• A Street Art Overview As Istanbul Welcomes Banksy


    Cover image: Banksy

    The premiere of “The Art of Banksy” takes place in Istanbul on January 14. The biggest collection of Banksy’s works welcomes art enthusiasts at Global Karaköy. The exhibition curated by Steve Lazarides features 100 works borrowed from the artist’s private collection as well as his collectors and the viewers experience the artworks in various spatial arrangements selected from England. But why is Banksy so important? What is street art? We want to remember it with an overview.

    The first examples of graffiti consist of slogans depicted with simple lines on walls and from this viewpoint its history goes back as far as WWII. Street Art was born with the works of artists who wanted to be independent from the art networks of museums and galleries for a direct artwork-viewer encounter. It was in its beginning stages during 1960s, it reached maturity in 1970s and particularly in 1980s it became a rising star in New York.
    This genre which is in close relationship to the social developments of its era, aims at provoking, reacting, catching up with the present day and giving messages to the masses.

    Thanks to the experiments by artists including Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Richard Hambleton and René Moncada during 1980s, street art distanced itself from text and gained a more painterly structure.


    Keith Haring, Houston Bowery Wall, 1982




    Jean-Michel Basquiat, Notary, 1983

    In the 21st century, Street Art began to enter into museums and art fairs, to find widespread visibility in galleries, in other words, to become part of and be domesticated by the art scene dynamics that it criticizes, which became the central topic of very ardent debates. Banksy, on the other hand, is probably the only contemporary artist gaining the star status next to Jeff Koons or Ai Weiwei and whose name is well known even to those not particularly interested in the subject. Make sure you see Banksy’s works, and we strongly recommend you to read the biographical book at our Artlog library before you visit the show.

    Discover our graffiti artist, Cins








  • 6th International EgeART Art Days Begin

    December 4-13 2015

    Organized by Ege University, the 6th EgeART Art Days take place in Izmir with the theme “Perceptual Differentiation” between December 4 and 13.

    With the mission of bringing dynamism into the cultural and artistic scene of Izmir, the event uses a variety of the city’s venues, including Ege University Atatürk Cultural Center, Ege University Ethnographic Museum, Ege University Museum of Paper and Book Based Arts, Ege University 50th Anniversary Mansion Art Gallery, MÖTBE – Cultural Center, Ege University College Art Gallery, Turkish Ministry of Culture Izmir State Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Historical Gas Factory Cultural Center.

    Although access to exhibitions, concerts and artist presentations are free of charge, concerts are invitation based, which can be procured at the Ataturk Cultural Center. If you pass by Izmir do not forget to stop by.






  • In 2016 Art Scene Fast and Busy with Events

    The Top Events of the Year

    The year 2016 will be busy for the art enthusiasts. In recent years many parts of the world outside of North America and Europe emerged as art fair and biennial destinations. Here are the art fairs and biennials that will take the world by storm in 2016:

