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  • The Conman

    The Conman

    Lonely Salisbury&Aly Suja, Gibson Square Books

    “The Conman” was written by Lonely Salisbury&Aly Suja. It tells the thrilling story of the art forgery which fooled the British Modern Art World for over a decade. This scam would never have ended if it hadn’t been for a naked woman and a microwaved goldfish. A school teacher puts a modest advertisement in “Private Eye” as a painter but he has no idea that this would make him a part of the biggest art fraud in Britain. Among a few respondants is the mysterious John Drewe who claims to be a Professor. But in reality, Drewe is a conman who knew little about the art world and discovered that the art itself didn’t really make any difference – that it was the documentation of a work that mattered. Hence he commissions 200 artworks from Myatt and gets ready to take over the art world.