• Contemporary Istanbul (CI 2017)

    14-17 September 2017

    Contemporary Istanbul Announced Participating Galleries and News About its 12th Edition

    Contemporary Istanbul (CI) is pleased to announce its final exhibitors list for the upcoming 12th edition of the fair which is supported by Akbank. New for 2017 is a revised fair design by the award-winning architects Tabanlıoğlu Architects who will create a city-park. The fair will also feature a new sculpture exhibition The Fifth Element at the neighbouring Sanatçılar Park, curated by Prof. Hasan Bülent Kahraman. A place to discover and rediscover significant artists, CI will spread over the 13,600 m2 spaces of Lütfi Kırdar ICEC Rumeli Hall and Istanbul Congress Center with the support of Akbank and associate sponsor Ferko.



    CI brings together leading contemporary galleries, artists and collectors from Turkey and around the world, giving a regional and international focus. Reflecting the role of Istanbul as a centre point between East and West, CI is an international art platform at the heart of Turkey’s thriving contemporary art scene. CI strongly believes in the critical role of art as a catalyst for dialogue, mutual understanding and reconciliation.


    Sahand Hesamiyan – Nahankhane (maquette), 2017/ Dastan’s Basement

    Sahand Hesamiyan – Nahankhane (maquette), 2017/ Dastan’s Basement


    Participating galleries:

    44A Sanat Galerisi, İstanbul/ 55Bellechasse, Paris & Miami/ Ab Anbar, Tahran/ Ab Gallery, Seul/ Acaf, Şangay/ Alan Istanbul, İstanbul/ Andakulova, Dubai/ Anna Laudel Gallery, İstanbul/ Archeus Post-modern, Londra/ Aria Art Gallery, Floransa/ Art On Istanbul, İstanbul/ Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin/ Bozlu Art Project, İstanbul/ C.A.M, İstanbul/ C24, New York/ Cep Gallery, İstanbul/ Dastan’s Basement, Tahran/ Dix 9, Paris/ Dirimart, İstanbul/ Eastwards Prospectus, Bükreş/ Flowers Gallery, Londra/ Gaia Gallery, İstanbul/ Galeri Miz, İstanbul/ Galeri Nev, İstanbul/ Galerist, İstanbul/ Galeri 77, İstanbul/ Galeri Baraz, İstanbul/ Galeri Binyıl, İstanbul/ Galeri Siyah Beyaz, İstanbul/ Galeria Continua, San Gimignano & Beijing/ Gallery 1957, Gana/ Gama Gallery, İstanbul/ Gazelli Art House, Londra & Bakü/ Heavenlymade, İzmir/ Inda Gallery, Budapeşte/ Isabel Croxatto, Santiago/ Joan Gaspar, Barselona/ Karavil Contemporary, Londra/ Krank Art Gallery, İstanbul/ Kristen Hjellegjerde, Londra/ Leila Heller, New York & Dubai/ Licht Feld, Basel/ Liquid Art, Capri/ Magic Beans, Berlin/ Mark Hachem, Paris & Beyrut/ Marlborough, New York/ Maximilian William, Londra/ Merkur, İstanbul/ Mixer Gallery, İstanbul/ N2 Gallery, Barselona/ Nicodim Gallery, Bükreş & Los Angeles/ Olcay Art, İstanbul/ Öktem & Aykut, İstanbul/ Parasite Gallery, Tel Aviv/ Pg Art Gallery, İstanbul/ Pi Artworks, İstanbul & Londra/ Pilevneli Gallery, İstanbul/ Piramid Sanat, İstanbul/ Plan B, Cluj, Berlin/ Project Artbeat, Ti̇blis/ Red Art Galeri, İstanbul/ Sanatorium, stanbul/ Shirin Gallery, Tahran & New York/ Smac Gallery, Cape Town/ Sophia Contemporary, Londra/ Triangle Gallery, Tel Aviv/ Victor Lope, Barselona/ Victoria Miro, Londra/ Vigo Gallery, Londra/ Villa Del Arte, Barcelona/ X-ist, İstanbul/ Zilberman Gallery, İstanbul & Berlin.

  • Views on the 15th Istanbul Biennial

    İpek Yeğinsu

    The excitement for the 15th Istanbul biennial is everywhere. We asked Anna Zizlsperger, Huma Kabakcı, Mine Küçük and Ömer Özyürek, important figures in our art scene, their expectations from the event.


    Anna Zizlsperger (Exhibist, Founder)

    Anna Zizlsperger

    Anna Zizlsperger

    I am very excited about the upcoming 15th edition of the Istanbul Biennial. The local art scene needs the energy the biennial brings with it and I can feel how people are motivated and full of hope that the event will re-unite Turkey’s art scene with the rest of the world after all the terrible events of the past year. I think the curators did an amazing job at underlining the fact that now it is important, more than ever, to come to Turkey and create critical artistic discourse.


    Huma Kabakcı (Collector, Curator)

    Huma Kabakcı

    Huma Kabakcı

    When I heard that this edition of the biennial was going to be curated by Elmgreen and Dragset, I was thrilled; I immediately thought of ‘The Collectors’, the exhibition they co-curated at the Scandinavian and Danish pavilions of the 53rd Venice Biennial. I am sure this artist duo will impress the audience with their sense of humor and selection of artists around the theme ‘a good neighbor’.


