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    The Visible Fading Away and the Volatile Images of Handan Akarsu

    Interview: İpek Yeğinsü

    Art50.net’s new member Handan Akarsu is a multi-talented artist, standing out with her career as a Painter and an Interior Designer as well as with her academic work. In her paintings, she depicts all kinds of images every viewer can establish a bond with, and while doing so, she also questions the relationship between the material and the surface. We talked with Akarsu about her artistic journey and her upcoming projects.

    handan akarsu

    Handan Akarsu – Another thing, oil painting on tulle.

    How did your interest in art begin?

    For me, it was a process that started with the advantage of having reached awareness about it at a very young age. Of course, the greatest support came first and foremost from my mother and then from my family. So, I can say that my artistic journey began thanks to my mother’s support.

    You both studied Painting and Interior Design. Have you ever worked as a professional Interior Designer? In your opinion, how did having a background in both areas affect your artistic practice?

    I am a double major graduate of Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts. I always believe in the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and multiple management. In this sense, I care deeply about the collaboration between art and design and their dialogue. You may already see the examples of such dialogues in my paintings and other works. On the other hand, painting dominates every moment and aspect of my life. Interior Design has a similar position; in fact, I continue my professional career as a company’s design team member and consultant.

    Handan Akarsu - Başka Bir Şey, tül üzerine yağlıboya.

    Handan Akarsu – Another thing, oil painting on tulle.

    Your images are extremely minimalistic and almost in a state of dreamy blur. Why? Do you borrow them from real life, or are they imaginary? Do they have autobiographical references?

    They obviously do not depend on one single situation; from my perspective, they have several layers of meaning. I approach what you see in my paintings as illusions of reality. I also emphasize the relationship between the three dimensions and the surface, of which I often make use in various combinations. My works can contain any time frame and anything incuding autobiographical references designated with materials, reality, imagination, the past, the future, and the present. Yet, when the work is at the stage of evaluation by the viewer and the society, my existence as the individual creator clearly loses its importance. At that point, the relationship between the viewer and the work takes the center stage.

    You recently started your Ph.D. studies. How do you manage an academic life and an artistic life at the same time?

    I am a strong believer in the existence and spirit of the art academies. So, I am very happy to be a member of the academy. I currently continue pursuing my academic studies at the Artistic Doctorate level at Hacettepe University Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. I think the artistic and academic lives nourish each other; for me, they are not two separate things but they become “one” single life at a common point.

    Handan Akarsu - Tarlada, tül ve tuval üzerine yağlıboya

    Handan Akarsu – In Field, oil painting on canvas and tulle.

    Any artists you particularly admire and follow?

    Rather than following a few artists, I am interested in, follow and focus my research on the Far Eastern and Asian art, traditions and artists.

    How did your participation to Base affect your career? How was the process like?

    I am happy to have been part of a big organization like Base, and it also had a strong contribution to my career. I deeply enjoyed the process and it was very exciting. We joined a magnificent team and we gradually became a huge family.

    How did your paths cross with Art50.net? Your views on online art platforms?

    I had the chance to meet Art50.net during the Base process. There are many examples of online art platforms in the world and I think they are necessary so that we can catch up with the global pace of things.

    Your projects in the near future?

    I work on a few projects simultneaously as I have always done. I constantly keep working at my studio, and new projects different from the works you saw at Base but that appear as their continuation have already begun to emerge. On the other hand, I will share with you the continuing examples of my spatial and three-dimensional works as soon as possible.


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