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  • The Price of Everything

    The Price of Everything

    Director: Nathaniel Kahn, 2018

    In times when a Picasso painting was sold at auction for a record $179 million, or a Pollock or Basquiat or a Jeff Koons are sold with astronomic prices, The Price of Everything sheds light on the current status of the art world. Directed by Nathaniel Kahn, this special documentary questions real value of art as it sheds light on the concept of luxury and commercial concerns present in art sector. Through interviews with important collectors, museum directors and curators as well as featuring world-renowned artists such as Jeff Koons, Larry Poons and Gerhard Richter, the director Nathaniel Kahn asks some critical questions such as what is real art? How one gives value to an artwork? And what is a priceless masterpiece? Having its world premiere in Sundance Film Festival in January, and Copenhagen in March, the Price of Everything will be on screen this month in different parts and festivals of the United States including San Francisco, Michigan and Minnesota.