    Mine Küçük (Education Professional, Museologist)

    Mine Küçük

    Mine Küçük

    As I am responsible for training the biennial guides, we have already begun to read about the featured artworks. I think the curators not only came up with a conceptual framework relevant for the present day but they also selected the artworks with utmost care. I expect the biennial to be easy to navigate and the viewers will enjoy it.


    Ömer Özyürek (Collector)

    Ömer Özyürek

    Ömer Özyürek

    With the theme ‘A Good Neighbour’, I expect the 15th Istanbul Biennial to examine the relationships between people, life and places, questioning the problems of our daily life, the liberties in individual, common and public spaces, and the presence or absence of reciprocal tolerance. I believe this biennial and other simultaneous art events will revive the art market that has been static since the last biennial, and will increase the enthusiasm for art that has recently been going down.

    To access more information about the 15th Istanbul Biennial, click here.

  • 15th Istanbul Biennial

    September 16 – November 12, 2017

    Notes from the 15th Istanbul Biennial press conference held on September 12, 2017:

    The 15th edition of the Istanbul Biennial will start on September 16, welcoming all art enthusiasts on a free entrance basis. Thanks to IKSV’s funding, 30 of the 56 participating artists produced new works for the biennial that is also celebrating its 30th anniversary. Referring to the biennial as “a liberal creative platform and a breathing space for artists and art enthusiasts alike”, Bülent Eczacıbaşı, the President of IKSV, added that their efforts were directed towards “creating the ideal conditions so that intercultural dialogues can emerge and cultures can freely interact”.

    Speaking on behalf of Koç Holding, the biennial’s main sponsor since 2007, the President Ömer M. Koç emphasized the biennial’s steady audience growth: “in the years our sponsorship started, the biennial’s audience was expressed in tens of thousands; but since 2013, also thanks to our growing support, it reached four hundred thousand”. He continued that, as Koç Group, they considered arts and culture to be one of the most important elements of social development, and touching upon the biennial’s theme, “A Good Neighbor”, he said: “We live in a world where borders become more and more questionable every day, and in difficult times marked by increased war and tension. What we currently need most is to listen more carefully to the language of art that takes its strength from culture and universal values”.

    ib press

    15th Istanbul Biennial press conference

    The curators Elmgreen and Dragset made important remarks on the biennial’s theme as well. The duo emphasized that people’s ways of living together were different from and much richer than the relations between the governments and politicians representing them. Referring to the example of Trump’s wall project at the Mexican border, they added that both Turkey and the world at large were going through difficult times in terms of neighboring relations. Explaining that the artists who produced new works for the biennial visited Istanbul several times and reacted to its architectural and sociocultural texture, the curators observed that most people went to their childhood memories when asked about who the good neighbor was, where they found the ultimate peace and security. Consequently, the works that emerged tackled less macro-level subjects, focusing on the artists’ personal life experiences.

    On the other hand, Zeyno Pekünlü, the Coordinator of Public Programs, approached the theme from a more ecological point of view. She focused on the marine life in the seas surrounding Istanbul, its stray animals and trees. Pekünlü made the exciting announcement that this year’s program not only featured seminars but also events such as cooking sessions and music workshops that would allow the participants to interact.

    15th Istanbul Biennial

    The most anticipated art event of this fall is surely the 15th Istanbul Biennial curated by the famous artistic duo Elgreem & Dragset, taking place between September 16 and November 12 with the theme ‘A Good Neighbour’. Referred to by Newsweek as ‘one of the top 5 exhibitions of 2017 worth travelling for’ and by NY Observer as ‘one of the top 10 global art events of 2017’ the event is going to be free entrance thanks to Koç Holding’s sponsorship.

    The Scandinavian curators Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset aim at studying how people with different identities and lifestyles approach belongingness and privacy departing from concepts of a good neighbour and home, with a particular emphasis on women and feminism. The international outdoor campaign that the biennial’s graphic designer Rupert Smyth realized in collaboration with the artists is also worthy of attention. The artworks exhibited on the billboards of cultural institutions from several countries in combination with 40 different questions on what a good neighbour is, examine the transformation the concepts of home and neighborhood went through all around the world. The biennial’s consulting committee is composed of Adriano Pedrosa, one of the event’s former curators, Curator Başak Şenova, Artist İnci Eviner, Whitechapel Gallery Director Iwona Blazwick and Curator Ute Meta Bauer.

    Elmgreen & Dragset. Fotoğraf: Ariel Reichman

    Elmgreen & Dragset. Photo: Ariel Reichman

    The biennial extends to 6 different venues, namely Istanbul Modern, Pera Museum, Galata Greek Primary School, Ark Kültür, Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamam and Artist’s Collective Studio (an artist studio rearranged for the event). The participant list with 55 artists from 32 countries is equally exciting. The participants from Turkey show great variety: a master like Candeğer Furtun; the internationally renowned artists Burçak Bingöl, Volkan Arslan and Ali Taptık; the young and emerging Gözde İlkin and Alper Aydın; dancer and performer Tuğçe Tuna; Yoğunluk artist collective; and Erkan Özgen and Bilal Yılmaz, artists based in Turkey’s more peripheral locations.

