• Mehmet Ali Bakanay’s Artinternational 2015 Top 5 for art50.net

    Mehmetali BakanayLegal Consultant, collector and Artinternational Istanbul Consulting Committee member Mehmet Ali Bakanay’s Top 5 selection:

    • Nilbar Güreş, ”Küçük Gri Alan / Small Grey Area” 
    • Nevin Aladağ, ” Top View”
    • Volkan Aslan, “Interior, Night, Bedroom : We hadn’t seen the sun for a long time.”
    • Haegue Yang, “Double Struggle Kicks – Trustworthy #229″
    • Semiha Berksoy, “Self-Portrait”
  • Stanislava Johnson-Chyzhykov’s Artinternational 2015 Top 5 for art50.net

    seçki5Artsy.net Specialist and Sales Consultant Stanislava Johnson-Chyzhykov’s Top 5 selection:

    • Chantal Joffe, “Megan”
    • Volkan Aslan, “The Day”
    • Karl Karner, “Helius”
    • Loris Cecchini, “Blind Facades (projects for installation—Berlin)”
    • Burçak Bingöl, “Self Conscious”
  • Karoly Aliotti’s Artinternational 2015 Top 5 for art50.net

    KarolyArt consultant Karoly Aliotti’s Top 5 selection:

    • Grayson Perry, “Map of Days Etching”
    • Laurent Grasso, “Stairways to the Past”
    • Horasan, “Sleep of the Darkness”
    • Nil Yalter, “Hommage a Marquis de Sade”
    • Ola Kolehmainen, “Miniature”
  • Aylin Seçkin’s Artinternational 2015 Top 5 for art50.net

    seckinProfessor of Economics and an expert in art economy, Aylin Seçkin’s top 5 selection:

    • Anila Quayyum Agha, “Untitled”
    • Ansen, “Hang them all”
    • Vasconcelos, “El Churro”
    • Taner Ceylan, “Satyr 2”
    • Mohammad-Hossein Emad, “Ingurgitation from the Balance series”
  • Marcus Graf’s Artinternational 2015 Top 5 for art50.net

    MGCurator and art writer, Asst. Prof. Marcus Graf’s top 5 selection:

    • Burçak Bingöl “The Fall I, II”
    • Micheal Aerts “Every Idea”
    • Pravdoliub Ivanov “Trouble is Always Double”
    • Rada Boukova “The Eternal Return”
    • Patricia Piccinini “Boot Flower”
  • İpek Yeğinsü’s Artinternational 2015 Top 5 for art50.net

    ipek-portreArtist, writer and curator, İpek Yeğinsü’s top 5 selection:

    • Ahmad Morshedloo, “Resonance of Silence”
    • Recycle Group, “Selfie”
    • Grayson Perry, “A Map of Days”
    • Azade Köker, “Mardin”
    • Robert Montgomery, “All Palaces”
  • The events you should not miss in Istanbul

    31 August - 5 September '15

    Istanbul enters the colourful month of September with a heavy agenda of artistic events. Galleries, art spaces and initiatives, going with the flows of Istanbul Biennial and Artinternational, are ready to host art lovers with important events. Art50.net made a selection among hundreds of events especially for this week (August 31 – September 5)

    Read Art50.net’s suggestions before you do a weekly plan.

    • Artinternational
    • The 14th Istanbul Biennial
    • “Louise Bourgeois: Larger Than Life”, September 1-November 8, Akbank Sanat, Beyoğlu:

      Akbank Sanat | Louise Bourgeois: Larger Than Life

      Known as the “Spider Woman”, Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) is one of the leading female artists of the 20th century with a prominent place in contemporary art history. Curated by Hasan Bülent Kahraman the exhibition features fifty four works by the artist. As a strong influence on the art scene of her lifetime, the selection  is based on her artistic persona, her attitude towards the concept of memory and her approach to gender.

    • “Zero: Countdown to the Future”, September 2-January 10, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Emirgan:

      Sakıp Sabancı Museum | Zero. Countdown to the Future

      The event organized by S.Ü. Sakıp Sabancı Museum and Akbank Sanat is very ambitious. The exhibition introducing the ZERO art movement, one of the leading artistic networks of the 20th century to the Istanbul audience brings together works by the movement’s leading figures and their inspiring predecessors under the curatorship of Mattijs Visser, the Founding Director of ZERO foundation. The exhibition’s layout is shaped around the movement’s main themes such as “Time”, Space”, “Structure”, “Light”, “Fire”, “Color”, “Shadow” and “Vibration”, accompanied by various side events including symposia, conferences and film screenings.

