• CLOUD GATE Anish Kapoor

    Chicago, USA

    Famed sculptor Anish Kapoor, whose stone sculptures Turkish audiences had a chance to see at Sabancı Museum last year, is exhibiting a gigantic piece in Chicago’s Milennium Park. One of the most worthwhile pieces of contemporary art, the sculpture was the finalist of a design competition and was placed in downtown Chicago as part of the competition’s award.

    Inspired by the liquid format of mercury, “The Cloud Gate” is formed in a way that would skew the silhouette of the city. The work, as in many of Kapoor’s earlier works, breaks up the physical into separate pieces and transforms it into an abstraction. The Cloud Gate is often apparent in feature films and videos and has become one of the symbols of the city of Chicago.

    CLOUD GATE - Anish Kapoor - Chicago, USA

    CLOUD GATE – Anish Kapoor – Chicago, USA