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    Located in Singapore’s Civic District, the National Gallery Singapore is a recently opened museum. Since its opening to the public in 2015, this special Museum, whose has been developed over 10 years, has become one of the leading institutions of art and the city.  

    Singapore witnessed a significant increase in artistic colloboration, participation and interest over the past decade with the impact of important events such as Singapore Biennial and Singapore Festival of Arts. With an aim to represent the artistic heritage of Singapore and the Southeast Asia, in 2006, the government officially announced a project for the opening of the National Gallery. During a 10-year period, two important buildings, the former Supreme Court Building and the City Hall were renovated, and turned into museum which was opened to the public in November, 2015.


    The Museum today hosts the largest and richest collection of Singapore and of the region. Over 8.000 artworks are presented here in a 64.000 square meters space, and divided to two buildings, both of which of national importance.

    The collection consists of Modern and Contemporary Art that were produced in Singapore and in the Southeast Asia from the 19th century to present day. The ‘’DBS Singapore Gallery’’ presents  a rich collection of Singapore from the colonial period to present day, with a major intention to culminate dialogue and create a platform for education. The ‘’UOB Southeast Asia Gallery’’ houses Souteastern art and explores its history around artistic trends and movements shared across the region.


    In addition to two permanent galleries, the Museum also provides spaces for curators and researchers to encouage new methods and experimentation. These spaces not only support projects that present materials from the collection in new and original ways and encourage dialogue in the region, but aslso they give the museum dynamism and spirit.