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  • Contemporary Istanbul (CI 2017)

    14-17 September 2017

    Contemporary Istanbul Announced Participating Galleries and News About its 12th Edition

    Contemporary Istanbul (CI) is pleased to announce its final exhibitors list for the upcoming 12th edition of the fair which is supported by Akbank. New for 2017 is a revised fair design by the award-winning architects Tabanlıoğlu Architects who will create a city-park. The fair will also feature a new sculpture exhibition The Fifth Element at the neighbouring Sanatçılar Park, curated by Prof. Hasan Bülent Kahraman. A place to discover and rediscover significant artists, CI will spread over the 13,600 m2 spaces of Lütfi Kırdar ICEC Rumeli Hall and Istanbul Congress Center with the support of Akbank and associate sponsor Ferko.



    CI brings together leading contemporary galleries, artists and collectors from Turkey and around the world, giving a regional and international focus. Reflecting the role of Istanbul as a centre point between East and West, CI is an international art platform at the heart of Turkey’s thriving contemporary art scene. CI strongly believes in the critical role of art as a catalyst for dialogue, mutual understanding and reconciliation.


    Sahand Hesamiyan – Nahankhane (maquette), 2017/ Dastan’s Basement

    Sahand Hesamiyan – Nahankhane (maquette), 2017/ Dastan’s Basement


    Participating galleries:

    44A Sanat Galerisi, İstanbul/ 55Bellechasse, Paris & Miami/ Ab Anbar, Tahran/ Ab Gallery, Seul/ Acaf, Şangay/ Alan Istanbul, İstanbul/ Andakulova, Dubai/ Anna Laudel Gallery, İstanbul/ Archeus Post-modern, Londra/ Aria Art Gallery, Floransa/ Art On Istanbul, İstanbul/ Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin/ Bozlu Art Project, İstanbul/ C.A.M, İstanbul/ C24, New York/ Cep Gallery, İstanbul/ Dastan’s Basement, Tahran/ Dix 9, Paris/ Dirimart, İstanbul/ Eastwards Prospectus, Bükreş/ Flowers Gallery, Londra/ Gaia Gallery, İstanbul/ Galeri Miz, İstanbul/ Galeri Nev, İstanbul/ Galerist, İstanbul/ Galeri 77, İstanbul/ Galeri Baraz, İstanbul/ Galeri Binyıl, İstanbul/ Galeri Siyah Beyaz, İstanbul/ Galeria Continua, San Gimignano & Beijing/ Gallery 1957, Gana/ Gama Gallery, İstanbul/ Gazelli Art House, Londra & Bakü/ Heavenlymade, İzmir/ Inda Gallery, Budapeşte/ Isabel Croxatto, Santiago/ Joan Gaspar, Barselona/ Karavil Contemporary, Londra/ Krank Art Gallery, İstanbul/ Kristen Hjellegjerde, Londra/ Leila Heller, New York & Dubai/ Licht Feld, Basel/ Liquid Art, Capri/ Magic Beans, Berlin/ Mark Hachem, Paris & Beyrut/ Marlborough, New York/ Maximilian William, Londra/ Merkur, İstanbul/ Mixer Gallery, İstanbul/ N2 Gallery, Barselona/ Nicodim Gallery, Bükreş & Los Angeles/ Olcay Art, İstanbul/ Öktem & Aykut, İstanbul/ Parasite Gallery, Tel Aviv/ Pg Art Gallery, İstanbul/ Pi Artworks, İstanbul & Londra/ Pilevneli Gallery, İstanbul/ Piramid Sanat, İstanbul/ Plan B, Cluj, Berlin/ Project Artbeat, Ti̇blis/ Red Art Galeri, İstanbul/ Sanatorium, stanbul/ Shirin Gallery, Tahran & New York/ Smac Gallery, Cape Town/ Sophia Contemporary, Londra/ Triangle Gallery, Tel Aviv/ Victor Lope, Barselona/ Victoria Miro, Londra/ Vigo Gallery, Londra/ Villa Del Arte, Barcelona/ X-ist, İstanbul/ Zilberman Gallery, İstanbul & Berlin.