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    Cosmic Geometry

    Filiz Piyale & Görkem Dikel | Swissôtel The Bosphorus - Istanbul

    In collaboration with the world reknowned Swissôtel The Bosphorus, İstanbul, Art50.net presents works by two of its artists, Filiz Piyale and Görkem Dikel, as part of the exhibition Cosmic Geometry. You may view the selection at the lobby and reception areas of Swissôtel The Bosphorus, Istanbul until mid October.

    Forms repeated in nature, fractals… Architecture, machine pieces, algorithms… The heartbeat, the pulse of the universe, the tic-tac of the clock hanging on the wall… And behind them all, almost a cosmic consciousness speaking the same language and spreading the same message, a law that dominates everything…

    “Cosmic Geometry” brings together two painters whose thematic and stylistic preferences seem very different at first sight. Filiz Piyale’s calm, minimalistic landscapes with a frozen time, on the one hand; Görkem Dikel’s intense, abstract-figurative compositions indicating constant movement, on the other.

    Filiz Piyale

    Filiz Piyale

    These two artists’ paths first and foremost cross in the concept of void defining space. Both Piyale’s singular, monumental structures surrounded by bold color blocks, and Dikel’s multi-layered geometric surfaces that continue to follow the principle of linear perspective despite being so shattered, encourage us to reflect on our optic illusions and our relationship with space.

    Görkem Dikel

    Görkem Dikel

    Another point in common is the two artists’ apparent effort at capturing the essence of human nature. While Piyale searches for this essence in the individual’s solitude departing from mythology, Dikel traces it in contemporary cultural archetypes. Both artists explore the possibilities that the painterly surface has to offer, and while Piyale manifests an urge for simplification and integration, Dikel tends towards multiplication and dispersion. This contrast in the exhibition also brings to mind the cosmic cycle of order and chaos, almost rendering its “geometry” visible.

    İpek Yeğinsü

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