• 100 Secrets of the Art World

    Thomas Girst-Magnus Resch, Koneigh Books

    Released in last October, ‘’100 Secrets of the Art World’’ is a special contemporary art guide which was published by Koenigh Books and edited by Thomas Girst and Magnus Resch. Including stories, anectodes and stories of key figures of the art world such as artists, galleries and collectors, this entertaining guide is one of the must-have books that is highly populer among art lovers.

  • A Different Leonora Carrington

    Joanna Moorhead, Virago, 2017

    Leonora Carrington, one of the last representatives of Surrealism and a national treasure in Mexico, comes into focus with her unknown story. In this new biographic novel that was written by Joanna Moorhead, a distant relative, readers get to know the story of strong friendship between the two women. The book, which will bring to light unknown side of one of the most influential artists of Mexico, will be released in April, 6th by Virago Publications.

  • The Global Art Compass: New Directions in 21st Century Art

    Alistair Hicks, YKY, 2016

    Follow the art, listen to the artists, thrust your reactions.

    The Global Art Compass, your guide to the maze of the contemporary art world, helps you to solve the mysteries of today’s art.

    In the old times, authors and critics such as Goethe, Ruskin and Clement Greenberg spread some particular ideas about art, they even dictated these opinions to the artists. Nevertheless, the artists have been rebelling ever since. Nowadays, they don’t feel like they have to follow an existing theory or go to a specific city. New York, London, Paris, Berlin and Beijing, they are all wonderful places to perform art, but none of them dominates the art scenery. With The Global Art Compass, Alistair Hicks proves that, no curator, critic or art agent is controlling or can have power over what is happening in the present day’s art world all by herself.

    Alistair Hicks, YKY, 2016

  • The Transformative Power of Performance – A New Aesthetics

    Erika Fischer-Lichte

    Written by Erika Fischer-Lichte, the book departs from an event taken place at Krinzinger Gallery in 1975. The spectators’ putting to an end to Marina Abramovic’s performance “Lips of Thomas” after a certain period of endurance is highlighted as an example of how the viewer has an active role in today’s artwork.



  • Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of People

    Henry Carroll

    A brand new book that doesn’t come with cliché recommendations… While it explains the basic principles of taking people’s pictures, it makes use of unique examples from art history. Iconic masters like Richard Avedon, Cindy Sherman, Sebastião Salgado, Henri Cartier-Bresson and August Sander are only some of the 50 featured photographers.

  • Collecting Contemporary Art

    Adam Lindemann

    Published by Taschen, this comprehensive book is probably one of the best sources on collecting. As a pioneer in his field, Lindemann brought together the abc o collecting in this title. In addition to valuable information on how the art world works, the book alo features interviews with the greatest players in the sector. The index of yearly art events around the world shall also be mentioned.


  • The Auctioneer: Adventures in the Art Trade

    Simon de Pury & William Stadiem

    “The Auctioneer”, Simon de Pury’s long awaited book featuring his memories in the art business is out now! Published by St. Martin’s Press, the book offers valuable anecdotes about the world of artists, collectors and galleries and illustrates what de Pury went through while climbing his career steps. At Frieze New York De Pury joined an authopgraph session where the fair visitors had a chance to meet him in person.


  • The Contemporaries: Travels in the 21st-Century Art World

    Roger White

    This time we present to you a book published by Bloomsbury which questions the art of the present day. Written by Roger White, a painter himself, “The Contemporaries: Travels in the 21st-Century Art World” examines the contemporary art education and artist profession from a variety of viewpoints, using concrete examples. Through an exciting story ranging from the corridors of RISD to NY artist studios and to Milwaukee and its artist groups trying to survive in the art world, it offers an almost sociological approach towards the art of the 21st century.


  • Thailand Eye: Contemporary Thailand Art

    Serenella Ciclitira

    This time we have picked a comprehensive analysis of an interesting region for you. Publishled by Skira, “Thailand Eye” is the sixth book of “The Eye” series that previously focused on countries like Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The book examining 75 contemporary Thai artists provides a successful survey of and a deeper understanding of Thailand’s contemporary art scene.


  • Sculpture Now

    Anna Moszynska

    Published by Thames & Hudson,”Sculpture Now” focuses on the discipline after 2000. The book that begins with an enlightening and reader-friendly summary of the 20th century art history, is organized in thematic chapters including the body, light/sound and installation. The publication with over 200 illustrations is a basic source for everyone interested in contemporary sculpture.

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