    • Server Demirtaş, ”Machines from Bygone Times”, September 3-October 17, Bozlu Art Project, Teşvikiye: Widely recognized with his video art in 2000s, Demirtaş is better known with his kinetic sculpture since 2010. Under the curatorship of Özlem İnay Erten, the exhibition features Demirtaş’s latest kinetic sculpture pieces. Providing an ironic approach to human body and behavior through the use of machine aesthetics and questioning the art-technology relationship, the artist assembles his works by bringing together parts including bicycle brakes and car wipers.

      Server Demirtas

      Bozlu Art Project | Machines From Bygone Times

    • “Images of Our Time: Works from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo”, September 4 – November 1 andBring Your Own Beamer”, September 4, 7-11 pm, Pera Museum, Tepebaşı:
      gunumuz imgeleri

      Pera Museum | Images of Our Time: Works from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo

      Pera Museum welcomes the new season with an extraordinary exhibition of works by the bachelor and graduate students and alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. The exhibition offering a glimpse into the Bosnian –Herzegovinian contemporary art as well as of the young population’s attitude towards their country’s history and social issues is curated by Prof. Aida Abadzic Hodzic from Sarajevo University Department of Philosopy. On the other hand, the museum’s film department presents a different platform of visibility for emerging artists. As a one-night screening of works by young video artists under the curatorship of Maybe Art Projects, “Bring Your Own Beamer” was first organized last year and it will bring together works by artists including Lara Kamhi, Berkay Tuncay and Zafer Akşit in the pleasant atmosphere of PeraCafe.

    • Filippo Riniolo, “Invisible Hand”, September 4-9, maumau, Beyoğlu:

      maumau | Invisible Hand

      The exhibition organized by maumau, an initiative providing Turkish and international artists and authors with temporary studio space, features works by the young artist Riniolo realized with the historic “egg tempera” technique and loyal to Byzantine iconography. Departing from a quote by the famous Italian critique Pier Paolo Pasolini, Riniolo underlines the deidentificating power of religion and capitalism, tracing the concept of the “invisible hand” dominating the society.

    • “Imagination and Orchestration”, September 5-20, Bauart Gallery, Galata: Were you aware that there are various artist residency programmes in Istanbul, especially organized by the consulates and cultural centers of foreign countries? The exhibition titled “Imagination and Orhcestration is designed as a side event of the 14th Istanbul Biennial and introduces the structure of the residency programs for foreign artists as well as the works created by the resident artists. Participating artists: Marianna Christofides (Cologne), Angela Fensch (Berlin), Matthias Grotevent (Düsseldorf), Nicole Hoesli (Zurich), Franziska Klotz & Michael Wutz (Berlin), Julia Lazarus (Berlin), G.R.A.M. (Vienna).


      Bauart Galeri | Imagination and Orchestration

    • “What Lies Beneath” and “Desire”, September 5-February 21, Borusan Contemporary, Baltalimanı:

      Borusan Contemporary | Desire

      Perili Köşk hosts two interesting exhibitions. Curated by the prominent new media art specialist Christiane Paul, “What Lies Beneath” features installations by Krzysztof Wodiczko, Michal Rovner and Zimoun reflecting the atmosphere of insecurity and estrangement in today’s world. On the other hand, “Desire” curated by Necmi Sönmez will offer a new interpretation to the works in the Borusan collection by artists such as Rick Silva, Lale Delibaş, Martin Walde and Ola Kolehmainen through literary works including poetry and anecdotes.

    • “Tarlabaşı Contemporary”, September 5-13, Pasaj Tarlabaşı:
      Tarlabasi contemporary

      Pasaj | Tarlabaşı Contemporary

      The exhibition is organized with the support of the Swedish Institute and features the documentation of the work by the artistic duo Local A. (Jenny Berntsson & Felice Hapetzeder), realized in collaboration with the Tarlabaşı Community Center. Via results from various workshops and meetings with the local children and residents it aims at offering a new approach to Tarlabaşı’s sociocultural texture composed of a diverse range of immigrants. The organizer, the independent artistic initiative PASAJist stands out with the emphasis it places on collective works and interactive projects.

