• “Voyage”: Exhibition by Art50.net

    May 19-September 30, Avantgarde Collection, Yalıkavak Bodrum

    Ayna | Ayşegül Karakaş | Begüm Mütevellioğlu | Gözde Başkent | Haydar Akdağ | İpek Yeğinsü | Taşkın Esin

    Like last year, Art50.net welcomes the summer with an exciting group show. Kindly hosted by Avantgarde Collection Yalıkavak, the exhibition “Voyage” will be on view from May 19 to September 30.


    Taşkın Esin, Assembly, detail

    «Voyage» is a concept that indicates journey, relocation, departure for discovery and an excursion into memories and fantasies. It may involve an adventure beginning with maps and backpacks as well as an inner journey during a walk into the woods.
    Each artist in the «Voyage» exhibition approaches this concept from his or her own point of view. While Ayşegül Karakaş invents characters proceeding in uncanny landscapes, Ayna invites us to a nostalgic journey into the past. Begüm Mütevellioğlu’s compositions take the viewer into a universe of memories creating a meditative psychological state, and Gözde Başkent places her characters at the center of a natural cycle. Haydar Akdağ chases the artistic possibilities offered by form, color and texture while İpek Yeğinsü is after the elements moving in an urban context, and Taşkın Esin pursues the accidental phenomena’s role in his data-based paintings.

    Haydar AKDAĞ 60cm T.U.K.T-düşük çözünürlük

    Haydar Akdağ, Untitled, mixed media on canvas


    The exhibition awaits its discoverers at various sites within Avantgarde Otel Yalıkavak and will be on view every day until September 30.


    Avantgarde Collection
    Yalıkavak Küdür Mevkii, Şehit Engin Söylemez Cad. No:9, Yalıkavak Bodrum / Muğla
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +90 252 385 3765

  • Art50.net at Cloud.7 İstanbul

    Art50.net continues via its special projects to bring living spaces and art together. As a hotel offering an alternative visitor experience embracing the motto “Spontaneous Living”, Cloud.7’s Istanbul branch opened its doors in Ataköy. As Art50.net, we have prepared a special selection for the hotel’s Art in Cloud section.


    The project in which Cloud.7 and Art50.net join forces around the concept of 24/7 accessible art,  features works by Ayşegül Karakaş, Betül Aytaç, Beyza Paksın, Begüm Mütevellioğlu, Deniz Yılmazlar (Karbon), Eda Emirdağ, Genco Gülan, İpek Yeğinsü, Özlem Paker and Taşkın Esin.

    Cover picture: Cloud.7 Hotels CEO Marloes Knippenberg and Brand Director Antony Doucet (photo taken from Hotelier Express website).

  • “Treasure Room” exhibition by Art50.net at Adahan İstanbul Hotel

    March 13-April 15 2016, Adahan İstanbul Hotel -1 Gallery

    “Treasure Room”, Art50.net’s first exhibition this year, welcomes art enthusiasts from March 13 on at the Adahan İstanbul Hotel. Bringing a new dimension to the notion of treasure, the exhibition will be on until April 15 at the Adahan İstanbul Hotel’s -1 Gallery space. 

    Can an exhibition resemble a jewel? Can its glitter blind your eyes?

    «Treasure Room» transforms Adahan’s hidden and authentic -1 Gallery space into the treasury of a nameless king from an unknown time. Unlike the kings who show their collections only to their closest friends and special guests, this nameless king invites everyone to discover the artworks by young artists, each of which is a treasure of feelings, ideas and inspiration in its own right.

    The exhibition features intriguing works made of various materials including canvas, mirror, plastic, wood and video, by Art50.net artists Aslı Dinç, Ece Kalabak, Genco Gülan, Gözde Başkent, Haydar Akdağ, Lale Delibaş, Özgür Demirci, Rafet Arslan and Taşkın Esin. They all emphasize the architectural authenticity and timeless spirit of Adahan’s -1 Gallery space.


    Aslı Dinç‘s  video Echoes of a Distant Time she passes through a time tunnel at the Halicarnassus Mausoleum built for King Mausolos, and experiences being an offering to the king. Ece Kalabak’s two canvases are closely related to the notions of subconsciousness and symbolism. The artist’s multi-layered stories told on one single surface give rise to various associations in viewers’ minds, inviting them to create their own narrative. Genco Gülan‘s I Have Always Loved You is composed of three bones immersed in liquid gold and kept by a king, left from his deceased wife whom he deeply loved. Gözde Başkent focuses on the human-nature relationship and illustrates the “treasure” offered by the human-nature unity with her works in the show. In his multidisciplinary works, Haydar Akdağ emphasizes the alternative realities of our living spaces. The artist who produced a site-specific installation for Treasure Room also exhibits a series of money prints and questions the contemporary notion of “treasure”.


