20th century. While covering an international array of artists’, including filmmakers, fashion designers and those practicing conceptual art, Danchev also provides biographies and annotations to the readers. You can find this book which sheds light on artists, manifestos and art in all bookstores.

  • When Art Meets Design

    When Art Meets Design

    Assouline Publishing, October 2014

    When Art Meets Design is prepared by the internationally renowned American painter and designer Hunt Slonem. It offers exciting insights to the artists fabulously decorated and carefully renovated mansions, with vivid photos from interiors of Slonem’s mansions such as those at Louisiana and New York. This book also presents us a fascinating story about the harmony between contemporary art and vintage furniture in design of interior spaces. As the title of the book suggests, it tells us the charming story of how art comes together with design. You can find this book which illustrates a frame into the world of contemporary period on Amazon.com.

  • sanatcilarin_hayat_hikayeleri

    Lives of the Artists

    Translated by: Elif Gökteke, Giorgio Vasari, Sel Publications, September 2013, 2nd edition December 2016

    The Florentine painter and architect Giorgio Vasari’s ‘Lives of the Artists’ was first published in 1550 and later became the foundation text of art historiography. Now available in Turkish, this book offers us a closer look into the lives of famous Italian artists who lived between the 13th and 16th centuries, at the same time it illustrates the birth, development and culmination of the Renaissance art. Focusing on Italian art, Vasari’s book later determined the outline of art historiography and was adopted by different cultures. You can find this special book in all bookstores.

  • From Here to Infinity

    Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity

    Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity, Sarah Suzuki, MoMa Publications

    One of the most important Japanese artists, Yayoi Kusama is currently on focus with her newly opened museum in Tokyo. Now, we also see artist in a newly published children’s book. Written by Sarah Suzuki, the curator of MET, Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity tells the story of the life and works of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama with special illustrations made in the artist’s studio in Japan. Focusing on her successful career, the story begins when Kusama is a child living in Matsumoto, Japan, then portraits some difficulties she experienced during her time at art school and at home. Wanting to live a life in her own terms, Kusama moved to New York City, where she became famous for her polka dot paintings and giant sculptures. The book ends with Kusama’s return to Japan where she creates all of her work in a studio in Tokyo since 1977.

    Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity kitabından bir sayfa. Kaynak: dezeen.com

    Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity /  dezeen.com

    You can buy this colorful book online from Amazon (amazon.com) and MoMa Store (store.moma.org).

  • sanat bizi seviyor

    Art Loves Us

    Art Loves Us - Ali Akay, Doğu-Batı Publications, 2017

    Departing from the idea that ‘’art can love us as much as we love it’’ the author of the book Ali Akay reflects long years of experience, thinking and reading on art in his newly published book ‘’Sanat Bizi Seviyor’’ (Art Loves Us). Published in September, the new book takes the reader on a conceptual and philosophical journey from exhibitions to biennials, museums to artistic movements. It includes pioneering and leading artists such as Paul Cézanne, Marcel Duchamp, Jean Miró, Jean-Luc Moulène, Anish Kapoor, and explores the notion of art both from artistic and sociological point of view. Consisting of three sections entitled as Art Loves Us, Socio-political state of art and Art is Reflection, this book should be included in the libraries of all lovers, thinkers and readers of art.
    You can find this book in all bookstores.

  • Summer Readings


    Taschen Basic Art Series

    Remzi Kitabevi

    Remzi Kitabevi brings our homes world’s most widely-read art books, the Taschen Basic Art Series. Since its first publication in 1985, the series included 200 books, each focusing on life and production of a different pioneering artists, architect and designer. From Bacon to Picasso, Monet to Klimt, so far it has been translated to 20 languages. You can find Taschen Art Series books in all bookstores.



    The Shape of a Pocket

    John Berger

    One of the most important authors of art and cultural history who passed away recently, John Berger tells the story of how important and eternal art is for the society and the individual. In this book of collection of his essays, we see how his beautiful writing comes together with his different way of approaching art and the individual. Driving examples from Classical and Modern Art and thousands years old cage drawings in France and Egypt, he reveals art’s essential role in human life.



    Frida Kahlo at Home

    Suzanne Barbezat, Frances Lincoln Publications, 2016

    The homes and places where famous artist Frida Kahlo lived and been to had a special impact on her life and art. Due to the health problems that she faced during her youth, Frida Kahlo spent long periods at home in La Cas Azul. After marrying Diego Riviera, she moved to other places and lived in other cities.  In later years of her life, she returned home. With images, archives and Kahlo’s paintings and pictures, this book provides an insight into how the homes and landscapes shaped Kahlo’s art.



    The Art Forger

    B.A. Shapiro, Algonquin Books

    In March, 18, 1990, 13 artworks that are worth of 15 million dollars today were stolen from the Isabella Gardner Museum.  Departing from this real-life event which was also biggest art theft in U.S. history, Shapiro created a thrilling and detailed fiction. In her novel, Claire Roth, an artist making a living reproducing famous works of art makes a deal with a powerful gallery owner.  The deal includes reproduction of a stolen Degas painting. When the Degas painting was delivered to her door, things got complicated as she begins to suspect the painting’s originality. Will she forge a forgery or will she try to reveal the mystery behind this painting?