    Candeğer Furtun, Suskunlar, 1987. Fotoğraf: Kikas World

    Candeğer Furtun, Suskunlar, 1987. Photo: Kikas World

    Yoğunluk-Axis Mundi, Adahan. Fotoğraf: Cemal Emden

    Yoğunluk-Axis Mundi, Adahan. Photo: Cemal Emden

    Erkan Özgen, First Untitled, 2012.

    Erkan Özgen, First Untitled, 2012.

    International highlights include Olaf Metzel with his sculptures and installations on public space; Monica Bonvicini with her multidimensional works on surveillance, power relations and gender, also known with her stairs in chains at Istanbul Modern and considered one of the artists with the best career performance of the last two decades; Louise Bourgeois, who became an icon in feminist art history with her sculpture, Mother; Berlinde De Bruyckere with her sculptures on human body, life and pain; Adel Abdessemed, questioning the notions of violence, terror and state with happenings around daily objects; and Xiao Yu, one of the rising stars of contemporary art in Asia.

    Olaf Metzel, Neues Museum Nuremberg sergisinden görünüm, 2015. Fotoğraf: Wentrup Gallery

    Olaf Metzel, Neues Museum Nuremberg sergisinden görünüm, 2015. Photo: Wentrup Gallery.

    Berlinde De Bruyckere, S.M.A.K. sergisinden, 2014. Fotoğraf: Dirk Pauwels.

    Berlinde De Bruyckere, S.M.A.K. sergisinden, 2014. Photo: Dirk Pauwels.

    Adel Abdessemed, One Life One Love One God, 2008. Fotoğraf David Zwirner Gallery.

    Adel Abdessemed, One Life One Love One God, 2008. Photo: David Zwirner Gallery.

    Xiao Yu, Cement Floor sergisinden. Fotoğraf: MutualArt.

    Xiao Yu, Cement Floor sergisinden. Photo: MutualArt.

    The public program under Zeyno Pekünlü’s coordination will offer the art enthusiasts an opportunity to participate to talks and workshops on the biennial’s common theme.

  • Art Basel 2017

    15-18 June 2017

    We are counting days for the 48th edition of Art Basel, the most important event of June that brings together international artworld in the heart of the city. This year the Show will host more than 200 galleries and 4.000 artists from all over the world. During the Show, we will see best examples of Modern and Contemporary Art presented through specially programmed events, talks and shows. During three days, everything will be about art: from everything that we see to the every step that we take and everything that we talk about, all is art! In this page, we brought together the most exciting and districtive features of Art Basel 2017.


    ChertLüdde’s booth, Art Basel 2017. Photo: Benjamin Westoby/ artsy.net

    Art Basel returns to city with ground breaking, different and breath-taking artworks and projects. Like evey year, the heart of the Show is the Galleries Sector, featuring over 4000 artists. Projects from established and well-known artists will be presented in the Feature Sector whereas projects of new-emerging  artists will meet with audience in the Stataments Sector.  When we look at the Art Basel’s pioneering exhibition platform, Independent, we are seeing distinctive projects like always. Curated by Gianni Jetzer, this year Independent encompasses 76 large-scale artworks in multiple ways that go beyond a traditional art fair stand. With massive sculptures and paintings, video projections, installations and performances, Independent will push the limits. Projects include ‘’Cooking the World’’ (2017) by Suboth Gupta and ‘’Bliss’’ (Reality Check) (2017) by Danna Huanca.



    Parcours, 12-18 June 2017

    Under Parcours Sector, 22 special artworks will be on display in Basel’s Münsterplatz. Celebrating its 8th edition in historical center of Basel, Parcours will host artworks representing daily life concerns. Curated by Samuel Leuenberger, Parcours will feature important works such as Amanda Ross-Ho’s ‘’Unlimited Finding’’ (2017) and Markus Selg’s ‘’Arcadia’’ (2017). Parallel to the Parcours, The Natural History Museum of Basel is also hosting a special show. A work by GCC, ‘’Belief in the Power of Believe’’ (2017) will bring together Youtube videos with historical artifacts, and hence create an alternative and contemporary cultural heritage.


    Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels | Parcours, Sophie Nys, 100 female scientists, 2017/ artnews.com


    Claudia Comte ‘’Now I Won’’/ 13-18 June

    A special project entitled as ‘’Now I Won’’ by Swedish artist Claudia Comte is placed in the heart of the city, in Basel’s Messeplatz. Located right next to the exhibition hall, this this open-air installation is bringing the city an immersive funfair, and enabling visitors to interact with the artwork on one hand, and spend time in the funfair on the other. 7 booths that are placed within the installation for visitors to play games like dart, bowling, wrist wrestling and mini golf and attend competitions. The winners will get an artwork by the artist.



    Art Basel Film Program

    This year Art Basel presents a special film program that consists of a total of 34 works to the viewer. Focusing on various international topics, these experimental and artistic films will shed light on political events of our age. The program is opening on the 12th of June with Eric Baudelaire’s latest work ‘’Also Known as Jahidi’’ (2017). One of the most distinctive features of the Program is special screening of Stanley Tucci’s ‘’Final Portrait’’ (2017).