    • Este Arte, Punta del Este, Jan. 5-8
    • London Art Fair, Jan. 20-24
    • Art Stage Singapore, Jan. 21-24
    • Outsider Art Fair New York, Jan. 21-24
    • LA Art Show Los Angeles, Jan. 27-31
    • Art Los Angeles Contemporary, 28-31
    • Art Genève Salon d’Art, Jan. 28-31
    • India Art Fair New Delhi, Jan. 28-31
    • Arte Fiera Bologna, Jan. 29-Feb. 1
    • Zona Maco, Mexico City, Feb. 3-7
    • Art Rotterdam, Feb. 11-14
    • Unpainted Media Art Fair, Munich, Feb. 19-21
    • Rotterdam Contemporary, Feb. 10-14
    • Arco Madrid, Feb. 24-28
    • The Armory Show New York, March 3-6
    • Moving Image New York, March 3-6
    • Scope New York, March 3-6
    • Pulse New York, March 3-6
    • VOLTA NY, March 2-6
    • TEFAF Maastricht, March 11-20
    • Art Dubai, March 16-19
    • Design Days Dubai, March 14-18
    • Art Central Hong Kong, March 23-26
    • Art Basel Hong Kong, March 24-26
    • Affordable Art Fair, New York, March 30- April 3
    • Drawing Now, Paris, March 30-April 3
    • Art Paris Art Fair, March 31-April 3
    • World Art Dubai, April 6-9
    • IAFwarsaw, Varşova, April 7-10
    • SP-Arte, São Paulo, April 7-10
    • Miart, Milano, April 8-10
    • AIPAD New York, April 14-17
    • Art Cologne, April 14-17
    • Dallas Art Fair, April 14-17
    • Art Brussels, April 22-24
    • Art Revolution Taipei, April 22-25
    • Paris Photo Los Angeles, April 29-May 1
    • Berlin Gallery Weekend, April 29-May 1
    • Art Beijing, April 30-May 3
    • Art Miami New York, May 3-8
    • Frieze Art Fair New York, May 5-8
    • NADA New York, May 5-8
    • Art Fair Tokyo, May 12-14
    • ArteBA, Buenos Aires, May 19-22
    • Photo London, May 19-22
    • Art 16 London, May 20-22
    • ARCOlisboa, May 26-29
    • Art Athina, May 26-29
    • Art! Vancouver, May 26-29
    • OpenART (Sweden) May 30-August 2
    • KunstRAI Art Amsterdam, June 1-5
    • LOOP Video Art Fair Barcelona, June 2-4
    • ARTVILNIUS’16, June 9-12
    • MANIFESTA, June 11-September 19
    • VOLTA | Basel, June 13-18
    • Design Miami/ Basel, June 14-19
    • LISTE Basel, June 14-19
    • SCOPE Basel, June 14-19
    • Art Basel, June 16-19
    • Berlin Biennale, June 4-Sptember 18
    • Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, July 1-August 10
    • Art Stage Jakarta, August 5-7
    • Aichi Triennale, August 11-October 23
    • SP Arte Photo Sao Paulo, 24-28 Ağustos
    • Art Copenhagen, August 26-28
    • ART-O-RAMA, Marseille, August 26-28
    • Mediacity Seoul, September 1-November 20
    • Gwangju Biennale, September 2-November 6
    • Photo Shanghai, September 9-11
    • Taipei Biennial, September 10, February 5(17)
    • abc art berlin contemporary, September 15-18
    • Berliner Liste, September 15-18
    • Positions Berlin, September 15-18
    • Beirut Art Fair, September 15-18
    • START Art Fair London, September 15-18
    • Expo Chicago, September 22-25
    • Vienna Contemporary, September 22-25
    • ArtRio, September 29-October 2
    • Houston Art Fair, September 29-October 2
    • Contemporary Art Fair Zurich, September 29 -October 2
    • PAD London, October 3-9
    • Frieze London, October 5-8
    • Frieze Masters, October 6-9
    • 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, October 6-9
    • Vienna Fair, October 6-9
    • KIAF: Korean International Art Fair, October 12-16
    • Toronto Art Expo, October 13-16
    • Slick Art Fair, October 19-23
    • FIAC, October 20-23
    • ArtBO, October 27-30
    • Art Fair Cologne, October 27-30
    • Art Toronto, October 28-31
    • Singapore Biennale, October 28-February 26 (17)
    • Artissima, November 3-6
    • Contemporary İstanbul, November 3-6
    • Shanghai Art Fair, November 3-6
    • Paris Photo, November 10-13
    • Tehran Art Fair, November 10-13
    • ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, November 11-13
    • Art TAIPEI, November 12-15
    • Abu Dhabi Art, November 16-1
    • Cologne Fine Art, November 17-20
    • Cologne Fine Art, November 17-20
    • Art Miami, November 29-December 4
    • CONTEXT Miami, November 29-December 4
    • Miami Project, November 29-December 4
    • SCOPE Miami Beach, November 29-December 4
    • UNTITLED. Miami Beach November 30-December 4
    • Red dot Art Fair, November 30-December 4
    • Art Basel Miami Beach, December 1-4
    • Pulse Miami Beach, December 1-4
    • Kochi-Muziris Biennale, December 12-March 29 (17)

    Cover page: Eugenio Ampudia, Galeria Max Estrella, Zona Maco 2016.


    Cover image: Jordan Casey, Three Women Looking at Something, Michael Jon Gallery, Art Basel Miami Beach

    As every year, during the first week of December the world’s art capital will be Miami. With tens of art fairs organized simultaneously, Art Basel Miami Beach, Scope Miami, Pulse Miami Beach and Design Miami are a must-see.

    This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach hosts 267 galleries. With the addition of new, innovative sections like “Nova” featuring works by living artists created in the last e years, the fair program is very rich in terms of events ranging from collection visits to film screenings.