    Inspired by Shamanism, religion and mythologies using needlework technique, Lale Delibaş  exhibits in Treasure Room her new mirror series and other works in different techniques. Özgür Demirci who combines traditional Turkish motifs with contemporary forms is featured in the exhibition with his ink-on-handmade paper and oil-on-canvas works. Rafet Arslan sees art as a way of reaching pure poetry and the exhibition features his collages and in-box or on-mirror assemblages. With no boundaries in selecting materials, Taşkın Esin is featured in Treasure Room with his three-dimensional digital sculpture.


    Visiting Hours: 10 am- 6 pm

    Adahan İstanbul Otel, General Yazgan Sok. N. 14 Asmalımescit Beyoğlu

    T: 02122438581

  • Art50.net is at Contemporary Istanbul

    12-15 November 2015

    Art50.net is at Contemporary Istanbul with its young artists for the first time


    Art50.net participates at CI15 with 9 young artists: works by Aslı Dinç, Ayna, Ayşegül Karakaş, Deniz Yılmazlar, Ece Kalabak, Emre Meydan, Göksu Gül, Lale Delibaş and Ülgen Semerci will be on view for art enthusiasts at Art50.net’s booth numbered A1 109. Using its booth also as the headquarters for the launching of its new art support project, Art50.net welcomes all individuals and institutions willing to support art and artists to its booth for further information and application procedures.

    Entering the art scene with an alternative approach, Art50.net is an online contemporary art platform bringing together the artists, collectors and all art enthusiasts. Particularly focusing on supporting emerging independent artists and uniting everyone willing to live with art, it provides its followers with the opportunity to discover brand new artists and original artworks without time and space constraints. Taking firms steps on its path preaching the motto “bring art into your living spaces”, it organizes exhibitions at various venues for its artists, bringing them together with the key players in the art scene thanks to the institutional collaborations it establishes in addition to its online platform.

    This year Art50.net will participate to Contemporary İstanbul for the first time. New works specifically produced for the art fair by nine young artists will be premiered. The artists using elements such as organza, rope, mirror and aquarium in addition to oil, ceramic, lightbox and plexiglass are particularly interesting with their choice of materials, thus questioning the existing modes of artistic production.

    Ece Kalabak Tahterevalli 2015 160x160cm

    Ece Kalabak, See-saw, 2015

    With her video installation placed in a wall aquarium, Aslı Dinç exhibits the travelling Aunties; in her photographs inspired by concepts such as space, boundaries, void and cyberpunk she focuses on future scenarios. Göksu Gül whose works are composed of very minute units like embroidery, applies the ink directly on canvas and creates a brand new installation for the fair by exhibiting it alongside her sculpture made of ceramic balls. Approaching the element of nature with an authentic style, Ayşegül Karakaş’s landscapes with figures suspended in time sometimes appear as a journey, other times as the midst of an escape. Ayna whose works originate from popular quotes and icons combines the graffiti and paste-up technique with lightbox and neon, aiming at making the viewers see the works’ reflections in their own lives. In his neighboring or juxtaposed blurry layers Emre Meydan traces what is left behind by humans in deserted places.

    Lale Delibaş sews words on lines of plexiglass to which she adds a new dimension by placing a mirror behind them, thus underlining the balance between dualities. Deniz Yılmazlar’s brand new video is based on forgetting-remembering. The new images accompanying the video and created via interventions on found photographs hide presences within empty spaces. Ece Kalabak who also works with illustration and animation gives life to  distorted figures with dominant colors. Finally, Ülgen Semerci offers a new experience shaped by density, scale and light with her abstract works in which she questions the painting’s multilayered history and plasticity.

    Ayna benzemez kimse Cİ

    Ayna, Benzemez Kimse Sana, 2015

    Using its booth also as a headquarters for launching its new project,  Art50.net aims at increasing institutional collaborations for supporting art and the artists. Thanks to this project it has the objective to render the support it gives to its artists more active and durable, thus building bridges between the artists and those individuals and institutions who would like to support them via sustainable models, creating synergies for partnerships and joint forces.


