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  • Potala Palace

    Lhasa, Tibet

    Potala Palace is found in Lhasa, in the autonomous area of Tibet in the Northwest of China. This unique architectural structure is one of the most important symbols of Tibet Buddhism, known with housing the spiritual leader of Buddhist tradition, Dalai Lamas, since the 17th century.

    With its highest point reaching 3700 meters, this 13-floor building is spread over a 360.000 meter square area and is accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Today the building is opened to public by the Chinese government and is separated into Red and White Palaces. While since 1959, the buddhist prayer traditions were carried out in the Red Palace, the White Palace was reserved for daily occupations and governmental affairs of Dalai Lamas.

    The collection of the awe inspiring the museum includes thousands of mural paintings by famous Tibetan artists of the time. In addition, it includes wooden and stone works, sculptures, carpets, ceramics and jade jewelry. The gold covered coffins of previous Dalai Lamas are also placed within the place.