    Spencer Finch, Study for Goldberg Variations 1, 2, 3, Galerie Nordenhake, Art Basel Miami Beach 2015



    Jonathan Monk, Untitled (1981-85), Galerie Nicolai Wallner, Art Basel Miami Beach 2015


    indir (1)

    Frank Stella, Damascus Gate, Stretch Variation II, Half Size, Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art LLC, Art Basel Miami Beach 2015

    Having visited Art Basel Miami Beach, Pulse and Scope are also compulsory destinations. Galleries like Bryce Wolkowitz, Patrick Heide and Mixed Greens are among the highlights of this year’s Pulse. On the other hand, Scope is particularly interesting with its projects realized with young and dynamic partners like  VH1 and Juxtapoz as well as its Breeder section introducing new galleries to the art world.


    Jawshing Arthur Liou, Kora, 2011-2012, Pictura Gallery, Pulse Art Fair 2015.



    Gianluca Traina, Watch Me, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Scope Art Fair 2015.

    Another art fair in Miami with growing popularity is NADA. Organized by the New Art Dealers Alliance, this non-profit event positions itself as an alternative to the mainstream art fairs. The participants are dynamic galleries representing young and emerging artists, including Anat Ebgi, Night Gallery ve White Columns.



    Mikael Brkic, Board with Grapefruits, Board with Lemons, Board with Limes. NADA Art Fair.

    Art Miami is not to be skipped either. As the anchor fair in Miami, it hosts many important galleries from both the USA and Europe. It takes place at the famous Wynwood Arts District and hosts 82,000 visitors every year. CONTEXT, the sister fair to Art Miami, is dedicated to the development and reinforcement of emerging and mid-career artists, the first edition of which was launched in 2012.


    Dominic Harris, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Priveekollektie, Art Miami 2015.

    For design enthusiasts,  Design Miami is another occasion not to be missed. Hosting the leading design galleries of the globe, the fair does not only feature contemporary design but also a distinguished selection of seminal works from the 20th century .


    Maria Pergay, Pouf Vague, Wave Bench,Demisch Danant, Design Miami 2015.


    2015 Miami Beach and Miami Fairs List

    Pulse Miami Beach, Dec. 1-5

    Art Miami, Dec. 1-6

    Art on Paper, Dec. 1-6

    CONTEXT, Dec. 1-6

    Miami Project, Dec. 1-6

    Pinta Miami, Dec. 1-6

    PRIZM, Dec. 1-13

    Satellite, Dec. 1-6

    Scope Miami, Dec. 1-6

    Conception Miami, Dec. 2-6

    Design Miami, Dec. 2-6

    Ink Miami, Dec. 2-6

    Untitled Miami Beach, Dec. 2-6

    Red Dot Art, Dec. 2-6

    SPECTRUM Miami, Dec. 2-6

    NADA Miami Beach, Dec. 3-5

    Fridge Art Fair, Dec. 3-6

    Aqua Art Miami, Dec. 3-6

    Art Basel Miami Beach, Dec. 3-6



  • Contemporary İstanbul Fuarı Başlıyor

    12-15 Kasım 2015, Lütfü Kırdar Kongre & Sergi Sarayı ve İstanbul Kongre Merkezi

    Bu yıl onuncu yaşını kutlayacak olan ve Türkiye’nin en köklü çağdaş sanat fuarı Contemporary İstanbul’da sanatseverleri zengin bir program bekliyor.

