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  • Interview with Göksu Gül / Small Units’ Giant Stories

    Interview with Göksu Gül / Small Units’ Giant Stories

    Young artist Göksu Gül who joined art50.net in July 2015 reappears in the exhibition titled “Up in the Air”, taking place at Vogue Restaurant in Akaretler and organized by art50.net. You may remember her from Mamut Art 2015 or the Istanbul Rotary Art Competition Exhibition at Elgiz Museum that ran until June 13 2015, where she was awarded with the 1st prize. Those of you who do not know Göksu Gül well should read this interview before visiting the exhibition where her works “Tooth 1” and “Tooth 2” are hanging in the air!

    Interview: Polen Müge Korkmaz

    Translation: İpek Yeğinsü

    Göksu Gül whose solo exhibition at Blok Artspace titled “Free of Charge” ran until April 25 also works as a caricaturist. Göksu talks about her most recent artistic ventures and the various materials she employs in her production.

    You began your career as a caricaturist and continued as an artist. How did you decide to exhibit your works?

    For years I have wanted to make an exhibition. But since I had other priorities and I complied with them, this remained only as a sweet fantasy I had before falling asleep at night. One day came, and I thought about the moment I would die. How would I want it to be? Would I want to die as someone who has spent her life energy on relationships devoid of love, or as someone who did what she wanted to do and gave herself a good life? I had to make a decision.

    You still continue your career as a caricaturist in magazines.Will you keep it going alongside your artistic career?

    Yes, always. As in my childhood. Unfortunately there is a time frame during which I wanted to be a doctor, even then I did both things in my spare time.

    Your works are about descriptions of nature. Which emotion or artistic concern do you try to communicate by describing nature?

    I’m not really interested in anything other than beauty. Because I don’t use art as the abc of my problems or the problems of the society. Is this wrong, no, it’s just that I don’t use it. I already do it in caricature. Of course my paintings and my sculptures have an underlying meaning as well if you dig too deep. But I don’t emphasize it. I have never been interested in an artist’s creative cause or the source of his or her motivation. Did his or her work visually hit me? Did I become mesmerized? Or it is such a work that it hits you so hard, the result blows my mind and I don’t have time to think about the underlying motivation for I’m dying of pleasure?

    You use various media without remaining loyal to one single form. How do you decide which one to sue?

    I actually can’t think of an exhibition as of purely painting or sculpture. I hope one day I can accomodate many more disciplines in one single exhibition.

    We can see your admiration for nature in the aesthetic of your work. Do you plan to treat other subjects in other media?

    Today I’ve done this. I have talked about this. Whatever my subject becomes tomorrow, I will again be pursuing beauty, I guess. This can be a very simple form of beauty, or something like a fairground, I don’t know yet.

    BalıkYutması_art50What are your future plans / goals?

    I’m careful at proceeding step by step, at my own pace. I mean in terms of mood; I’m careful at not being immediately crushed by criticism, or not hitting the sky as a response to praise. Because both these situations are detrimental to the rhythm, I know it for I experienced it several times. I want to live my life as the best of who I really am, without turning it into a “cute rabbit chasing carrot” game, without setting a goal I saw and envied in someone else.

    Will we see your name in international fairs / events? 

    Let’s live it if it mean to happen in my steps, sure.

    Can you talk about your process of creation?

    I act emotionally, I never know what to put and where. As if cooking. Because I don’t like cooking departing from a recipe, the ones I did never turned out to be good. I love the meals I cook acting emotionally, when I experiment. I even love the fact that the taste changes every time I cook the same meal. When people ask for the recipe I can’t say a thing because it doesn’t exist. I decided at that very moment and that’s it. The following moment it flies away. For me, art is exactly the same.

    When you use the nature theme in your works how do you decide which material and figure to use?

    Unless there’s a particular situation I get carried on by the material. For instance I really, really love ink, and I have a result once I mingle with that material to find out how I can draw with it. This is the result I have now. Since my childhood I have been making tiny little balls from bread while eating at the table, everyone probably has but I have never stopped. I have finally turned this habit of mine into sculpture. I love little units and also the materials that allow me to produce them. Tomorrow a type of material at a hardware store or at an artist’s studio might be interesting for me, I might love to touch it and to play with it. At that moment I might start acting in accordance with that material. I don’t like complying with what I have in “mind”. Because the mind is very limited.

    The interview is taken from Sanatonline.net.