    Carlos Javier Ortiz, We All We Got, 2017, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco and New York/ artnews.com


    In addition to this during the Show, magazines from all over the world will be presented in a collective single booth. Through magazines stand, and conversations and talks where art editors and publicators will be presenting, ongoing dialogue and current debates in the artworld will be revealed.


    Collector and Art Writer Banu Çarmıklı Picked Her Favorites for Art50.net Followers

    Unlimited Section

    • Bethanhuws/Forest
    • Barbara Kruger /Our People Better Than Your People
    • Phyllida Barlow/ 100 Banners
    • Jenny Holzer / Light Enstalasyonu
    • Stan VanderBeek/ Movie Mural, Video



    Stan VanderBeek, Movie Mural/ news.artnet.com

    Other parts of  the Fair

    • Nam June Paik/ Venus



    • Magdalena Abakanowicz
    • Kerry James Marshall
    • Hans Op de Beeck/ Mountain View
    • Marcel Duchamp/ Reproduction of Mona Lisa



    • Tom Sachs/ The Great Seal



    SCOPE Basel/ 12-18 June

    With its 11th anniversary edition, SCOPE will take place in its original place that is located just 3 blocks from Messeplatz.  Featuring 70 international exhibitions from 52 cities and 27 countries, this year SCOPE presents the richess of Contemporary Art available nowhere else, and will bring to light the importance and role of art within city’s rich living culture and heritage.


    Rómulo Celdrán, Hi-Res Voxel 2 & Hi-Res Solid I, Arthobler Gallery /artsy.net


    LISTE Basel/ 13-18 June

    Started in 1996, LISTE has been welcoming mostly new and a middle generation of galleries from all over the world. Since its beginning, it has become a must-visit place for almost every important artist and gallery. Aiming at presenting new galleries and newly emerging artists to the public, this year LISTE features 34 countries and 79 galleries, that were selected out of a total of 250 applications. Of these, 14 galleries is participating to LISTE for the first time. This year, the Helvetia Art Prize is given to Andriu Deplazes, a young artists who was born in 1993 and known with his figurative works.




    Anna Uddenberg, Disconnect, 2017, House of Gaga.

  • Venice Biennale 2017

    May 13th to November 26th 2017

    The 57th International Venice Biennial, one of the leading and most prestigious organizations in the World, is taking place in Venice from May 13th to November 26th. First organized in 1865, for centuries, the Venice Biennial featured many great artists, such as Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse. Titled VIVA ARTE VIVA, the 57th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennial is curated by Christine Marcel, and will host 120 artists in 85 pavilions. This year, the Biennial will feature more woman artists and more international artists from Latin America, America and the Middle East. Antigua and Barbuda, Kiribati and Nigeria, will participate for the first time while Tunisia and Malta will return after long absences.


    Located in two major Giardini and Arsenale venues and in Central, Italian and National Pavilions, the 57th Venice Biennial will focus on art and the artists.  In the Biennial Exhibition, Christine Marcel, who is also the chief curator of the Centre Pompidou, will show art as an individual expression, a ground for thinking, reflection and production. VIVA ARTE VIVA stands out as an exclamation of artistic production, which is shaped by artists’ proposals, questions, practices and ways of living.


    Sheila Hicks, Photo: ARTNEWS.


    Peju Alatise, Nation Interrupted, 2013-2015, Nigeria.

    Nevin Aladağ (born in Turkey, based in Berlin), and Hale Tenger (lives and based in Istanbul) will take part in the Biennial with their works. As for the Pavilion of Turkey, a special project was developed by Cevdet Erek in collaboration with the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV). The project will feature in the Arsenale, Sale D’Armi. Entitled ‘’ÇIN’’, this special Biennial project will represent Turkey, and artist’s work developing since the 2000s, focusing on the rhythm, space and sound works. Harmonizing with its surrounding physical environment, his work will develop through time in the space.


    Cevdet Erek.

    Another key feature of the 57th International Venice Biennial is the ‘’Tavole Aperto’’, open table discussions. Every week, artists will come together with the audience around a table for lunch and discussion. Through this, the audience will find a special chance to explore artists’ art and life. In addition to this, a special project named ‘’Unpacking My Library’’ was also developed for the Biennial. In the project, Biennial artists will create a list of their favourite books, and share it with the audience.

  • Cape Town Art Fair 2017 Presents A Diverse Display of Contemporary Art

    Cape Town, 17-19 February 2017

    The upcoming fifth edition of Cape Town Art Fair (CTAF) will offer a diverse display of contemporary art from leading local and international galleries. Over 75 exhibitors from established and emerging art centres including London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Lagos, Abidjan, Addis Ababa, Harare, Nairobi, Accra and Dubai are participating in CTAF 2017.


    Abdoulaye Konate, Cape Town Art Fair 2017.

    Taking place in the heart of Cape Town’s city centre at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from the 17th to the 19th of February, the fair will show a variety of sections dedicated to large-scale installations, emerging artists and online art platforms alongside talks, guided walkabouts, a digital media platform and outdoor activations that will ignite the nearby V&A Waterfront precinct.

