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  • Venice

    With its tiny streets, bridges, canales and gondolas sailing in the heart of the city, Venice is one of the most widely visited tourist attractions in the world. Located in northeastern Italy, this histocial 13th century city where Antonio Vivaldi, Titian and Marco Polo were born has a lot to offer. With its marveleous galleries and museums, the city takes us to a unique art tour.


    1.Grand Canal and Rialto

    Venice has two treasures: first the  3.800 metres long Grand Canal, which is main waterway of Venice hosting over 170 wonderful architectural structures on both sides, and second the Rialto Bridge which is oldest of all bridges crossing the canal at roughly its halfway point. Throughout history, both has been a source of inspiration for important artists. One Italian, one English and one French, three very important figures; Canaletto, Turner and Monet are first names that come to mind when we think of Grand Canal and Rialto. We see the beauty of Grand Canal in cityscapes of Venetian Canaletto and Monet, the master of water lilies, and best view of the Rialto Bridge in depictions of the master of light, Turner.

    Soldan sağa: Canaletto, The Entrance to the Grand Canal Venice (1730) T.W.Turner, The Rialto, Venice (1820) Monet, Venice, The Grand Canal (1908)

    Left to right: Canaletto, The Entrance to the Grand Canal Venice (1730), T.W.Turner, The Rialto, Venice (1820), Monet, Venice, The Grand Canal (1908)


    2.Venice Academy of Art / Gallerie dell’ Accademia

    Once used as a monastery, church and Santa Maria della Carita’ school, today the Accademia Art gallery hosts the most complete 13th to 18th century art collection. From Giovanni Bellini to Giorgine, Titian to Tintoretto, many masterpieces of great Italian masters who shaped tradition of European painting can be seen in this gallery.




    3.Ca’ Rezzonico

    Taking its name from important Rezzonico family, Ca Rezzonico has widely visited grand staircase, Baroque architecture and sumptuous salons where the best examples of 18th century Venetian art are displayed. This former palace exhibit over 300 paintings on 3 floors together with specially made furnitures and Giambattisto Tieplo’s best works.




    4.Correr Museum / Museo Correr

    In heart of the city, in the corner of San Marco Square,  we see the Correr Museum. In its 16th century building, this museum which is named after Venetian aristocrat was opened to the public in 1922. Correr Museum exhibits Venetian costumes and Dodge’s official ceremony attires, where it reflects the lives of old Venetian politicians, aristocrats and other citizens at its best.



    5.Peggy Guggenheim Museum

    Located in the Dorsoduro  area of the Grand Canal near Accademia, Peggy Guggenheim Museum fascinates Modern Art lovers. This collection that is currently exhibited in a 18th century palace was formed by the former owner of the building, Peggy Guggenheim. Opened to the public  in 1976, in Peggy Guggenheim collection, works of Picasso, Brancusci, Kandinsy and Magritte met the visitors.




    6.Dodge Palace

    Dodge’s Palace was built in 14th-15h centuries with Gothic style. Consisting of three blocks, the Palace grew day by day by renovation and extension projects. It was turned into a museum in 1927. It was former residence of Dodges, supreme head of former Republic of Venice. In this Palace, you can visit administration chambers, prisons, Dodge’s rooms, a wide courtyard and armoury rooms.



    7.Gritti Hotel for Artlovers

    Gritti Palace Hotel has a 15th century historical building that offers a unique and unforgettable stay for artlovers and guests. Located across the Salute Church on the Grand Canal, the Hotel opened its doors to guests in 2013 after 15 months of restoration project. With amazing view of Grand Canal, frescoes and valuable paintings covering its walls and antique furniture, it is a right address for your stay in Venice. 




    8.Palazzo Grassi

    Palazzo Grassi hosts a wide contemporary art collection in its building located on the Grand Canal. The building was built by Grassi family in the 18th century and was restored by Japanese architect, Tadao Ando in Neoclassic style.  It hosts French billionare, François Pinault’s private collection together with Damien Hirst’s temporary private exhibition  entitled as ’The Wreck of Unbelievable’’


    9.Victoria Miro Gallery

    One of the most important art galleries in London, Victoria Miro has opened its new branch in May in Venice.  Located in the heart of Venice, in the San Marco Square, Victoria Miro’s launching exhibition and opening in parallel to prestigious Venice Biennial attact lots of attention.




    If you have couple of more days in Venice, Murano should be added to your list. Famous with its colorful houses and glass production, Murano is only 40 minutes away from the center of Venice with vaporettos. After exploring Murano’s colorful streets, you can visit the Glass Museum and buy Murano glass souveniers.


    11.Lido Island

    Another must-see place in Venice is Lido Island. We saw this island in popular scenes from famous films such as the Merhant of Venice, The English Patient and Casino Royale. Lido is an ideal place for those who want to get away from the crowd and enjoy the sea, beach and the sun.