• Myths And Dreams

    Kıraathane, 5 July – 5 Sept 2019

    The legends of the lands we live on might be the oldest stories in history. The myths with a universality beyond time and place and a discourse on the human condition are the principal foundations of the literary tradition constituting the backbone of our civilization. Although they belong to such a distant past, the symbols from these stories are deeply rooted in the contemporary individual’s subconscious and they continue to appear before us, either among ancient remains all around Anatolia, or at the least expected corners of our cities, still as one of the leading sources of inspiration for visual arts.


  • All in One’01

    All in One’01 by Galeri Bu Pavillion and Art50.net

    Galeri Bu Pavilion, 15.06.2019 - 15.07.2019

    From June 15 to July 15, 2019, Galeri Bu Pavillion will be hosting “All in One’01”, an exhibition organized in collaboration with Art50.net.

    The exhibition bringing together 42 artists with various disciplinary backgrounds from Galeri Bu Pavillion and the online art platform Art50.net, presents a rich language combining contemporary artistic practices and forms of expression. In addition to several influential figures with high market circulation rates, it also features new and alternative names and artistic approaches from a wide range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation and illustration.


  • art50net

    Art in Swissôtel The Bosphorus Istanbul

    Cover Photo: Handan Akarsu - Another thing

    One of the world’s leading hotels, Swissôtel The Bosphorus, Istanbul offers its guests a five-star experience in the heart of the city. With its privileged and successful projects, Swissôtel offers more than hospitality services, it makes special projects and partnerships happen.


  • art50net_baysan_yuksel

    “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Casa dell’Arte and Art50.net

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream | May 25 - July 2

    Turkey’s first art hotel Casa dell’Arte and contemporary art platform Art50.net welcome the 2018 season with a colorful art selection.


  • Art50.net artists are at İKÜSAG with the “REFLECTIONS” exhibition

    As the 4th exhibition of its 2016-2017 season, İstanbul Kültür University Art Gallery hosts works by the artists of the contemporary art platform Art50.net


    As the 4th exhibition of its 2016-2017 season, İstanbul Kültür University Art Gallery (İKÜSAG) hosts works by the artists of Art50.net, a contemporary art platform bringing together artists, collectors and all art enthusiasts.

    The exhibition titled “Reflections” curated by İpek Yeğinsü will be inaugurated on February 08 2017, Wednesday at 3 pm with a cocktail held at İstanbul Kültür University Ataköy campus and will be on view until March 1st.

    The exhibition that will feature works in various contemporary artistic techniques by Aslı Aydemir, Aslı Dinç, Ayna, Ayşegül Karakaş, Deniz Yılmazlar | Karbon, Eda Emirdağ, Genco Gülan, Saliha Yılmaz and Yıldırım İnce will underline the thinking / reflecting dynamics in the artistic process that are loaded with tension and inseparable from each other, emerging in the space between the artist’s universe of thoughts and his reactions to the external world.

    The exhibition features Aslı Aydemir’s sculpture series paying homage to kitsch porcelain figures, Aslı Dinç’s paintings placing the individual within the outer space, Ayna’s lightboxes saluting the male icons of Turkish cinema, a piece from Ayşegül Karakaş’s “Relocation” series leaving the figure alone in a sinister natural setting, Karbon’s photocollage works elaborating on subjects like the past, the memory and death, Eda Emirdağ’s photographs of figures placed in a meditative and vague atmosphere and filled with open-ended stories, Genco Gülan’s sculpture approaching popular culture with irony, Saliha Yılmaz’s urban characters experiencing identity crisis and Yıldırım İnce’s metropolitan mythologies.

    The exhibition will be on view between February 8 and March 1 at İKÜSAG, from 9 am to 6 pm every day except for weekends.

    Kültür Üniversitesi Ataköy Yerleşkesi, Bakırköy-İstanbul

    0212 498 48 14



  • Art50.net Workshop on “Contemporary Art Collecting for Beginners”

    Last week we conducted a fruitful workshop on “Contemporary Art Collecting for Beginners” at Cloud 7 Hotel. We informed the participants about the main concepts in contemporary art and informed them about collectorship tips. After the presentation, participants did our art test to discover their artistic personality and got their workshop certificates along with the gifts we prepared for them. We would like to thank once more everyone that joined us.



  • Art50.net at Contemporary Istanbul in Collaboration with Galata Business Angels

    November 3-6, 2016

    GBA brings art-tech startups together at Contemporary Istanbul

    One of the first angel investment organizations in Turkey, GBA (Galata Business Angels) will open a booth to host art-tech startups, combining art and digital technologies, at Contemporary Istanbul (CI), the region’s and Turkey’s premier international art fair. The event will take place between 3 and 6 November.

    İyisahne, Decol, Iconic, Art50, KültürLimited, SanatOnline, DarkTownPictures and LimartOnline startups will be ready at the GBA’s booth. Performce artist Ayça Ceylan will also show an interactive performance as part of Decol’s new media business at the booth on 3-4 November at 18.30 and on 5-6 November at 16.30.

    GBA will also organize a panel on November 3rd, Thursday, between 17.00 and 18.00 as part of CI Dialogues. The extensive CI Dialogues brings together more than 50 art professionals, artists and collectors in order to review the state of contemporary art as well as the current characteristics of its economics and markets for three days. Participants of GBA’s panel will discuss the relationship between art and entrepreneurship, and focus mainly on how investing in the creative sectors differs from investing in regular start-ups. As being among the leading art collectioners in Turkey, GBA’s angel investors Ahu Serter and Emre Kurttepeli as well as Sinan Zabunoğlu, the founding partner of iyisahne.com who had recently got investment from GBA, and Güliz Özbek, the owner of art50.net will be hosting at the panel.


