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  • _Faux Cul VI - X_, Ayana V Jackson, 2017-2018. Photo. Fanyana Hlabangane

    Art And Nature Comes Together In The NIROX Foundation

    South Africa is not only the rising star of contemporary art but also home for many gems. With its artist residency program, exhibitions and events, the NIROX Foundation stands out as one of those gems, which provides a unique experience for those looking for a close bond between art and nature. Located within The Cradle of Humankind, a biologically and ecologically rich center of research and wildlife, the NIROX Foundation fascinates artists, art lovers and nature enthusiasts.

    Yoko Ono - Wish Trees for Hope, 2018. Fotoğraf: Lilly Oosthuizen.3

    Yoko Ono – Wish Trees for Hope, 2018. Photo: Lilly Oosthuizen.3

    The NIROX was founded in 2007 with a mission to develop and foster the contemporary art, and inspire contemporary artists. It is a private, non-profit foundation located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Set in 15 hectares that form part of an extensive nature reserve in The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, the Nirox Foundation offers a world-renowned international artist residency program, and hosts a number of events including an annual sculpture exhibition and outdoor concerts.

    _Enticed Contemplation II_, 2018, Nandipha Mntambo. Photo Fanyana Hlabangane.

    Nandipha Mntambo – Enticed Contemplation II, 2018. Photo: Fanyana Hlabangane.

    NIROX sculpture park is 45 minutes from Johannesburg and Tshwane center. It is where annual sculpture exhibitions are held in May-August. During this time, the park becomes home for the newest, most creative and exciting works of contemporary sculpture. The design of the park reflects this goal. Through the organization of the green lands and waterways, the NIROX Foundation provides effective exhibits and visitor comfort. This definitely makes the park well worth to visit as like any other art gallery in Johannesburg. Here the beauty of the nature coexists with magnificent works of art.

    _Siren_, Frances Goodman, 2018. Photo_ Fanyana Hlabangane

    Frances Goodman – Siren, 2018. Photo: Fanyana Hlabangane

    NIROX 2018 Sculpture Exhibition named Not a Single Story is curated by Wanas Konst and organized in partnership with Swedish Postcode Foundation. The exhibition which takes place between 12 May-19 July 2018 features works by 25 artists. It explores the latest developments, techniques and trends in the contemporary sculpture, and sheds light on the art history tradition, artists and their representation and stories. The exhibition consists of works by well-known and young artists who were born between 1933-1993. Some of the names are Yoko Ono, Lena Cronqvist, Lubiana Himid, Gunilla Klingberg ve Peter Geschwind.

    _Lifesystem_, Peter Geschwind _ Gunilla Klingberg, 2018. Photo Fanyana Hlabangane.

    Peter Geschwind, Gunilla Klingberg – Lifesystem, 2018. Photo: Fanyana Hlabangane.

    Given that the NIROX Foundation is located within The Cradle of Humankind, it embodies art and nature. Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Cradle is an extraordinary palaeontological treasure and unique landscape. Outside of civilization and in the middle of the wildlife, The Cradle is a highly active scientific research area where more than 40% of all of the world’s hominid fossils have been discovered. It also includes grasslands, ancient dolomite valleys, natural fountains, undiscovered caves, indigenous forests, ridges and hills. It is a bio-diverse environment, populated with indigenous game, moving freely in their natural habitat.

    Marcia Kure - Land, 2018. Fotoğraf: Fanyana Hlabangane.

    Marcia Kure – Land, 2018. Photo: Fanyana Hlabangane.

    NIROX Artist Residency Program, on the other hand, plays a key role in the foundation’s mission. 

    NIROX, konuk sanatçıların yaşam alanları

    NIROX Artist Residency. Photo: Güliz Özbek Collini

    It aims at reflecting South Africa’s traumatic history, extraordinary transformation, historical and natural richness, while enabling artists understand the region’s unique cultural heritage. Accordingly, it hosts local and international artists in residencies and studios within the NIROX Foundation. The artists who stay and work here find a special change to connect with South African heritage as well as contribute to this richness with their style and perspectives. The program recognizes no art movement or dogma, rather it gives recognition to new, critical and encouraging artworks.

    Mwangi Hutter - Travels of the Rememberers, 2018. Fotoğraf: Güliz Özbek Collini.

    Mwangi Hutter – Travels of the Rememberers, 2018. Photo: Güliz Özbek Collini.

    The NIROX collection comprises of artworks produced at these art residencies, and those feature in temporary exhibitions held by NIROXProjects. It is an ever-growing collection and can be see with permission. It features works of important names including Richard Long, Willem Boshoff, Caroline Bittermann, Valerio Berruti, Rebecca Chesney, Pryanka Choudhari, Rosenclare and Thomas Mulcaire.

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