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  • Art Basel 2017

    15-18 June 2017

    We are counting days for the 48th edition of Art Basel, the most important event of June that brings together international artworld in the heart of the city. This year the Show will host more than 200 galleries and 4.000 artists from all over the world. During the Show, we will see best examples of Modern and Contemporary Art presented through specially programmed events, talks and shows. During three days, everything will be about art: from everything that we see to the every step that we take and everything that we talk about, all is art! In this page, we brought together the most exciting and districtive features of Art Basel 2017.


    ChertLüdde’s booth, Art Basel 2017. Photo: Benjamin Westoby/ artsy.net

    Art Basel returns to city with ground breaking, different and breath-taking artworks and projects. Like evey year, the heart of the Show is the Galleries Sector, featuring over 4000 artists. Projects from established and well-known artists will be presented in the Feature Sector whereas projects of new-emerging  artists will meet with audience in the Stataments Sector.  When we look at the Art Basel’s pioneering exhibition platform, Independent, we are seeing distinctive projects like always. Curated by Gianni Jetzer, this year Independent encompasses 76 large-scale artworks in multiple ways that go beyond a traditional art fair stand. With massive sculptures and paintings, video projections, installations and performances, Independent will push the limits. Projects include ‘’Cooking the World’’ (2017) by Suboth Gupta and ‘’Bliss’’ (Reality Check) (2017) by Danna Huanca.



    Parcours, 12-18 June 2017

    Under Parcours Sector, 22 special artworks will be on display in Basel’s Münsterplatz. Celebrating its 8th edition in historical center of Basel, Parcours will host artworks representing daily life concerns. Curated by Samuel Leuenberger, Parcours will feature important works such as Amanda Ross-Ho’s ‘’Unlimited Finding’’ (2017) and Markus Selg’s ‘’Arcadia’’ (2017). Parallel to the Parcours, The Natural History Museum of Basel is also hosting a special show. A work by GCC, ‘’Belief in the Power of Believe’’ (2017) will bring together Youtube videos with historical artifacts, and hence create an alternative and contemporary cultural heritage.


    Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels | Parcours, Sophie Nys, 100 female scientists, 2017/ artnews.com


    Claudia Comte ‘’Now I Won’’/ 13-18 June

    A special project entitled as ‘’Now I Won’’ by Swedish artist Claudia Comte is placed in the heart of the city, in Basel’s Messeplatz. Located right next to the exhibition hall, this this open-air installation is bringing the city an immersive funfair, and enabling visitors to interact with the artwork on one hand, and spend time in the funfair on the other. 7 booths that are placed within the installation for visitors to play games like dart, bowling, wrist wrestling and mini golf and attend competitions. The winners will get an artwork by the artist.



    Art Basel Film Program

    This year Art Basel presents a special film program that consists of a total of 34 works to the viewer. Focusing on various international topics, these experimental and artistic films will shed light on political events of our age. The program is opening on the 12th of June with Eric Baudelaire’s latest work ‘’Also Known as Jahidi’’ (2017). One of the most distinctive features of the Program is special screening of Stanley Tucci’s ‘’Final Portrait’’ (2017).


    Carlos Javier Ortiz, We All We Got, 2017, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco and New York/ artnews.com


    In addition to this during the Show, magazines from all over the world will be presented in a collective single booth. Through magazines stand, and conversations and talks where art editors and publicators will be presenting, ongoing dialogue and current debates in the artworld will be revealed.


    Collector and Art Writer Banu Çarmıklı Picked Her Favorites for Art50.net Followers

    Unlimited Section

    • Bethanhuws/Forest
    • Barbara Kruger /Our People Better Than Your People
    • Phyllida Barlow/ 100 Banners
    • Jenny Holzer / Light Enstalasyonu
    • Stan VanderBeek/ Movie Mural, Video



    Stan VanderBeek, Movie Mural/ news.artnet.com

    Other parts of  the Fair

    • Nam June Paik/ Venus



    • Magdalena Abakanowicz
    • Kerry James Marshall
    • Hans Op de Beeck/ Mountain View
    • Marcel Duchamp/ Reproduction of Mona Lisa



    • Tom Sachs/ The Great Seal



    SCOPE Basel/ 12-18 June

    With its 11th anniversary edition, SCOPE will take place in its original place that is located just 3 blocks from Messeplatz.  Featuring 70 international exhibitions from 52 cities and 27 countries, this year SCOPE presents the richess of Contemporary Art available nowhere else, and will bring to light the importance and role of art within city’s rich living culture and heritage.


    Rómulo Celdrán, Hi-Res Voxel 2 & Hi-Res Solid I, Arthobler Gallery /artsy.net


    LISTE Basel/ 13-18 June

    Started in 1996, LISTE has been welcoming mostly new and a middle generation of galleries from all over the world. Since its beginning, it has become a must-visit place for almost every important artist and gallery. Aiming at presenting new galleries and newly emerging artists to the public, this year LISTE features 34 countries and 79 galleries, that were selected out of a total of 250 applications. Of these, 14 galleries is participating to LISTE for the first time. This year, the Helvetia Art Prize is given to Andriu Deplazes, a young artists who was born in 1993 and known with his figurative works.




    Anna Uddenberg, Disconnect, 2017, House of Gaga.