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  • Art50.net is at Contemporary Istanbul

    12-15 November 2015

    Art50.net is at Contemporary Istanbul with its young artists for the first time


    Art50.net participates at CI15 with 9 young artists: works by Aslı Dinç, Ayna, Ayşegül Karakaş, Deniz Yılmazlar, Ece Kalabak, Emre Meydan, Göksu Gül, Lale Delibaş and Ülgen Semerci will be on view for art enthusiasts at Art50.net’s booth numbered A1 109. Using its booth also as the headquarters for the launching of its new art support project, Art50.net welcomes all individuals and institutions willing to support art and artists to its booth for further information and application procedures.

    Entering the art scene with an alternative approach, Art50.net is an online contemporary art platform bringing together the artists, collectors and all art enthusiasts. Particularly focusing on supporting emerging independent artists and uniting everyone willing to live with art, it provides its followers with the opportunity to discover brand new artists and original artworks without time and space constraints. Taking firms steps on its path preaching the motto “bring art into your living spaces”, it organizes exhibitions at various venues for its artists, bringing them together with the key players in the art scene thanks to the institutional collaborations it establishes in addition to its online platform.

    This year Art50.net will participate to Contemporary İstanbul for the first time. New works specifically produced for the art fair by nine young artists will be premiered. The artists using elements such as organza, rope, mirror and aquarium in addition to oil, ceramic, lightbox and plexiglass are particularly interesting with their choice of materials, thus questioning the existing modes of artistic production.

    Ece Kalabak Tahterevalli 2015 160x160cm

    Ece Kalabak, See-saw, 2015

    With her video installation placed in a wall aquarium, Aslı Dinç exhibits the travelling Aunties; in her photographs inspired by concepts such as space, boundaries, void and cyberpunk she focuses on future scenarios. Göksu Gül whose works are composed of very minute units like embroidery, applies the ink directly on canvas and creates a brand new installation for the fair by exhibiting it alongside her sculpture made of ceramic balls. Approaching the element of nature with an authentic style, Ayşegül Karakaş’s landscapes with figures suspended in time sometimes appear as a journey, other times as the midst of an escape. Ayna whose works originate from popular quotes and icons combines the graffiti and paste-up technique with lightbox and neon, aiming at making the viewers see the works’ reflections in their own lives. In his neighboring or juxtaposed blurry layers Emre Meydan traces what is left behind by humans in deserted places.

    Lale Delibaş sews words on lines of plexiglass to which she adds a new dimension by placing a mirror behind them, thus underlining the balance between dualities. Deniz Yılmazlar’s brand new video is based on forgetting-remembering. The new images accompanying the video and created via interventions on found photographs hide presences within empty spaces. Ece Kalabak who also works with illustration and animation gives life to  distorted figures with dominant colors. Finally, Ülgen Semerci offers a new experience shaped by density, scale and light with her abstract works in which she questions the painting’s multilayered history and plasticity.

    Ayna benzemez kimse Cİ

    Ayna, Benzemez Kimse Sana, 2015

    Using its booth also as a headquarters for launching its new project,  Art50.net aims at increasing institutional collaborations for supporting art and the artists. Thanks to this project it has the objective to render the support it gives to its artists more active and durable, thus building bridges between the artists and those individuals and institutions who would like to support them via sustainable models, creating synergies for partnerships and joint forces.