    The list of exhibitors includes galleries which represent the quality and multiplicity of the thriving contemporary African art scene such as: STEVENSON (Cape Town; Johannesburg), Goodman Gallery (Cape Town; Johannesburg), Galerie Cecile Fakhoury (Abidjan, Ivory Coast), Blank Projects (Cape Town), SMAC Gallery (Cape Town; Johannesburg), Gallery 1957 (Accra, Ghana), Addis Fine Art (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), BLOOM Art Lagos (Nigeria), Everard Read (Cape Town; Johannesburg),and Gallery MOMO (Cape Town and Johannesburg), among others.

    CTAF 2017 has attracted the highest number of applications in the Fair’s history, from local and international galleries.  More than 20 international galleries are part of the 2017 selection, which includes galleries such as Galleria Massimo Minini (Brescia), Primo Marella Gallery (Milan) and Galleria Continua (San Gimignano, Beijing, Les Moulins and Havana) from Italy; British galleries Tiwani Contemporary, October Gallery, TAFETA and Art First, all from London; as well as Galerie Pascal Janssens (Gent, Belgium), Galerie Seippel (Cologne, Germany), ARTCO (Aachen, Germany), Galerie Caroline Smulders (Paris, France) and Sabrina Amrani(Madrid, Spain).


    Increasing in size and scope, CTAF 2017 will include a new section, UNFRAMED, dedicated to ambitious, large-scale works created by GalleryMOMO artist Mary Sibande, Everard Read artist Liza Grobler, and Katharien de Villiers and Michael Linders from up-and-coming gallery, SMITH. The works will be strongly interactive, encouraging fairgoers to enter into a more stimulating dialogue with contemporary art.


    Liza Grobler, Barbed Wire Paradise is Exactly Where You Are.


    Returning to CTAF is the TOMORROWS/TODAY section, a curated cross-section of the most exciting emerging artists from Africa. Made up of solo presentations by artists including Serge Attukwei Clottey (Gallery 1957, Accra), Helen Teede (Showcase Gallery Dubai in collaboration with First Floor Gallery Harare), Jackie Karuti (Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi), Joël Andrianomearisoa (Sabrina Amrani, Madrid), Onyis Martin (ARTLabAfrica, Nairobi), Sandile Zulu (SMAC Gallery, Cape Town and Johannesburg) and others, TOMORROWS/TODAY is a bold prediction of the future of African artistic talent.


    Maurice Mbikayi, Modern Shepherd, 2016, MOMO Gallery


    DIGITAL PLATFORMS is a new addition to the Fair’s MAGAZINE & PUBLICATIONS section, intended to bring together the world’s most relevant voices in art journalism. Using a digital interface, fairgoers will be able to engage and interact with online art platforms including: Artnet and Contemporary And (C&) from Berlin; Africa Is A Country and True Africa from New York; Mousse Magazine from Milan; and Between 10 and 5 from Cape Town. Also at CTAF, in a physical booth as part of MAGAZINES & PUBLICATIONS, will be newcomers Chimurenga magazine and the recently founded Adjective magazine. Returning to CTAF are Art Times and Art Africa which will once again have a booth in MAGAZINES & PUBLICATIONS, as well as Artthrob, which will be in the EDITIONS section with prints by well-known South African artists including Zanele Muholi, Candice Breitz and David Goldblatt.


    CTAF2017 will also include a section entitled PAST/MODERN, displaying modern Southern African artists such as Robert Hodgins in Goodman Gallery’s booth, Alexis Preller and John Mohl presented by STEVENSON, Kevin Atkinson and Erik Laubscher by SMAC Gallery, and Cecil Skotnes and Edoardo Villa by WALL Gallery (Cape Town).


    In the CULTURAL PLATFORMS section of the fair, non-profit art institutions and initiatives will display their art collections. The non-commercial area will provide organisations including the AVA Gallery (Cape Town), Bag Factory (Johannesburg), and international exhibitors Espace Luande Arte (Luanda) and Village Unhu (Harare), with a showcase opportunity that will pique the interest of fairgoers, collectors and curators. LALELA, an organisation offering art education to at-risk youth, will be included in the section, as well as at a satellite venue in the V&A Waterfront where they will further engage with the public.

    The Cape Town Art Fair runs from 17 to 19 February 2017.

    Opening Hours:

    Friday 17 February 2017: 11h00 – 19h00

    Saturday 18 February 2017: 11h00 – 19h00

    Sunday 19 February 2017: 11h00 – 19h00

    Ar50.net is following Cape Town Art Fair for you.  Please follow this page and our  social media channels for daily updates.


    For complete 2017 calendar, click.

  • 5 Artists from Art50.net in Imago Mundi Collection

    Imago Mundi Collection consists of 10 x 12 cm artworks from all over the world commissioned by Luciano Benetton. With the objective of collecting global artistic experiences and transmitting them to the future generations as a world heritage, the collection is based on a non-commercial structure and features both established and emerging artists.

    Having grown into a collection featuring more than 17,000 artworks from 100 countries while originally aiming at 10,000 from 80, Imago Mundi organizes touring exhibitions and publishes catalogs to render the collection accessible to the maximum number of viewers worldwide.