    * Images are taken from the  official websites and social media announcements of the institutions and events involved.


    4-6 September '15

    The third edition of Istanbul’s global contemporary and modern art fair launched today at the Haliç Congress Center, welcoming local and international VIP visitors to the fair following a press conference which featured presentations by the fair’s founders, directors and section curators. The fair will feature 87 galleries this year, representing 27 countries presenting works by more than 400 of world’s most innovative artists.


    Haliç Congress Center

    Participants come from 27 countries spanning Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Central Asia, India and China. Several galleries will be attending for the fair for the first time including Victoria Miro (London), Sakshi Gallery (Mumbai), Aspan Gallery (Almaty), Galerie Du Monde (Hong Kong) and Aicon Gallery (New York & London).

    Turkish galleries Kuad, Öktem&Aykut and the Empire Project will participate for the first time, joining previous participants: .artSümer, Dirimart, Galerist, Gallery Nev Ankara, Pi Artworks, Pilot, Sanatorium, Rampa, x-ist and Galeri Zilberman.

    Through generous support of the Catalan government, 12 galleries from Art Barcelona (Associació de Galeries) will participate in the fair, including ADN Galerı́a, Àngels Barcelona, Galeria Joan Gaspar, Miguel Marcos Gallery, N2 Gallerı́a, Poligrafa Obra Gráfica, Galeria Joan Prats, Galeria Sicart, Galeria Senda, Galeria Carles Taché Projects, Galeria Trama and Valid Foto BCN Gallery.

    Sandy Angus, Co-founder of ARTINTERNATIONAL says: ‘ARTINTERNATIONAL continues to grow in stature as the pre eminent Contemporary Art Fair in the region. It has firmly established itself as the main focus for collectors from the myriad of countries which surround it and who enjoy the further cultural attractions which Istanbul has to offer. It is a unique combination further enhancing the reputation of Istanbul as the main cultural centre for the region.’

    Artistic Programme

    Stephane Ackermann, Artistic Director of ARTINTERNATIONAL has curated a series of performances, installations and interventions for the 2015 edition. The artists commissioned to present work at the fair this year are Ali Taptik, Arslan Sukan, Burcak Konukman, Dominique Petitgand, Hera Büyüktaşcıyan, Maya Hayuk and Nevin Aladağ.

    This year’s artistic programme includes a number of performances, taking place in and around the fair, or obliquely, commending a level of involvement from visitors.

    Videos on Stage

    Videos on Stage is part of fair’s artistic programme and consisting of a series of films by artists from participating galleries. The section’s curator, Başak Şenova, will this year present a series of films to be screened at the fair’s auditorium.

    ‘Ruins and Wounds’, the title of this year’s screening programme, traces secret road maps of personal histories, stories, memories and dreams about wounds and ruins. Şenova says “some wounds heal, leaving nothing behind, but a scar and some wounds stay with a pain that lingers. While indicating the infinity and cruelty of time, ruins also stabilize the sense of ephemerality. The correlation between wounds and ruins could branch out into multiple narratives, perspectives, entities, and realities that exist and possessed at the same moment”.


    Alternatives is a section of ARTINTERNATIONAL dedicated to independent art initiatives and brings together prominent local and international not-for-profit spaces, independent institutions and artists’ collectives. ARTINTERNATIONAL has this year commissioned artist, writer and curator Paolo Chiasera to curate the Alternatives section.

    This year’s participating institutions include 5533, David Roberts Art Foundation, Masa, Near East, Nesin Art Village, Protocinema, Spot and Torun.

    A 26-metre painted canvas evoking a nocturnal garden will be displayed in the fair’s Alternatives section, conceived as a place for artists, curators and institutions to come together and exchange ideas. The project follows a concept initiated by the Chiasera in 2013 with his elaboration of the concept of “Secondo Stile”; a genre he invented which features canvas-exhibitions-space and includes works by different artists done in the past or commissioned for the occasion.