  • Art50.net is at Eataly with the exhibition “Eat Play Love”

    The exhibition featuring ten artists will last until November 30
    LoveToLove - Seçil Yaylalı

    Seçil Yaylalı, Love to Love n. 4 (detail)

    In line with its motto “Add art to your life!”, Art50.net brings art into the lively atmosphere of Zorlu Center Eataly. Artworks of painting, sculpture, print and photography created with a wide range of materials including food, mock-ups and ready-made objects by ten emerging artists emphasize cultural values and social interaction. The exhibition will be on view every day between 10 am and 10 pm until November 30.


    Beril Ateş, The Unknown Gift

    According to scientists our brains produce the same reaction when we see a good work of art and when we fall in love. In “Eat Play Love” inspired by the movie “Eat Pray Love”, two elements uniting people, namely food and games, join the passion for art. The visitors coming to the upper floor of Eataly for eating or shopping with the question “Is that a Barbie doll under a belljar?” in their eyes, find themselves in the middle of the extraordinary future scenarios Genco Gülan builds through his “alternative glasses” and so the discovery game for the big children begins. Right next to it appear the funny characters of Beril Ateş who creates her works of art through her authentic viewpoint with irony and criticism.

    The dried fruit pulp compositions by Seçil Yaylalı who keeps communication and exchange at the center of her artistic practice,  collages by Cins who expresses himself via “organic” forms reminiscent of flesh and bone inspired from the concept of appetite, paintings by Taşkın Esin diving into an experimental adventure combining acrylic and coffee… These works in which elements appealing to the eye and to the taste coexist, combine the beauty of food with the vitalness of art.

    Beyza Paksın focuses on the imagery of women and the kitsch; the roses’ delicacy and the knife’s sharpness build a striking contrast. Azime Sarıtoprak returns to her childhood with the yellow walls of her elementary school and her napkins ornamented with naive drawings. Göksu Gül declares that she tries her best to express her admiration for nature and humanity, and presents the fun and “appetizing” sculptures she specifically produced for this exhibition, attracting especially children to themselves like a magnet.

    Begüm Mütevellioğlu arranges houses and rooms as windows opening into bizarre landscapes, spaces dedicated to memories and dreams; perhaps some secret gates leading to Sicily’s narrow streets or Tuscany’s fertile vineyards… Finally Baysan Yüksel questions routines, beliefs, traditions, popular culture and consumerism; naive, warm but similarly deconstructivist and critical.


    Baysan Yüksel, Monster


    Cover Photo: Cins, Appetized Situations  N. 3

  • Celebrities | Ünlüler

    The exhibition will continue until 30 September at Avantgarde Collection Yalikavak

    Celebrities is an exhibition featuring world reknown personalities and artists that became icons, reinterpreted by artists.

    These famous people become elements of popular culture and set global trends with their appearances, acts and quotes, be it intentionally or unintentionally.


    Genco Gulan, 4×4, 2015 and 4 Eyed Marilyn, 2015

    Art50.net artists Ayna, Betül Aytaç, Genco Gülan and Hadra Tanrıverdi present to artlovers some new interpretations of these celebrities in the form of painting, print, serigraphy and photography.

    Ayna uses graffiti and paste-up technique departing from popular quotes and icons, also embedding light in his art through lightboxand neon. He exhibited his works in public spaces outside of Istanbul including Lebanon, Germany and Pakistan, aiming at making the viewers see these reflections in their own lives as well.

    Genco Gülan whose own body frequently becomes part of his art appears before our eyes as Salvador Dali. Reinterpreting celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Van Gogh with two pairs of eyes he distorts perception and updates our memory by giving new identities to these characters, as in Miki.

    Betül Aytaç creates digital collages and prints them as serigraphies. Looking more closely at the monochrome characters she installs on them as reliefs, one notices that each of their components belongs to another celebrity. Monroe’s lips, Dali’s eyes, David’s body…

    Hadra Tanrıverdi intervenes in the celebrity images that she transforms into non-celebrities. In the two works from the Inner Row series featured in this exhibition she rearranges the portraits of two very well known female artists and renders them ordinary. The sharp lines in her canvases point to the fact that these women are actually like everyone else, although the media treats them as commodities or divinities.

    Art50.net wishes to extend its gratitude to the Avantgarde Collection for their support.

    Avantgarde Collection Yalikavak visiting information :
    17 July-30 September 2015
    Days : Can be visited every day of the week.
    Venue: Küdür Mevkii ,Sehit Engin Buyuksoylemez Cad. Yalıkavak
    Tel: + 90 252 385 3765

  • Art50 is at its new home in Bodrum…

    Art50 is at Casa dell'Arte Bodrum throughout summer

    This summer, Art50.net  and Casa dell’Arte cooperate around the ideal of supporting young, talented and emerging artists: starting from July 1, Art50.net welcomes art lovers to Casa dell’Arte in Bodrum, Torba. While providing its artists with visibility, Art50.net is delighted to be part of this artful environment thanks to this project, and invites all art enthusiasts to Bodrum Casa dell’Arte.



