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  • A Pleasant Conversation with Aslı Kutluay

    Interview: İpek Yeğinsü

    Aslı Kutluay is a multidisciplinary artist simultaneously engaged in art and design, expressing herself through various media and materials. We had a pleasant conversation with Kutluay who has recently joined the Art50.net family.


    How did you begin creating art? What kind of process have you been through?

    It is an interest that goes back to my childhood. I was deeply interested in painting and design. After I graduated from METU – Industrial Design, I took my Master’s degree from Bilkent University –  Faculty of Fine Arts – Department of Graphic Design. I participated to several fairs and exhibitions. I have arrived at the current point in my career also thanks to self-observation.


    Your works are dominated by an intense pattern of movement and dynamism. Can you tell us more about your series on Art50.net? How were these dynamic women born?

    In my paintings I prefer tackling subjects like my daily life, sections from my own life story and my own struggle. The selection I made for Art50.net is one of my favorites; for me, a swift, elastic, dynamic escape with a skateboard from a depressing traffic jam, going through spaces in between congested cars, or taking off with my witch’s hat on, imagining to be looking at myself from the high hills of my own world are actually a kind of pursuit for my own truest, purest self. But I have a condition to meet: during purification, I should never give up on childlike joys. This is why I use elements like the swing, the striped socks, the witch’s hat, the mask, the hat and the skateboard with pronounced contours and exaggerated colors.


    Aslı Kutluay, Baloon Station

    You realized several projects in Italy. How is the Italian contemporary art scene? Have you ever considered staying there?

    Yes, I did several projects there. Melting Point, my latest project curated by Vittorio Urbani also succeeded at establishing the Italy – Turkey connection. It was first exhibited at the inauguration of the Venice Architecture Biennial, followed by a cave underneath the Masseria Jesce building in Southern Italy and Elgiz Museum as a parallel event of the Istanbul Design Biennial. Venice Art Biennial is currently the most important contemporary art event in the world and a pioneer. So Italy will always remain as an authority in contemporary art, not only in classic art. In this sense, my connections there broaden my horizons and educate me. But I deeply love the land on which I live. No place in the world compares to Anatolia. My objective is to travel the world with my projects and not being confined to a single country.


    Aslı Kutluay, Alcoba Azul

    You’re both an artist and a designer. What would you like to tell us about it? Do you think it’s possible to distinguish the two domains with precision?

    I think art and design have a synergic relationship where art is nourished by design dynamics and design is nourished by the artistic ones.  In my opinion, both contemporary art and design should go beyond aesthetic or decorative concerns, indicate and react to the wrongful, propose alternatives and convey messages. When these are missing, a design object without artistic inspiration remains a decorative and commercial product. Art is always the pioneer; it can borrow methodology from design but I think design that contains no art and philosophy remains insufficient.


    Aslı Kutluay, Skin Changing

    Your greatest dream about your profession, your life and the world in general?

    People need a collective revolution in their conscioussness so that all the borders can disappear and wars can end. Perhaps then we can all together organize exhibitions in different galaxies and share dreams without limits…

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