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  • Fairy Tale

    Melike Kılıç

    we are the players of a double-sided game, while you were mapping out the streets you did’t belong to, I was walking on that endless and semitransparent road, with the fox on my left and the rabbit on my right. whose face will you be looking at with every layer you dig. we’re not equal, I was sick and such a sickness it first covered my fingers, from my fingertips to my wrists, each and every hair on my wrists gave i to the sickness. as the sickness went up to the angels sitting on my shoulders, I knew that half of the road was over.


    tilki ve tavşan

    The fox and the rabbit

    “I apologize I have to eat you.” this was all I could tell the rabbit, and the road was still semitransparent, I was proceeding with the fox on my left.
    the appetite of my sickness resided, it was the rabbit’s blood leaking from the corners of my lips, my eyes were crying as I couldn’t believe I had eaten my travel companion.
    “you are human” said the fox, frightened.
    I could only say “I am sick”.
    “Please don’t cry when you have eaten me as well” said the fox.
    “but I had raised you in those beautiful cages of yours”.



    once I realized there wasn’t one tree on the road we walked, that we didn’t hear birds singing, I dropped on the floor just where I was.
    “end of the road” tiny marks already began to appear o my knees, they were like the maps of a street I didn’t know.
    I felt like seeing you in my body, I could say I swear on everything I’m devoid of and thus I also ate the fox, biting those beautiful ears of his. “You are no more naive” said a voice, “you will never find that street since you have eaten those two creatures you raised with your own hands, even if you weren’t hungry”.

    Melike Kılıç