• Art of Conflict : The Murals of Northern Ireland

    Director: Valeri Vaughn, 2012

    In time of socio-political conflict, a new art emerged in Northern Ireland which reflected two opposing groups. The Art of Conflict focuses on murals that represent centuries of division and conflict, and their impact on society. Filmed in Northern Ireland, this special documentary shows murals’ affect, aim and future, through interviews made with public, political figures and artists. Showing how art intermingles with history and identity, it opens new doors.

  • Tim’s Vermeer

    Director: Teller, 2013

    This documentary aims to understand one of the biggest mysteries in art history: technique of grand master Johannes Vermeer, who is best known with his painting ’The Girl with the Pearl Earring’. How Vermeer succeeded in painting photo-like portraits before the invention of photography is still an unexplained mystery. Portraying Tim Jenison’s comprehensive project that explores Vermeer’s technique, this documentary follows Jenison and takes us on a voyage all way from Delft, Holland where his Yorkshire landscapes were made through Buckingham.

  • Finding Vivian Maier

    Director: John Maloof - Charlie Siskel, 2013

    In 2007, Historian John Maloof bought a box of photographs in an auction held in Chicago. The photographer was Vivian Maier, a babysitter who secretly took over 100.000 photos during her life time. With efforts of Maloof, her name came to be known in a short time, and she became one of the best photographers of the 20th century. Brought to light from unknown pages of history by John Maloof, this documentary chases this interesting woman. It aims to understand her and her life through interviews made with her acquaintances and relatives in France.

  • Beltracchi : The Art of the Forgery

    Director: Arne Birkenstock, 2014

    Biggest art forger of the past 50 years says ‘’Unless you want to mix the fakes with the originals, you should bring catalogues to me before writing them.’’ This documentary focuses on the story of German Wolfgang Beltracchi and shows biggest art forgery of our age. Directed by Arne Birkenstock, it draws a portrait of Belltachi who deceived international art World for 40 years, found guilty in 2011, and released from prison in 2017. Watching how he adds extraordinary artistic details to his paintings amuses the viewers.

  • The 100 Years of Show / Carmen Herrera

    Director: Alison Klayman, 2015

    Directed by Alison Klayman, this 30-minutes short documentary is about one of the oldest contemporary artists of our time, Cuban-American Carmen Herrera. It starts with Carrera’s 100th birthday and moves around her ongoing artistic production since the 1940s and 1950s. Through use of interviews and archival materials, it brings to light the story of being a World renowned artist in abstract painting. Every scene that shows us how fame found her at an old age, not until her 90s, proves us that it is never too late.

  • Ai Weiwei : Human Flow

    Director: Ai Weiwei, 2017

    Directed by artist Ai Weiwei Human Flow tells the story of unwilling migration and displacement of 65 million people because of war, poverty and climate change, and events that came afterwards. Through images taken and interviews made in 23 counties including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Mexico, Pakistan, Serbia, Syria and Turkey during 1 year period, the documentary portraits the refugee crisis. Placing focus on the notion of human rights, it shows the viewer the importance of understanding, support and tolerance in times of conflict and uncertainities.

  • Final Portrait

    Director: Stanley Tucci, 2017

    ‘The Final Portrait’ that will come on screen on 18th of August tells the story of Swedish painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti. Set in 1964 in Paris, directed by Stanley Lucci, it stars Geoffrey Rush as Giacometti. The painter runs across his old friend, American writer James Lord, and wants to make his portrait. Lord accepts his offer. Weeks pass however Giacometti doesn’t seem to finish the portrait, which makes Lord suspect that the painter is keeping him on purpose. Hence a special dialogue start to develop between two leading to the making of one of the masterpieces of a genius mind.

  • Cezanne et Moi

    Director: Danièle Thompson, 2016

    One is the most important name of the 19th century art and the other is literature, Paul Cezanne and Emile Zola comes together on screen in this special film. ‘Cezanne et Moi’ is a historical drama that focuses on ups and downs of their friendship. The film starts with their school years and moves with flashbacks. Growing together, two friends walk together on the road of fame, moves to Paris from suburbs, enter into art circle, and lose and re-find each other. With wonderful performances of Guillame Galliene and Gaullaume Canet, it has already become a classic.

  • Little Ashes

    Director: Paul Morrison, 2008

    In this 2008 poduction, we watch Salvador Dali, Federico Garcia and Luis Buñuel in 1920s Spain, and how their roads crossed in Madrid School of Fine Arts. While portraying their youth, friendship and changing relationships, the film shows how each raised in their fields, as painter, poet and director. At the edge of civil war, Spain suffers from political instability. Future painter Dali meets future poet Federico Garcia Lorca and future movie producer Luis Bunuelle. Getting closer, Dali and Lorca starts discovering their artistic and sexual freedom, as a result of which, their love for Spain intermingles with their friendship and love for each other.

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