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  • Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center

    Daugavpils, Lithuania

    One of the most prominent names of abstract expressionism Mark Rothko was born in 1903 in the city of Dvinsk, known with its name during the Russian Empire. Today known as Daugavpils, this city remains within the borders of Lithuania. Founded in Daugavpils, Mark Rothko Art Center opened in 2012 and is the only address in Eastern Europe to hold the original artworks by the master artist.

    The Castle of Daugavpils, an ancient arsenal building, is hosting Rothko in his birth city after many that he had to leave the Russia of his childhood in order to escape the rising antisemitism. Turned into an art center, this historical building houses 41 prints and 6 paintings by the artist. Including digital exhibitions about Rohtko’s life and works, the museum also organizes temporary exhibitions of different artists.

    The museum also houses a “Quiet Rothko” room. The room offers the opportunity to view the artist’s works in quiet, in a separated part of the museum in a meditative manner. The room was inspired by the Rothko Chapel in Texas, the building whose four walls are covered with Rothko’s paintings.