    This week, Imago Mundi published Istanbul Codex, a sub-collection featuring 227 artworks by Turkish artists, which includes 5 artists from Art50.net. Gözde Başkent is represented in the collection with her “Untitled” acrylic painting (1), whereas Begüm Mütevellioğlu is  present with her oil painting “Ah, There’s No Place Like Home! (Back) A View from Somewhere Nice” (2); Emre Meydan is featured with his “Untitled” (3), a work made of fabric and thread, while  Genco Gülan is represented with his digital print titled “Out on Loan” (4), and Hüseyin Rüstemoğlu with his “Man Sleeping in the Void” (5), a mixed media painting.







  • Paris Notes: Summer Exhibitions at the Modern Art Museum, Palais de Tokyo and Centre Pompidou

    İpek Yeğinsü

    Photographs: İpek Yeğinsü

    Cover image: MAM Paris official website


    We all know Paris as the capital or art and romance. Although Louvre and Mona Lisa are the first things that come to our mind referring to Paris, the city also has a solid infrastructure of museums of Modern, Contemporary or even New Media Art. We are talking about a city that is the birthplace of Impressionism. And there is more; the majority of the artists that moved to New York and started the Abstract Expressionism making this city the invincible art capital of the world to this day, have a Parisian origin. Let’s take an exciting journey together into the summer exhibitions currently on view at MAM Paris (Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris), Palais de Tokyo and Centre Pompidou, some of the leading museums in Paris.

    MAM greets us at the reception hall with a light installation by Lucio Fontana  (Picture 1). Next to it stands a gallery space dedicated to the French Fovist painter Raoul Dufy’s colossal wall painting La Fée Electricité dated 1937 (Picture 2). Dufy’s 600-meter-square work depicts the history of electricity, the scientists involved in its development and its areas of use.

    Our first stop in the museum’s temporary exhibition program  is the solo show of Albert Marquet, a painter who succeded at building an authentic artistic language independent from Post-Impressionism and Fovism but in close relationship to both. At the exhibition running until August 21, Marquet’s works are presented in a configuration sensitive to thematic/chronological relations. Ending on the same date, Paula Modersohn-Becker’s exhibition features the artist’s works and correspondences, documenting her important mark in art history despite her short career spanning a single decade. The exhibition places a considerable emphasis on her friendship with the poet Rainer Maria Rilke.


    Picture 1



    Picture 2

    Unfortunately ended on July 17, “Pandora’s Box: Jan Dibbets on Another Photography”, on the other hand, is simply breathtaking for photography enthusiasts. The history of the medium is told through the works selected by Jan Dibbets, himself an important Conceptual artist; there is no one missing in the line-up that brings together seminal works with contemporary ones: Röntgen who uses photography for science, Muybridge’s horses, Man Ray’s passionate silhouettes (Picture 3), Thomas Ruff’s abstract compositions (Picture 4), Performance and Land Art masters who make use of the medium like Bruce Nauman (Picture 5), series by Bernd and Hilla Becher, the founders of the Düsseldorf School and many more.


    ikili 1

    Picture 3-4



    Picture 5


    The museum collection is presented in two galleries, Modern and Contemporary. Here Louise Bourgeois’ famous spider (Picture 6), Yves Klein’s bust created with his trendmark blue (Picture 7), Robert Delaunay’s gigantic paintings  (Picture 8) and Tacita Dean’s contemporary video-collage work JG (Picture 9) deserve a mention.


    Picture 6-7



    Picture 8



    Picture 9

    We leave MAM and proceed to Palais de Tokyo. Presenting colossal exhibitions especially focusing on areas like video and new media, in every corner at Palais de Tokyo’s vast spaces another exhibition or installation awaits discovery. Here one of the most impressive works is L’intervalle de résonance, a video work by Clément Cogitore, running until September 11 (Picture 10). Exhibited as a gigantic projection, the work can be seen from a comfortable, soft cushion, and it evolves around unexplained phenomena in a sinister world. Saluting the recent mania for space-documentary genre in cinema, it purposefully avoids providing the viewer with clear answers about what’s going on; in short, the story is completed by the viewer’s hopes beliefs and fears.



    Picture 10

    At the Palais de Tokyo we also come across a familiar face: Mika Rottenberg, whose work  Squeeze was presented at the Istanbul Biennial. Here the artist reconfigures some of her video works in a new installation, exhibiting them side by side with certain assemblages and/or objects we see in them, telling the story of robotized women devoid of souls and enslaved by factories, and does so in an ironic language (Picture 11-12). It is also possible to visit at this floor the exhibition FOXP2, Marguerite Humeau’s first large-scale solo show; the exhibition combining the scientific with the mythological, and the real with the fictional, aims at generating a perceptual experience stimulating various senses simultaneously (Picture 13).



    Picture 11



    Picture 12



    Picture 13

    Another breathtaking experience awaits us at the main gallery space of Palais de Tokyo. The poet, writer, novelist and filmmaker Michel Houllebecq’s “Rester vivant” (Staying alive) combines photography, video, literature, painting and new media to create rooms with very different atmospheres, the common aspect of which is their emphasis on “clinging to life”. Resembling a film set/scenario sketch, the exhibition invites the viewer to a breathtaking journey among the various ideas floating in the artist’s mind (Picture 14-15-16).



