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    50 Most Interesting Art Museums in the World

    In our 50 Museums Section, we are aiming to list 50 most interesting museums around the world which fascinate us with their collections as well as designs.

    If you want to send us your suggestions or share with us your photos taken from these places, please contact us on [email protected] With your contributions and featured content coming from our readers, we wish to reach 50 as soon as possible. Enjoy!

  • MoMA

    New MoMA

    New York Museum of Modern Art

    The New York Museum of Modern Art re-opened its doors to its visitors last week, October 20, after four months of renovations. The opening ceremony for the new museum was spectacular, aims to offer a different experience to its visitors with its new mission and structure.


  • Arter


    September 2019

    Opened in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Vehbi Koç Foundation, Arter has moved to its new building in 2019, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Foundation. Ready to reopen its doors in Istanbul’s Dolapdere district, Arter aims to bring together artists and audiences through celebration of today’s art in all its forms and disciplines. Designed by London-based Grimshaw Architects, Arter’s new building will assume its place among the leading cultural buildings of the city.


  • OMM

    Odunpazari Modern Museum (OMM)

    Odunpazari Modern Museum (OMM) - Eskişehir

    Odunpazari Modern Museum (OMM), a major new museum designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates, will open in Eskişehir, a university town in the northwest of Turkey, in 7 September 2019. Founded by Erol Tabanca, an art collector and businessman, OMM will welcome international audiences to discover its significant collection of modern and contemporary art spanning the 1950s to the present day.


  • katar müzesi

    A New Desert Rose in the Middle East: The National Museum of Qatar

    The National Museum of Qatar, Qatar-Doha

    The most anticipated museum of 2019, the National Museum of Qatar finally opened its doors to the public on the 28th of March 2019. The museum traces human history from 700 million years ago all way to the present in its building designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel, who was also behind the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Behind the museum is an inspiration taken from the desert rose, the crystalline forms that emerge in the desert under the arid sandy conditions. The National Museum of Qatar is like a desert rose indeed – it is rare, unique and timeless. (Cover Photo: qatarliving.com)


  • Soumaya

    A Sparkling Museum in the Heart of Mexico City

    Soumaya Museum

    A naturally glowing surface woven with hexagons, a building which gives the viewer a feeling of movement and an enormous collection of artworks including over 66,000 pieces, Museo Soumaya is unsurprisingly Mexico City’s the most favorite museum. Since its opening in 1994, the museum has become a city landmark. With its collection which spans from Mexican muralists and painters to renowned artists, Botticelli, Rodin, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and Picasso, Soumaya Museum offers its visitors a rich art experience. (Cover Photo: modernindenver.com)


  • The Most Anticipated Museums of 2019

    Following the opening of the Susch Museum in January, we are counting down days for the new museums which are set to open in 2019. With their extraordinary building projects, unique art collections, rich program of events and exhibitions and million dollar budgets, these museums located in different parts of the world have already created a wave of wonder and excitement among the artlovers and international arts and culture sector. Let’s sneak peak into 2019’s most anticipated museums and discover their key features together.



    A Wonderland In The Swiss Alps: Muzeum Susch

    Cover Photo: Susch Müzesi © Claudio Von Planta. Muzeum Susch, Art Stations Foundation, CH.

    Forget all the things you know about big metropole museums, grand-scale building projects and museum crowds. Opened its doors to the public on the 2nd of January, the Susch Museum is located in Engadin valley of Swiss Alps, in a 200-person village of Susch. Raising on the remains of a 12th- century monastic foundation, this extraordinary museum not only reflects its founder, Grażyna Kulczyk’s vision but also offers its visitors an experience of slow art which creates a perfect harmony with nature.


  • Niteroi museum

    Futuristic, Extraordinary and Unique: Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

    Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, Brazil - Cover Photo: Louis Vuitton

    The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum opened its doors to the public in 1996, after the completion of a five-year renovation work. Since then, the museum has become a major landmark of Niterói, the city of Rio de Jenerio. The Museum’s building which was built but well-known Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer is regarded as one of the world’s most renowned and iconic buildings. According to some people, this futuristic structure looks like a plate, for some others it recalls the wine glass, while others think it makes a reference to a space ship. Multiple interpretations are aside, it is certain that the museum has an extraordinary architecture, and an unusual location at the sea. Creating a dialogue between the arts and nature, Niterói ascribes the visitors a never-ending sense of lightness and freshness.


  • Glenstone Müzesi

    Minimalism and Slow Art at The Glenstone Museum

    When you first lay eyes on Glenstone, the private art museum located in a vast green landscape outside of Washington, you’re likely to wonder how a place so magical could have remained so out of the radar. This museum is like its founders, it is outside of the media’s reach, it is humble, calm and mysterious. Away from all possible distractions, Glenstone embodies a new movement toward slow art, which aims at encouraging a contemplative viewing experience.


  • luma_arles_1

    A Magnificent Tower in Van Gogh’s Arles

    LUMA Arles Museum, France

    The city of Arles of Southern France is well known for Vincent Van Gogh who lived there between 1888 and 1889, during which he produced many paintings and drawings of the city. This beautiful French city has a new city icon, a contemporary art campus named LUMA Arles. With its Frank-Gehry designed tower that rises above five historic buildings, LUMA Arles has already become an icon in the minds -and hearts of Arles’ inhabitants and tourists.


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