    CI Artistik Danışmanı Marc Olivier Wahler, koleksiyoner Natalie Mamane Cohen, koleksiyoner ve küratör
    Freda Rozenbaum Uziyel ve The Empire Project’in kurucusu Kerimcan Güleryüz’den oluşan danışma kurulu tarafından belirlenen 24 ülkeden 102 sanat galerisi arasında  Analix Forever, C24, König, Marlborough ve Senda gibi dünyaca ünlü galeriler de bulunuyor.
    Fuarda bu yılın “focus” bölgesi Tahran. “Tahran’dan Çağdaş Sanat”, etkileyici bir tarihe sahip olan bu bölgenin günümüz sanatını fuar ziyaretçileriyle buluşturuyor ve Assar Gallery, Aaran Gallery, Dastan’s Basement, Lajevardi Foundation ve Shirin Gallery gibi önemli oluşumların katılımıyla gerçekleşiyor.
    Öte yandan yeni medya ile ilgilenenler için Plugin bu yıl çok kapsamlı bir seçki sunuyor. Dr. Ebru Yetişkin’in küratörlüğünde düzenlenen Plugin, yeni medya alanında etkinlik gösteren atölyeler, insiyatifler, sanatçılar ve kurumları X-CHANGE teması altında bir araya getiriyor.
    Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF) da fuara Çin’den sanatçılarla katılıyor. Shao Yinong ve Mu Chen, Ling Jian (Australia China Art Foundation), Aaajiao (Leo Xu Projects, Şanghay), Tao Hui (Aike Dellarco Galeri, Şanghay), Yang Xin ve Zheng Jiang (Space Station Galeri, Pekin) gibi sanatçıların bulunduğu sergi, Aimee Lin tarafından hazırlanan “Parade” başlıklı sergiyle birlikte görülebilecek.
    Art50.net de bu yıl genç sanatçılarının yepyeni eserleriyle Contemporary İstanbul’daki A1 109 no’lu standında. Ayrıntılı bilgi için tıklayın.
    Ziyaret saatleri: 12-15 Kasım, 11.00-20.00
  • 14. İstanbul Bienali’nden İzlenimler Vol. 2: Beyoğlu-Tophane’de Bienal ve Diğer Sanat Etkinlikleri

    İpek Yeğinsü

    Beyoğlu ve Tophane’de birçok sanat mekânı 14. İstanbul Bienali’ne ev sahipliği yapıyor. İlk olarak Arter’de Bracha L. Ettinger’in tuval üzerine yağlıboya ve elektrostatik baskı gibi farklı teknikleri birleştiren yapıtları akla bilinçaltı ve bellek gibi olguları getiriyor. (Vol.1 için tıklayın)


    Bracha L. Ettinger, Arter. Fotoğraf: B. L. Ettinger.

    Öte yandan burada en çarpıcı işlerden biri Mikro Makro 1001 Çizim ile Christine Taylor Patten’a ait. Sanatçının mürekkeple ürettiği 2,5 x 2,5 cm’lik çizimler oluş/süreç kavramını ele alıyor ve bir noktadan yola çıkıp dalgalar halinde ilerleyen bir dönüşüm ortaya koyuyor. Arter’in galeri katı boyunca sıralanan işlere Patten’ın Imagine adlı büyük bir çizimi eşlik ediyor.


    Christine Taylor Patten, Arter. Fotoğraf: İ. Yeğinsü.

    Pera Müzesi’nde bienal kapsamında Ania Soliman’ın Bir Çizimler Serisi ve Şeyin İçinde Hiçbir Şey Yok adlı yerleştirmesini izlemek mümkün. Çizimden üç boyutlu objeye uzanan birçok mecrayı birleştiren Soliman antropolojiyle yakından ilgileniyor ve insan-nesne ilişkisinin zaman içinde nasıl tanımlandığı üzerine düşünce alanı açıyor. Salt Galata’da ise Zeyno Pekünlü’nün Minima Akademika/Magnus adlı işi son derece ilginç. Devam eden projenin ütopik ve asla gerçekleşmeyecek bir amacı var: dünyadaki tüm akademik bilgiyi öğrencilerin sınavlardan sonra buruşturup attığı gerçek kopya kağıtları üzerinden derlemek.


    Ania Soliman, Pera Müzesi (sol). Zeyno Pekünlü, Salt Galata (sağ). Fotoğraflar: İKSV.

    Salt Beyoğlu’nda bienalden bağımsız olarak gerçekleşen “Nerden Geldik Buraya?” da görülmeye değer. Sergi, 1980 sonrasında Türkiye’de izlenen neoliberal politikaları, paralelinde gelişen toplumsal yapıyı ve tüm bu dinamiklerin popüler kültüre yansımasını dönem sineması, dergiler, televizyon programları gibi mecralar üzerinden irdeliyor. Serginin 80’li yıllara meraklı izleyiciler için en güzel sürprizi artistik patinaj efsanesi Katarina Witt’in Michael Jackson’ın Bad şarkısı eşliğinde 1988 Calgary Olimpiyatları’nda sunduğu tarihe geçen gösterisi kuşkusuz. Bir diğer dikkat çekici yapıt da Barış Doğrusöz’ün Paris vakti: Harita ve Topraklar adlı yerleştirmesi. Yapıt 12 Eylül 1980 ile Türksat 1B’nin uzaya gönderildiği 11 Ağustos 1994 tarihleri arasında Fransız televizyonlarında Türkiye ile ilgili olarak yayınlanan haberlerin derlendiği videolar ile haberlerde kullanılan Türkiye haritalarının veri görselleştirme mantığıyla sergilendiği baskı işlerden oluşuyor.