  • PROFILER Exhibition by Art50.net at GaleriBU

    October 1-22 2016, GaleriBU

    GaleriBU hosts Art50.net artists for its season opening.

    Taking place between October 1 and 22, the exhibition PROFILER features works by Baysan Yüksel, Eda Emirdağ, Erim Bikkul, Genco Gülan, Karbon, Özge Yağcı, Saliha Yılmaz and Taşkın Esin.

    Eda Emirdag, Tranas boredom no1, fotograf

    Eda Emirdağ, Tranas Boredom No:1, photography

    Curated by İpek Yeğinsü, the exhibition originates from the various meanings of the term PROFILER.

    Although the term PROFILER is used in a variety of contexts, it generally refers to the person mapping the portrait of an individual or a phenomenon, delineating its main framework and proposing strategies for process improvement. During a dynamic program analysis, a software developer becomes a PROFILER measuring the program’s memory capacity and speed, and defines as “profiling” the sum of all the optimization procedures he or she undertakes. On the other hand, the PROFILER who operates within a criminal context aims at estimating the demographic characteristics of a potential suspect for a specific crime; by identifying the personality traits that push him to commit a crime, he tries to predict his next move.

    The artist is also a PROFILER of his own internal dynamics as well as of the society he lives in. Via data based on observation, perception and intuition, he draws the portrait of the situation around him; reacting to the processes he thinks are dysfunctional, he generates proposals for alternatives. In each work of his, he pursues every trace of the reality that surrounds him and draws the “profile” of the next step the latter will evolve into. The works featured in the exhibition PROFILER were selected in a way to render this aspect of artistic practice particularly visible.

    The exhibition features Baysan Yüksel’s paintings questioning free will and dilemma; Eda Emirdağ’s video and photography works that become a mirror for the society; Erim Bikkul’s figures built with paper-cut layers; Genco Gülan’s ironic sculpture on the notion of power; Karbon’s site-specific installation interpreting the concept of portrait from the viewpoint of life-death dichotomy; Özge Yağcı’s assemblage examining society’s pressure on women; Saliha Yılmaz’s surreal portraits creating new identities;  and Taşkın Esin’s assembly visualizing the concept of accidental phenomena via the use of data.

    The exhibition will be on view between October 1 and 22 at GaleriBU, from 11 am to 6 pm every day except for Sundays and Mondays.


    Şahkulu Mah. Serdar-ı Ekrem Sok. No: 11 Galata, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

    P: +90 212 243 9193

  • “Voyage”: Exhibition by Art50.net

    May 19-September 30, Avantgarde Collection, Yalıkavak Bodrum

    Ayna | Ayşegül Karakaş | Begüm Mütevellioğlu | Gözde Başkent | Haydar Akdağ | İpek Yeğinsü | Taşkın Esin

    Like last year, Art50.net welcomes the summer with an exciting group show. Kindly hosted by Avantgarde Collection Yalıkavak, the exhibition “Voyage” will be on view from May 19 to September 30.


    Taşkın Esin, Assembly, detail

    «Voyage» is a concept that indicates journey, relocation, departure for discovery and an excursion into memories and fantasies. It may involve an adventure beginning with maps and backpacks as well as an inner journey during a walk into the woods.
    Each artist in the «Voyage» exhibition approaches this concept from his or her own point of view. While Ayşegül Karakaş invents characters proceeding in uncanny landscapes, Ayna invites us to a nostalgic journey into the past. Begüm Mütevellioğlu’s compositions take the viewer into a universe of memories creating a meditative psychological state, and Gözde Başkent places her characters at the center of a natural cycle. Haydar Akdağ chases the artistic possibilities offered by form, color and texture while İpek Yeğinsü is after the elements moving in an urban context, and Taşkın Esin pursues the accidental phenomena’s role in his data-based paintings.

    Haydar AKDAĞ 60cm T.U.K.T-düşük çözünürlük

    Haydar Akdağ, Untitled, mixed media on canvas


    The exhibition awaits its discoverers at various sites within Avantgarde Otel Yalıkavak and will be on view every day until September 30.


    Avantgarde Collection
    Yalıkavak Küdür Mevkii, Şehit Engin Söylemez Cad. No:9, Yalıkavak Bodrum / Muğla
    Email: yalikavak@avantgardecollection.com
    Phone: +90 252 385 3765

  • Art50.net at Cloud.7 İstanbul

    Art50.net continues via its special projects to bring living spaces and art together. As a hotel offering an alternative visitor experience embracing the motto “Spontaneous Living”, Cloud.7’s Istanbul branch opened its doors in Ataköy. As Art50.net, we have prepared a special selection for the hotel’s Art in Cloud section.


    The project in which Cloud.7 and Art50.net join forces around the concept of 24/7 accessible art,  features works by Ayşegül Karakaş, Betül Aytaç, Beyza Paksın, Begüm Mütevellioğlu, Deniz Yılmazlar (Karbon), Eda Emirdağ, Genco Gülan, İpek Yeğinsü, Özlem Paker and Taşkın Esin.

    Cover picture: Cloud.7 Hotels CEO Marloes Knippenberg and Brand Director Antony Doucet (photo taken from Hotelier Express website).

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