    Africa Rising: Fashion, Design and Lifestyle from Africa

    Clara Le Fort&Robert Klanten (ed.), Gestalten&Design Indaba, 2016

    African continent has a colorful, unconventional, fresh and elegant sense of fashion and design. It showcases young artists who push every limit of creativity. This book explores African fashion and design which brings together innovation and tradition, and shows creativity and colors behind African fashion.  With an in-depth analysis on African designers, designs and their work, it tells readers the story and place of African design in world fashion and design industry.



    Management of Art Galleries

    Magnues Reich, Phaidon, 2016

    What is behind the success of an art gallery? How should galleries do their marketing? Which customer group is attractive? How can an art gallery be managed?

    Magnus Reich searches for answers to these and many other questions in his book ‘’Management of Galleries.’’ While providing an insightful analysis of the sector, he drives conclusions from the results of an anonymous survey carried out in UK, U.S. and Germany. While reading this book, you will not only explore art galleries but also start looking at the sector from a different point of view.  



    Japan Style

    Gion Carlo Calza, Phaidon, 2015

    ‘’The path to understanding Japanese Culture is slow and long’’

    This book describes and defines Japan Style and explores Japanese culture, lifestyle and vision of the world. Aiming at providing readers all necessary tools to understand Japanese art and culture, it brings in different perspectives to approach Japan style. In the book, the readers will see 150 colour images and most important examples of products of Japanese art and culture. 



    Paris is the Most Romantic City in the World

    Mine G. Kırıkkanat, Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları, 2017

    ‘’Big cities are like people’’ says Mine G. Kırıkkanat in her new travel book that focuses on the most romantic city in the world, Paris. By taking readers to a journey to the cafes, streets, art museums and galleries of Paris, she reflects at its best the spirit, richness and dynamism of the city. Taking inspiration from her own living experience and observation, while reading this book, you will find yourself imagining starting and ending every day in Paris.



    Timeless Movies

    Barış Saydam, Küre Yayınları, 2017

    Timeless Movies explores Turkish cinema. Published this month by Küre Publications, the book brings together many articles written in Turkish and English. They are written after panels and presentations that were held during a special program organized in collaboration with Istanbul Modern and Center for Turkish Cinema between 8-13th of May. Timeless Movies has 4 sections; Classics, Secret Treasures, Realistic Cinema and Turkish Cinema, each providing an in-depth analysis on issues and types present in films.



    This is not a Pipe

    Michel Foucault, Yapı Kredi Yayınları

    Is what we see is what we see?

    Written by worldwide known French philosopher and historian Michel Foucault, this special book focuses on Rene Magritte’s visual language and use of word nuances. Aiming at understanding Magritte’s visual vocabulary and paintings, Foucault explores the artist’s district style and use of words. While reading this book which is enriched with interviews, letters and pictures, readers will seek answer to the following question: ‘’is this a pipe?’’


  • 100 Secrets of the Art World

    Thomas Girst-Magnus Resch, Koneigh Books

    Released in last October, ‘’100 Secrets of the Art World’’ is a special contemporary art guide which was published by Koenigh Books and edited by Thomas Girst and Magnus Resch. Including stories, anectodes and stories of key figures of the art world such as artists, galleries and collectors, this entertaining guide is one of the must-have books that is highly populer among art lovers.

  • A Different Leonora Carrington

    Joanna Moorhead, Virago, 2017

    Leonora Carrington, one of the last representatives of Surrealism and a national treasure in Mexico, comes into focus with her unknown story. In this new biographic novel that was written by Joanna Moorhead, a distant relative, readers get to know the story of strong friendship between the two women. The book, which will bring to light unknown side of one of the most influential artists of Mexico, will be released in April, 6th by Virago Publications.

  • The Global Art Compass: New Directions in 21st Century Art

    Alistair Hicks, YKY, 2016

    Follow the art, listen to the artists, thrust your reactions.

    The Global Art Compass, your guide to the maze of the contemporary art world, helps you to solve the mysteries of today’s art.

    In the old times, authors and critics such as Goethe, Ruskin and Clement Greenberg spread some particular ideas about art, they even dictated these opinions to the artists. Nevertheless, the artists have been rebelling ever since. Nowadays, they don’t feel like they have to follow an existing theory or go to a specific city. New York, London, Paris, Berlin and Beijing, they are all wonderful places to perform art, but none of them dominates the art scenery. With The Global Art Compass, Alistair Hicks proves that, no curator, critic or art agent is controlling or can have power over what is happening in the present day’s art world all by herself.

    Alistair Hicks, YKY, 2016

  • The Transformative Power of Performance – A New Aesthetics

    Erika Fischer-Lichte

    Written by Erika Fischer-Lichte, the book departs from an event taken place at Krinzinger Gallery in 1975. The spectators’ putting to an end to Marina Abramovic’s performance “Lips of Thomas” after a certain period of endurance is highlighted as an example of how the viewer has an active role in today’s artwork.



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