    salt galata

    Katarina Witt, Calgary Olimpiyatları. Fotoğraf: Anonim (sol). Barış Doğrusöz, Paris vakti: Harita ve Topraklar. Fotoğraf: İ. Yeğinsü (sağ). Salt Beyoğlu

    Tophane’de Cevdet Erek’in ses yerleştirmesi  Bir Ritim Mekanı yakında yıkılacak bir garajı ses ve mimari ögeler aracılığıyla dönüştürüyor. Özel İtalyan Lisesi’nin farklı katlarında bulunan İz Öztat & Fatma Belkıs, Esra Ersen, Elena Mazzi, Cheng Ran ve Irena Haiduk’un yapıtlarını da bu her zaman girmenin mümkün olmadığı binada görmeden geçmeyin. Özellikle Öztat ve Belkıs’ın Suyu Kim Taşır isimli çalışması Loç Vadisi’nde yapılması düşünülen hidroelektrik santraline direnen halka yöreye özgü tülbentlerle selam duruyor ve elektrik enerjisi kullanılmadan da üretim yapılabileceğinin altını çiziyor.


    Cevdet Erek, Tophane (sol). İz Öztat & Fatma Belkıs, detay, Özel İtalyan Lisesi (sağ). Fotoğraflar: © Photo Haupt & Binder


    Wael Shawky, Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamamı (still). Fotoğraf: Lisson Gallery.

    Bienalin görece periferide kalan bir diğer ilginç durağı Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamamı. Burada başarılı sanatçı Wael Shawky’nin Cabaret Crusades III: The Secrets of Karbala adlı video çalışması mutlaka görülmeli. Mekanın atmosferiyle birleşerek izleyiciyi kuşatan yapıt, Haçlı Seferleri’ni bir Arabın gözünden anlatan bir seri filmin üçüncüsü. İşin en çarpıcı yönü de sanatçının kahramanlarını cam kuklalar olarak seçmesi ve çekimlerde kırk kişilik bir ekibin görev yapması.

    Bienalin son günleri yaklaşırken bu heyecan verici sergileri kaçırmayın. Sanat etkinliklerinden haberdar olmak için Art50.net e-bültene üye olmayı ve fuar, bienal gibi etkinlikleri sizler için derlediğimiz Artlog sayfamızı düzenli olarak ziyaret etmeyi unutmayın.

    Bienalin kavramsal çerçevesi için tıklayın

  • Frieze London

    Highlights from the Fair and Art Events in London during Frieze Week

    As in every year, Frieze London, one of the world’s most important contemporary art fairs, offers an outstanding program at the Regent’s Park in October 14-17. Featuring international galleries such as A Gentil Carioca from Brazil, Esther Schipper/Johnen and Buchholz from Germany, Leo Xu from China and Taka Ishii from Japan alongside the star galleries of New York and London, the event has among this year’s participants Rampa from Turkey and Istanbul and London-based Rodeo.

    On the first day of the fair the contemporary art section drew more audience than Frieze Masters. At the entrance the visitors were greeted with the wall text “Overcome your challenges or they will reappear” ve “Don’t Stop Now—The End is Near”.
    In addition to the film screenings and panel talks held every year, Frieze’s innovative program is remarkably rich. Focus featuring new talents, Live consisting of performances, Sculpture Park presenting works by 16 artists in an area accessible to the general public and this year’s Sound causing excitement via three sound installations are all prepared under the consultancy of world famous curators. On the other hand Frieze Projects, the fair’s non-proft section realized with the support of LUMA Foundation presents the works by artists commissioned specifically for the fair.

    Affordable art was not forgotten either. Allied Editions features special editions of works from famous galleries, whose prices go as low as 40 gbp.

    Cover Photo: Tom Friedman, Cocktail Party, Frieze London


    Sheila Hicks, Conductor Batons, 2014-2015, Alison Jacques Gallery (left). Yayoi Kusama, Pumpkin, 2015, David Zwirner Gallery (right). Frieze London. Photos by Art50.net.


