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  • The New Museum

    New York City, USA

    Founded in 1977, the New Museum was one of the most innovative museums of its time. While the other modern art museums in the USA generally focused on important masters, the New Museum’s program featured living artists relatively less well known, and their works no older than 10 years, thus introducing them to the global art scene. It combined the notion of traditional museum with the understanding of an alternative space. Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, the two architects of the famous Japanese architecture office SANAA, gave life to the museum’s current building, one of the symbols of New York since it opened in 2007.



    The New Museum’s digital archive containts detailed documentation of all the events and activities organized by the institution; it aims at building a memory lane beyond the exhibition. The museum also commissions various online projects, reinterpreting the concept of exhibition space. Moreover, since the day it was founded, it successfully accomplishes its mission to reach out to the public. Its triennal is globally renown.