• At Eternity's gate

    At Eternity’s Gate

    Director: Julian Schnabel, 2018

    At Eternity’s Gate is the last movie directed by famous director Julian Schnabel, who is also known with his “The Diving Bell” and “The Butterfly.” Written by Schnabel and Jean-Claude Carriere, the film first premiered in the 75th Venice Film Festival. It focuses on the Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh’s last days in Arles. The movie stars world-renowned actor Willem Dafoe who plays Vincent Van Gogh, and Oscar Isaac who gives life to Van Gogh’s close friend, artist Paul Gauguin. It enters into the mind and life of the great artist, and hence sheds light on the creative processes behind his masterpieces which were created during his days of struggle with mental illness, anxiety and inspiration. This is not a forensic biography, but rather scenes based on Vincent Van Gogh’s letters, which reveal unknown details about the last days of an immortal artist.

  • turner

    Mr. Turner

    Director: Mike Leigh, 2015

    Mr. Turner explores the life of British painter J.M.W Turner who is one of the pioneers of Romanticism and nature and landscape painting. Set in the last 25 years of Turner, the film tells the story of the painter’s journeys, artistic practice, social environment and love life. Through an exploration of Turner’s relationships with his father, housekeeper and two daughters, it not only offers insights into the artist but also into the 19th century London art scene. Directed by Mike Leigh, Mr. Turner stars world-renowned actors Timothy Spall, Roger Ashton-Griffiths ve Tom Wlaschiha. You can find this movie which received 4 nominations at the 87th Academy awards on Amazon.com.

  • big_eyes

    Big Eyes

    Director: Tim Burton, 2014

    Big Eyes is biographical drama about Margaret Keane who left her trace into the 1950s with her drawings and paintings with big eyes. It tells the story of a woman’s self-discovery and release from patriarchial hegemony. Based on a true story, the movie focuses on the relationship between Margaret and her husband, Walter Keane, who took credit for Margaret’s paintings for years. Living under lies and pressure, Margaret finally decides to take what was rightfully hers and files a lawsuit against her husband. In this 2014 production, world-renowned director Tim Burton worked with different actors and actresses. You can find this wonderful movie on Netflix and Amazon, with Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz’s performances, and wonderful dream-like scenes created by French art director Bruno Delbonnel.

  • kare

    The Square

    Director: Ruben Östlund, 2017

    Swedish actor Ruben Östlund raises critical questions about freedom of speech, artictic freedom and social censorship in this film, The Square (2017). The film tells the story of a modern art museum curator, Christian, in a ‘’Northen and cold manner.’’ Christian is assigned to curate an art installation named ‘’The Square’’ which consists of a square area surrounded by led lights, and aims at reflecting different social ladders and classes of a big society. As time passes, the installation starts to challenge the curator as it makes him question his trust for people. You can find this movie which won Palme d’Or prize in 2017 Cannes Film festival on Amazon and in bookstores.

  • Final Portrait

    Director: Stanley Tucci, 2017

    ‘The Final Portrait’ that will come on screen on 18th of August tells the story of Swedish painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti. Set in 1964 in Paris, directed by Stanley Lucci, it stars Geoffrey Rush as Giacometti. The painter runs across his old friend, American writer James Lord, and wants to make his portrait. Lord accepts his offer. Weeks pass however Giacometti doesn’t seem to finish the portrait, which makes Lord suspect that the painter is keeping him on purpose. Hence a special dialogue start to develop between two leading to the making of one of the masterpieces of a genius mind.

  • Cezanne et Moi

    Director: Danièle Thompson, 2016

    One is the most important name of the 19th century art and the other is literature, Paul Cezanne and Emile Zola comes together on screen in this special film. ‘Cezanne et Moi’ is a historical drama that focuses on ups and downs of their friendship. The film starts with their school years and moves with flashbacks. Growing together, two friends walk together on the road of fame, moves to Paris from suburbs, enter into art circle, and lose and re-find each other. With wonderful performances of Guillame Galliene and Gaullaume Canet, it has already become a classic.

  • Little Ashes

    Director: Paul Morrison, 2008

    In this 2008 poduction, we watch Salvador Dali, Federico Garcia and Luis Buñuel in 1920s Spain, and how their roads crossed in Madrid School of Fine Arts. While portraying their youth, friendship and changing relationships, the film shows how each raised in their fields, as painter, poet and director. At the edge of civil war, Spain suffers from political instability. Future painter Dali meets future poet Federico Garcia Lorca and future movie producer Luis Bunuelle. Getting closer, Dali and Lorca starts discovering their artistic and sexual freedom, as a result of which, their love for Spain intermingles with their friendship and love for each other.

  • Modigliani

    Director: Mick Davis, 2004

    In this unforgettable 2004 production, we watch Andy Garcia as Italian painter Modigliani. The film focuses on Modigliani’s rivalry with Picasso, and shines with its colors, performances and montage. Jewish Modigliani falls in love with a young and beautiful Catholic girl Jeanne. The couple has a baby without marriage, who is sent away by Jeanne’s family, to be raised by nuns. Desperate to get his son back, Modigliani needs money. It was the time of annual art competition, offering money and career to the winner. Modigliani and Picasso, friends and rivals, enter into the competititon and change their lives.

  • Seraphine

    Director: Martin Provost, 2008

    ‘Séraphine’ is a biographical film directed by Martin Provost. It tells the story of tragic life of the painter Séraphie Luise with a realistic eye. At the age of 41, Séraphine gets an inspiration and listens to her protective angel, and starts painting. This womabn who works as a cleaning lady, she spends all of her money on her vibrant, naive landscape paintings. Painting at nights, she reflects her life energy in her canvas. This 2008 movie which portrays gains and losses leading to fame, and discovery of hidden talent is a must-see.

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