    Carsten Höller, Galleria Massimo de Carlo (left). Yoshitomo Nara, Wounded, 2014 (right). Frieze London. Photos by Art50.net.

    frieze metin gorselleri

    Jean Dubuffet, the Asylum, Helly Nahmad London, Frieze Masters (left). Samara Scott, Lonely Planet II (right). Frieze London. Photos by Art50.net

    A Week Full of Art in London


    Selgascano, Serpentine Pavillion. Photo by Art50.net.

    Various art events taking place throughout London during Frieze are also worthy of visit:

    • Royal Academy of Arts, “Ai Weiwei”: The retrospective by Ai Weiwei, one of the leading artists of our era, is a must-see.
    • Tate Modern, “The World Goes Pop”: Do not miss this occasion if you want to look at Pop Art produced around the world during the 60s and 70s from a different perspective.
    • Sadie Coles HQ Gallery, “Clouds + Mountains + Waterfalls”: The exhibition features three installations about nature by the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.
    COL_110915 037

    Ugo Rondinone, Sadie Coles HQ Gallery*

    • Serpentine Gallery, “Jimmie Durham: Various Items and Complaints”: The American artist, poet and acvitist Durham has a prominent place in the art world with his career spanning over five decades. Durham’s exhibition whom we may also remember from the 13th Istanbul Biennial focuses on the artist’s multidisciplinary and conceptual practice.
    • Victoria Miro Gallery, “Go to Hell or Atlanta, Whichever Comes First”: The exhibition features works by the American artist Kara Walker’s ironic artworks, inspired by her time in Atlanta and departing from the gallery space itself.
    • Whitechapel Gallery, “Emily Jacir: Europa”: Awarded with the Venice Biennale Golden Lion in 2007, the Palestinian artist Emily Jacir’s  poetic works about migration, exchange and resistance illustrate her perspective of Europe and the Mediterranean.


    kara walker

    Kara Walker, Victoria Miro Gallery*

    African Art on the Rise

    Somerset House, “1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair”: The third London edition of the fair taking place in October 15-18 brings together over 150 African artists and offers a rich film and panel program.


    Namsa Leuba, Art Twenty One (left). Zak Ové, Vigo Gallery (right). 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair. Photos by Art50.net.

    You may join our e-bulletin or visit our “World Art Events” page to stay updated about global art events.

    *taken from the official websites of the respective events and institutions.

  • Art in the World: Fairs, Festivals, Biennials

    2015 is rich in art events all over the world. Here is a list of fairs, festivals and biennials taking place until the end of the year, by art50.net

    Olafur Eliasson-Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

    Olafur Eliasson, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, FIAC Paris.

    • 56th Venice Biennial, 09.05-22.11.2015
    • Contour – 6th Biennial of Moving Image, Mechelen, 29.08-08.11.2015
    • 13th Lyon Biennial, 10.09.2015-03.01.2016
    • Expo Chicago, 17-20.09.2015
    • Fotofestival Mannheim, 18.09.-15.11.2015
    • Vienna Contemporary, 24-27.09.2015
    • ARTBO – Feria Internacional de Arte de Bogotá, 01-04.10.2015
    • Texas Contemporary, Houston, 01-14.10.2015
    • Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong, 04-07.10.2015
    • KIAF, Seoul, 07-11.10.2015
    • Frieze, London, 14-17.10.2015
    • Art International Zurich, 16-18.10.2015
    • X Edition Florence Biennial, 17-25.10.2015
    • SHOW OFF Paris, 19-25.2015
    • Slick Paris, 21-24.10-2015
    • Affordable Art Fair, London, 22-25.10.2015
    • FIAC, Paris, 22-25.10.2015
    • Art Toronto, 23-26.10.2015
    • Artissima, Turin, 06-08.11.2015
    • Paris Photo, 12-15.11.2015
    • Shanghai Art Fair, 12-15.11.2015
    • Abu Dhabi Art, 18-21.11.2015
    • PULSE Miami Beach, 01-05-12.2015
    • SCOPE Miami, 01-06.12.2015
    • Art Basel Miami Beach, 03-06.12.2015




  • Impressions from the 14th Istanbul Biennial, Vol. 1: İstanbul Modern, Galata Greek School, DEPO

