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    Great Women Artists

    Phaidon, 2019

    ‘Great Women Artists’ has published last month by Phaidon publications, it suggests a completely different outlook towards the art history.


  • İzzet Keribar

    Colorful Turkey

    İzzet Keribar

    A new book by Izzet Keribar, one of the most prominent Turkish photographers, “Colorful Turkey” presents a selection from the artist’s photography taken in past 20 years. The book features special photographs taken across Turkey, in different regions in different seasons along with special city scenes and views of local people and their lifestyle. Hence the book becomes an invaluable archive which traces Turkey’s visual memory up to the present day. Prepared in collaboration with Mehmet Kurukahveci Cultural Centre, “Colorful Turkey” sheds light on Keribar, an artist who holds many awards from both local and international photography competitions, and his artistic journey of over 20 years.

  • The Conman

    The Conman

    Lonely Salisbury&Aly Suja, Gibson Square Books

    “The Conman” was written by Lonely Salisbury&Aly Suja. It tells the thrilling story of the art forgery which fooled the British Modern Art World for over a decade. This scam would never have ended if it hadn’t been for a naked woman and a microwaved goldfish. A school teacher puts a modest advertisement in “Private Eye” as a painter but he has no idea that this would make him a part of the biggest art fraud in Britain. Among a few respondants is the mysterious John Drewe who claims to be a Professor. But in reality, Drewe is a conman who knew little about the art world and discovered that the art itself didn’t really make any difference – that it was the documentation of a work that mattered. Hence he commissions 200 artworks from Myatt and gets ready to take over the art world.

  • Drawn to Trouble

    Drawn to Trouble: Confessions of a Master Forger: A Memoir

    Eric Hebborn, Mainstream Publications

    The autobiographical book explores the life of one of the greatest and most talented art forgers of the world, Eric Hebborn. His account reveals a life transformed from the Royal Art Academy into the dark side of the art world. Despite winning prizes as a student at art schools, Hebborn later failed to find recognition as an artist and hence started to fake paintings. As an art restorer, he acquired a great knowledge of the old masters’ paintings as well of their materials and methods. The book reveals the unknown story of Eric Hebborn’s life and work, his techniques and processes of forgery which fooled the experts at Sotheby’s and Christie’s and made him one of the greatest forgers of the 20th century.

  • Hot Art

    Hot Art: Chasing Thieves and Detectives through the Secret World of Stolen Art

    Joshua Knelman, Douglas&Mclntrye

    “Hot Art” reveals the unknown aspects of art theft. It is the product of Joshua Knelman’s extensive research and travels which took four years. During this time, the author travelled the world, chasing mysterious world of international art theft from Cairo to New York, London, Montreal and Los Angeles. In the meantime, he befriends Paul, a master art thief and gets caught up in the world of Donald Hrycyk, a detective working on finding stolen art. Through chapters focusing on Paul and an international network of detectives, the book sheds light on the dramatic rise of international art theft. Hence, Joshua Knelman’s investigation brings together thrilling elements of art thiefs, detectives, FBI agents and lawyers, and a global battle against the international art theft which is regarded to be one of the largest black markets in the world.

  • The Art of Forgery

    The Art of Forgery

    Noah Charney, Phaidon

    “The Art of Forgery: The Minds, Motives and Methods of the Master Forgers” explores the stories, dramas and human intrigues behind the world’s most famous forgeries. Author Noah Charney investigates the motivations behind the artists and criminals who faked great works of art, and hence deceived the public, prestigious institutions and the art establishment. The book is organized as a series of case studies, which move between characters, art media and periods. Charney groups them chapters as themes around “Genius, Pride, Revenge and Money” to create an easy narrative flow. Through this, each chapter takes the reader on a voyage to the intriguing world of forgers, along with their stories, creativity, strengths and weaknesses.

  • New Art New Markets

    New Art New Markets

    Iain Robertson, Lund Humpries - 2018

    Originally published in 2011, Iain Robertson’s New Art, New Markets focuses on contemporary art markets. It draws attention to three types of emerging markets for contemporary art: the very recently established, the maturing and the mature. In this revised second edition published in 2018, Robertson incorporates new geographies into his analysis; South America, South Africa and North Africa, and explores the dynamics of new emerging markets in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia,Cuba, Nigeria and Qatar. Written accessibly and engagingly, the book focuses on the value of non-Western contemporary art and presents important emerging art-market scenarios for the collector, investor and culturally interested individual. You can find this special book on Amazon.com.

  • lifeinart

    The Dream Colony: A Life in Art

    Walter Hopps, Deborah Treisman, Anne Doran, Bloomsbury, 2017

    The book looks into American art in the second half of the twentieth century, through the eyes of the visionary curator who helped shape it. Walter Hopps was a world-renowned curator, who changed contemporary art scene after decades of gallery ownership, curatorship and leadership. A few years before passing away in 2005, he began writing this autobiographic book. With an introduction by legendary Pop artist Ed Ruscha, The Dream Colony is a vivid, personal, surprising and enlightening account of Hopps’ life. It tells the story of one of the greatest artistic minds of the twentieth century. You can find this inspiring book on Amazon.com

  • 500 Self-Portraits

    500 Self-Portraits

    Julian Bell, Liz Rideal, Phaidon, 2018

    Firstly published in 1937, this evocative book tells the fascinating story of self portraiture in art history. As a Phaidon Classic, the book presents 500 of the world’s greatest and most iconic self portraits, arranged in a simple chronological sequence from ancient times to the late 20th century. It sheds light on artists’ urge to paint themselves, with names working in painting, photography, sculpture, and performance. from Dürer to Rembrandt, David Hockney to Cindy Sherman, this comprehensive book which includes artist quotes and essays by Julian Bell and Liz Rideal can be found on Amazon.com.

  • john berger


    John Berger - Metis Publications, May 2018

    John Berger is a world-renowned author who inspired millions with his tv shows, publications and books on art and artists. In the Portraits, the author who passed away in 2017 says ‘’after watching an artwork in a museum or gallery, I try to enter into its workshop, into the mindset of its making. And there, I wait in hopes to learn more about how it was made.’’ Portraits is part of a book project which brings together John Berger’s writings. Published by Metis Publications in May 2018, it tells the story of portraits and takes the reader on a voyage from prehistoric times to the contemporary day. Seen as an alternative art history and guidebook, this book is certainly a must-have for artlovers.

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