    Taking the form of a rite of passage-like game, The Hunter-Gatherer will engage fair visitors in a citywide game in order to search out its non-profit institutions. Participants will need to enter into direct dialogue with each non-profit space in order to learn and understand the role of each institution. Only by answering questions and tasks set by each will the visitor be able to pass through the different stages of the treasure hunt and be able to return to the fair to claim the reward.

    By the Waterside

    By the Waterside is the fair’s dedicated sculpture terrace, which spans the length of the Haliç Congress Center’s waterfront on Istanbul’s historic Golden Horn.

    Ten works have been chosen for the third year running by ARTINTERNATIONAL’s selection committee from applications by the fair’s participating galleries including works by acclaimed artists Rada Boukova, Guldo Casaretto, Şakir Gökçebağ, Karl Karner, Yerbossyn Meldbekov, Ichwan Noor, Stefan Nikolaev, Javier Pérez, Paul Schwer and Walid Sitl.

    ARTINTERNATIONAL: Online Exclusively at artsy.net

    ARTINTERNATIONAL is pleased to announce a collaboration with Artsy, a leading resource for learning about and collecting art online. As the exclusive online host of ARTINTERNATIONAL, Artsy.net will feature an online preview the fair with works available for purchase from exhibiting galleries, plus features like Insider’s Picks and Trending Artists. The Artsy app for iPhone will become a personalised mobile guide to ARTINTERNATIONAL 2015, downloadable before the fair opens on September 4.

    Notes to Editors:

    The inaugural edition of ARTINTERNATIONAL launched in 2013, offering collectors and visitors a formidable new platform for international contemporary art. Additional elements include an artistic program featuring talks, screenings, performance, installation and a section for alternative art spaces. ‘By The Waterside’, ARTINTERNATIONAL’s sculpture terrace on the banks of the Golden Horn, will return in 2015 with sculpture works from participant galleries. Organisers of ARTINTERNATIONAL include Sandy Angus, cofounder of Art HK and coowner of India Art Fair. ARTINTERNATIONAL is produced in collaboration with Fiera Milano Interteks, Turkey’s oldest and most prestigious trade show organiser.

    Photography : Taken from Artinternational page.

  • The 14th Istanbul Biennial Takes Over the City with the “Saltwater” theme, September 5-November 1

    5 September - 1 November '15

    The 14th Istanbul Biennial Takes Over the City with the “Saltwater” theme, September 5-November 1


    Lighthouse | Rumelifeneri

    This year the Istanbul Biennial will literally take over the entire city. Expanding to more than thirty spaces and more than eighty participating artists under the curatorship of Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev it will welcome its visitors in a diversity of places including boats, gardens and private residences. Following a historical route and tracing Istanbul’s architectural heritage through the Bosphorus departing from Rumelifeneri, extending to Büyükada through Şişli and Beyoğlu including the Historical Peninsula, the biennial will refrain from handling saltwater as a purely abstract concept and will often make the visitors walk on it. And not only will they be introduced to new art works, but they will also familiarize themselves with objects from the history of marine sciences, environmental studies, underwater archaeology, physics and history of mathematics. Another particular aspect of this year’s biennial is the curator’s decision to establish direct curatorial collaborations with various artists including Cevdet Erek, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Emre Hüner, Füsun Onur, Elvan Zabunyan and William Kentridge.


    Pera Museum – Arter – Trotsky House

    Composed of three principal routes, mainly Galata-Tophane-Beyoğlu, Kabataş-Kadıköy-Büyükada and Şişli-Rumelifeneri, the biennial map features some of the following stops: İstanbul Modern, Arter, Salt, The House Hotel, GalataGreek Elementary School, Museum of Innocence, Kaptan Paşa Seabus, Büyükada Public Library, Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamam, Rumelifeneri.

    Photograph: Taken from IKSV , the Biennial Locations page.

    Click for impressions from the biennial: Vol. 1Vol. 2

  • Art Fairs with Banu Çarmıklı

    Banu Çarmıklı’s passion for art goes a long way back. In addition to collecting art, she follows the art world very closely. After graduating from Marketing and Business Administration at London University of Richmond, Çarmıklı attended many Art History classes on both international and domestic levels and managed to channel her passion for art into writing. You can follow up Çarmıklı’s art blog and check out her articles that are expanding on a daily basis on banucarmikli.com.


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