    İpek Yeğinsü

    Impressions from the 14th Istanbul Biennial, Vol. 1: İstanbul Modern, Galata Greek School, DEPO

    The Istanbul Biennial exhibition at Istanbul Modern begins with the “Canal” Project and illustrates the origins of the biennial’s conceptual framework; here it is possible to encounter works by artists including Tacita Dean and Song-Ming Ang as well as documents from various scientific studies. In the corridor leading to the main gallery area, Prophets by Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens lies like a monument, composed of graphic-sculpture works made of simple, every day materials and representing economic data. Then Pillars, Marwan Rechmaoui’s sculpture series appear before our eyes, dramatically revealing the atmosphere of rapid urbanization and destruction in the Middle East. On the other hand, Georgia Sagri’s powerful work My First Science Fiction Book, Religion questions the Notion of religious beliefs through a 3D video performance in which individuals from different religious backgrounds pray together.


    Georgia Sagri (left). Michelangelo Pistoletto (right). Istanbul Modern. Photo: İ. Yeğinsü

    The Venus of the Rags (1967), one of the most impressive works in the main gallery area belongs to Michelangelo Pistoletto, one of the leading figures of Arte Povera. The curator often tackles the issues of ’68 student movements and, as part of an artistic movement aiming at combining the dynamism of everyday life with high art, this work has a similar reference. Another great artwork is a multi-channel video installation by the Australian artist Vernon Ah Kee titled Tall Man, narrating interracial tensions and the resulting Palm Island riots. The room containing the Yirrkala drawings made of natural pigments on barks, again from Australia, is one of the biennial’s must-see areas. It is also gratifying to discover that the curator’s selection includes some of the most important names from Turkish art history such as Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu and Fahrelnisa Zeid.


    Andrew Yang, Galata Greek School. Photo: İ. Yeğinsü

    The works in the Galata Greek School focus on timelessness, labor and the cultural memory of this region, thus turning into an archaeological site. The Salt Traders by Anna Boghiguian questions the present through the remains of a lost ship that reemerges in the future. While Neochronophobiq, Emre Hüner’s installation composed of sculpture and multi-channel video presents a poetic narrative about our fear of time, The Flesh Is Yours, The Bones Are Ours by Michael Rakowitz extraordinarily elaborates on the themes of crafts, memory and cultural heritage. Andrew Yang’s IO-OX: A Dialogue concerning Two World Systems invading the school’s attic is perhaps the most interesting work at this venue; the artist identifies a connection between the mythology of the Bosphorus and astronomy, inviting the viewer to produce sounds that will propagate in space, into infinity.


    Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, The Vault Karaköy. Photo: inenart.eu

    DEPO is yet another biennial stop to be seen. The Silence of Ani by Francis Alÿs, one of the leading names in contemporary art history, takes the viewer to a journey into the remains of the city of Ani situated near the Armenian border, blowing new life into the once illustrous city with his call. On the other hand, at the lower floor of Vault Karaköy the House hotel a very interesting surprise is awaiting the biennial visitors. Once you enter a gloomy room and press a red button, the show suddenly begins: the Sad Waltz and the Dancer Who Couldn’t Dance, the robotic installation by Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller fills us with a deep nostalgia for a nameless past.

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  • Ai Weiwei Retrospective at the Royal Academy of Arts

    In September 2015, Ai Weiwei is at the Royal Academy of Arts with his provocative and curious new works.


    He Xie, 2011

    Ai Weiwei is certainly one of the globally recognized and sensational artists. Artnews indicates him as one of the top 5 people in its Top 100 list of Art’s Most Influential Individuals. As Barnaby Martin in his recent book titled “Hanging Man: the Arrest of Ai Weiwei” describes, the artist was arrested at the Beijing Airport in 2011 and was released only after 81 days. Weiwei who again reacts with art to the injustices he goes through, deserves attention with his works that criticize the absence of freedom of thought in China, in addition to other works with his unique and authentic artistic language.

    This is Weiwei’s first institutional retrospective in the UK after he acquired fame with the sunflowers he exhibited at Tate Modern. The exhibition curated in collaboration with the artist himself features some of his most important works ranging from gigantic installations realized in 1993 to marble objects he created departing from his own experiences and where he focuses on issues such as creative freedom, human rights and censorship. The event can be visited until December 13 at the Royal Academy of Arts.


    Straight, 2008-2012 (left). S.A.C.R.E.D., 2012 (right).

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