    Picture 14



    Picture 15



    Picture 16

    We leave Palais de Tokyo and the many more exhibitions awaiting discovery, to visit Centre Pompidou. As we step in we reach the site-specific installation by Haegue Yang inaugurated only a few weeks ago, combining the artist’s typical material, alminum window shades, with video art pieces (Picture 17). Then we suddenly leave the domain of technological art, go to the first half of the 20th century to find ourselves at “L’Ironie a L’Oeuvre”, the exhibition that approaches Paul Klee’s art within the conceptual framework of irony and satire. Presenting Klee’s works in relation to the chapters of his life, the exhibition is particularly successful at hinting at the traumatic experience of WWII (Picture 18-19).


    Picture 17



    Picture 18



    Picture 19

    Another temporary exhibition on view at the Centre Pompidou takes us back to video projections and  photographs. “Beat Generation” introduces us to an activist group that made art in the US throughout the 60s and  70s. The group opposing Vietnam War and fighting racism, fully merges us in the 68′ spirit; the atmosphere is strengtened by the simultaneous presentation of photographic portraits from American daily life and sound recording devices of the same period (Picture 20-21-22).


    Picture 20



    Picture 21



    Picture 22

    Centre Pompidou’s Modern and Contemporary art collections are absolutely worthy of a visit. Here globally recognized names from art history are featured next to relatively less internationally famous artists that are important for France. Picasso, Kandinsky, Matisse, Gris and Leger are particularly worthy of mention in the Modern section, whereas the Contemporary section’s highlights include Jeff Koons, Richard Serra, Hito Steyerl, Olafur Eliasson, Philippe Pareno, Gary Hill and Joseph Kosuth (Picture 23-24-25).


    Picture 23-Olafur Eliasson



    Picture 24-Jeff Koons



    Picture 25-Philippe Pareno


  • Basel 2016 Special Coverage

    Cover Page: Antoine Rose, Spiagge Bianche – study 1, French Studio, Scope Basel 2016.

    Another month of June… For a 47th time, a city of Basel covered in art… As we do every year, we put together the highlights from various art fairs simultaneously taking place in Basel. We will keep on updating this page throughout the week with breaking news and fresh images. So, stay tuned!


    VOLTA Basel, June 13-18 

    12 years old, Volta Basel aims at generating visibility for the galleries and artists that are not stars in the market but that have a considerable middle-range career. At the event hosting well known galleries including Akıncı, Ethan Cohen, Patrick Heide and Kavanagh, nearly half of the participating galleries present a solo project or a dialogue project with two artists.

    larger (4)

    Aboudia, Gri Gri I, Ethan Cohen Gallery, Volta 12.


    larger (1)

    Michael Bevilacqua, Code: 00 8 64, the Flat-Massimo Carasi, Volta 12.


    Design Miami/ Basel, June 14-19

    Design events have an important place. The vent particularly focusing on jewelry, furniture, lightning and objects, presents distinguished selections from both the 20th and the 21st centuries.


    Gerd Rothmann, Mit Meine Daumen, Ornamentum, Design Miami Basel.


    LISTE Basel, June 14-19

    Liste, featuring young, emerging and independent artists and galleries, is undoubtedly Basel’s most avantgarde art fair. In addition to galleries, this year’s program seems to offer an interesting experience also with its performance program. It continues to be a great alternative with participating galleries like Emanuel Layr, Antenna Space, Monitor, Limoncello and the Breeder.

    Labor_JillMagid _ Workinprogressfilm2

    Jill Magid, still from video work in progress, 2016, Labor Mexico, Liste 2016.


    RealFineArts_YujiAgematsu_Zip06-01-12 06-30-12

    Yuji Agematsu; “Zip; 06-01-12 ~ 06-30-12”, 2012, Real Fine Arts, Liste 2016.


    SCOPE Basel, June 14-19

    Scope is another must-see destination in Basel art week. Scope has been organizing art fairs for the last 15 years and this year’s 10th Basel edition promises to offer its visitors some of the most exciting examples of emerging art.  Licht Feld, Mario Mauoner and Red Corridor are among the highlights of its participant list.


    larger (2)

    Salustiano, Presente pluscuamperfecto – chica con flor, Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo, Scope Basel 2016.


    larger (3)

    Antoine Rose, 24029, FRench Art Studio, Scope Basel 2016.


    Art Basel, June 16-19

    Probably the world’s leading art fair, Art Basel will apparently generate a buzz on its 47th edition as well. With four additional galleries in its  list, it hosts a total of 287 participants. The faşrs Features section presents special projects, whereas Statements presents emerging artists and new galleries. Two artists from the Statements will receieve the Bâloise Art Prize and will have the opportunity to organize a solo show in museums in Frankfurt and Luxemburg. On the other hand, the dream-like section Unlimited, one of the fair’s must-see sections curated by Gianni Jetzer this year, will be awaiting its visitors with exciting installations: Ai Weiwei, Kader Attia, Elmgreen & Dragset, Tracey Emin, Isa Genzken, Dan Graham, Anish Kapoor, William Kentridge, Chiharu Shiota and James Turrell are only some of the names whose works you can see at Unlimited!


    Tony Oursler, ‘Template variant friend stranger’, Lisson Gallery, Art Basel Unlimited.