    Date: December 10, 2014 – February 27, 2015

    Art50’s second exhibition is co-organized by TEB Private Banking

    Contemporary art platform Art50.net is sharing the Untold Stories of 5 young female artists. With the exhibition titled “Stories Untold”, Art50 is once again meeting with art lovers. 

    Date: December 10, 2014 – February 27, 2015
                During work hours
    Venue: TEB Private Banking Headquarters
                Nispetiye Cad. Dilhayat Sok. No: 8 Etiler/İSTANBUL


    In its second exhibition, Art50 is showcasing works by 5 rising female artists where they portray unseen stories. “Stories Untold” points out to narratives that cannot be uttered or put into writing, yet can only be expressed through pictures. It also emphasizes the fragility of certain stories and how they lose their meaning when they are trying to be expressed.

    “Stories Untold” invites viewers on a journey where stories that go unnoticed during the hustle of daily life, fairytales that are forgotten due to pressures of reality and many stories that are waiting to be discovered are brought into light.

    Güliz Baydemir, shares unnoticeable views from the cities that she travelled. She depicts each city with colors her own color palette. Her paintings make visible the lively aspects of various venues despite the fact that they do not depict any human figure.

    Ayşegül Karakaş, who portrays nature with an idiosyncratic style, depicts figures that seem to be suspended in time in a pastoral landscape. Figures who are placed in a timeless and location-less nature sometimes appear to be in a journey through time or in the middle of a flight.

    Begüm Mütevellioğlu, known with painting scenes from her daily life with a pronounced pastel palette, portrays female figures in different interior settings. The stories of figures who are shown in their own environment, with their current state of mind are open to interpretation.  The most attention-grabbing aspect of her works are her mesmerizing dominant colors.

    Known with attaching mixed media on canvas, Lale Delibaş opens up doors of a world for us that can only be noticed when looked from up close. Inspired by mythological and philosophical subjects, the artist whispers stories that we can see not only with our eyes, but also perceive with our feelings.

    Melike Kılıç offers frames from a fairytale with her drawings created in a pastoral atmosphere. In the world set at the feet of splendid trees, many a stories are seen from behind the leaves.

    Artists: Ayşegül Karakaş, Begüm Mütevellioğlu, Güliz Baydemir, Lale Delibaş, Melike Kılıç

    For all inquiries about the exhibition reach us at [email protected]
    Yakın Bakış Sergisi Albümleri; pint-logoface-logo
  • CLOSE UP on 50 Works From Art50

    Date: July 5 - August 5, 2014

    Art50.net was at the home of art, Casa Dell’Arte with its first exhibition.

    The new online contemporary art platform Art50.net organized its first exhibition between the dates of 5 July – 5 August in Bodrum, in collaboration with Casa Dell’Arte, the first art hotel in Turkey . 50 contemporary works of Art50 were presented to art lovers for a close-up view during the exhibition.

    Date: 5 July – 5 August 2014
    Venue: Casa dell’ Arte Hotel of Arts and Leisure
    Torba Mahallesi, İnönü Caddesi No:66 Torba, Bodrum

    In addition to its continuously expanding online collection, Art50 welcomed art lovers to its first exhibition. Featuring 50 artworks by 16 artists from the Art50 collection, the exhibition showcased brand new artwork of various sizes alongside the collection already presented online.

    While finding the opportunity to examine works in a physical environment, art lovers also continued to enjoy the online collection of Art50 that is continuously expanding with new artists.

    Bringing together people who love and share art and who want to adopt an artful lifestyle, Art50 aims tat supporting young and emerging artists. In line with its mission, Art50 is happy to organize its first exhibition in collaboration with Casa dell’ Arte, an art hotel recognized for its initiatives that promote young artists.

    Artists Featured:
    Aslı Narin, Ayşegül Karakaş, Dilay Koçoğulları, Gözde Onaran, Küdem Katerina, Lale Delibaş, Olgu Ülkenciler, Orhun Erdenli, Özgür Demirci, Özlem Paker, Saliha Yilmaz, Selçuk Fergökçe, Serdar Çongar, Serenay Özen, Taşkın Esin, Zsar Chankian


    Albums of Close Up Exhibiton; pint-logoface-logo
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