    Chiharu Shiota, Accumulation: Searching for Destination, Galerie Daniel Templon, Art Basel Unlimited.



    El Anatsui, Gli (Wall), Jack Shainman Gallery, Art Basel Unlimited.



    Peter Halley, Galerie Thomas, Art Basel Unlimited.


    Follow our Instagram account and the fair list on our Artlog page, stay informed about the events in the art world.

  • Frieze New York Week

    Special Coverage

    This year’s Frieze New York takes place at Randall’s Island Park in May 5-8, with 202 participating galleries from 31 countries. 303, Jack Shainman, Matthew Marks, Marianne Goodman, Gagosian, Paul Kasmin, Perrotin, Regen, Pace and David Zwirner are some of the highlights of the main section. Two Chinese galleries in the Frame section for emerging galleries, Leo Xu Projects and Antenna Space, are worthy of attention.


    In the Spotlight section it is possible to see solo projects by a variety of artists including François Morellet, Nancy Holt, Sergio Camargo. On the other hand, Focus hosts galleries like Isabelle van den Eynde, Night Gallery and Supportico Lopez with their curated projects.

    The Projects section of the fair that always offers a rich program is curated by Cecilia Alemani; in this section where performance art and sculpture will have dominance, the art-life intersections, unexpected environmental interventions will be creating humorous situations. Moreover, Maurizio Cattelan is expected to “surprise” the visitors with an “irreverent” intervention.

    The talks on collectorship at Frieze Talks are particularly interesting. Taking place at 2 pm every day, during these talks museums, foundations and individual collectors will tell their own stories and discuss their approaches to collecting.

    The fair also presents a debut project, the Reading Room program. In this room where talks will be held with the participation of art writers, editors and publishers, you may examine and buy an outstanding selection of art publications. Again debuting this year, Frieze Week magazine will be informing the fair visitors about the participating galleries, other exhibitions in New York and insider tips.

    On this page we will continue covering the freshest news from Frieze, other concurrent exhibitions and special events. Stay tuned!

    You may also visit our Artlog page with the fair program of the entire year.



    Th fair hysteria begin yesterday in New york with all its intensity.  Art Miami organizes the 2nd edition of Art New York,  a fair featuring alternative artworks from primary and secondary markets, while it debuts CONTEXT, a fair focusing on emerging and mid-career artists. The two events together host 150 galleries with 1200 artists from 50 countries. Both fairs aim at a presentation format that is friendly for emerging collectors and guiding the art enthusiasts with abundant content and information. They will both end on May 8.

    art ny

    Erwin Redl, Reflections, On Patterns and Signs, Grimaldis Gallery (L). Javier Martin, Blindness, Woman in Red, Valli Art Gallery (R). Photo: Güliz Özbek.



    Call Me Frank, John Doe I, Cube Gallery. Photo: Güliz Özbek.


    After a glamorous preview yesterday evening, Frieze New York opened its doors to visitors today. The Gagosian Gallery-Damien Hirst reunion has been one of the greatest highlights of the fair.


    Damien Hirst, Covenant, 2007, Gagosian Gallery, Frieze New York


    Damien Hirst, Black Sheep with Golden Horns, 2009, Gagosian Gallery, Frieze New York


    cover photo

    Daniel Keller & Ella Plevin, Seasted Figures, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler (left). Yayoi Kusama, The Moment of Regeneration, David Zwirner Gallery (right). Frieze Art Fair NY. Photos: Güliz Özbek.


    Carole Feuerman, Bibi on the Ball, C24 Gallery, Art Miami NY. Photo: Güliz Özbek.

    Eduardo Navarro’s Instruction from the sky following the clouds’ movement and Anthea Hamilton’s KAR-A-SUTRA, a homage to the Italian architect Mario Bellini, were the performative highlights of the Frieze Projects section.


    Eduardo, Instruction from the Sky, Frieze Projects. Photo: Güliz Özbek.


    Anthea Hamilton, KAR-A-SUTRA, Frieze Projects. Photo: Güliz Özbek.

    NADA Art Fair was also worthy of visit with its extraordinary artists and alternative galleries. Organized by the New Art Dealers Alliance, the fair’s top booths belonged to the Maki Fine Arts from Tokyo, Water McBeer from Brooklyn and Five Car Garage from Los Angeles.

    nada combo

    Tschabalala Self, Untitled, Thierry Goldberg Gallery (left). Akira Ikezoe, If I Was 9, Proyectos Ultravioleta (center). Caroline Wells Chandler, Angela Dufresne Workout Plan, Roberto Paradiso Gallery (right). NADA Art Fair. Photos: Güliz Özbek.


    1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair was probably one of the most interesting and different events of the Frieze art week.  The fair takes its name from the 54 countries in the African continent. A reatively smaller-scale event with 60 participating artists from 17 galleries also offered panel discussions and education programs.


    Aida Muluneh, the 99 Series Part 7 (left), Sai Mado/The Distant Gaze (right). David Krut Projects, 1:54 Art Fair. Photos: Güliz Özbek.


    Omar Ba, Out of Time, Art Bärtschi & Cie (left). Billie Zangewa, Angel, Afronova (right). 1:54 Art Fair. Photos: Güliz Özbek.

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