• RIESEN NIXE Oliver Voss

    Hamburg, Germany

    “Riesen- Nixe” is one of the rare examples of public sculpture. Created by the artist Oliver Voss, the extraordinary work is four-meters high and was placed in Lake Alster in Hamburg in August 2011.

    Also called as “Badenixe” (bathing beauty) or “RiesenNixe” (great mermaid), the sculpture was displayed for a mere 10 days but nevertheless managed to add a humor to the splendor of Hamburg. While tourist used to turn to their cameras in surprise and awe, the locals seemed to be used to the existence of the mermaid in the lake.

    RIESEN-NIXE - Oliver Voss - Hamburg, Germany

    RIESEN-NIXE – Oliver Voss – Hamburg, Germany

  • CLOUD GATE Anish Kapoor

    Chicago, USA

    Famed sculptor Anish Kapoor, whose stone sculptures Turkish audiences had a chance to see at Sabancı Museum last year, is exhibiting a gigantic piece in Chicago’s Milennium Park. One of the most worthwhile pieces of contemporary art, the sculpture was the finalist of a design competition and was placed in downtown Chicago as part of the competition’s award.

    Inspired by the liquid format of mercury, “The Cloud Gate” is formed in a way that would skew the silhouette of the city. The work, as in many of Kapoor’s earlier works, breaks up the physical into separate pieces and transforms it into an abstraction. The Cloud Gate is often apparent in feature films and videos and has become one of the symbols of the city of Chicago.

    CLOUD GATE - Anish Kapoor - Chicago, USA

    CLOUD GATE – Anish Kapoor – Chicago, USA

  • GIANT CLOTHSPIN Mehmet Ali Uysal

    Liege, Belgium

    The extraordinary sculpture displayed in Chaudfontaine Park in Liege, Belgium in the year of 2010 is titled “Giant Clothespin” and is mounted in an intriguing format. The clothespin that holds the ground underneath blends into its environment despite its artificialness. Mehmet Ali Uysal, a lecturer in Middle Eastern Technical University (METU) in the department of Fine Arts and Music, created this piece for the Festival of the Five Seasons organized in Belgium.

    Uysal’s piece has been increasingly popular since 2010 and enthusiastically photographed by tourists of Belgium.

    GIANT CLOTHSPIN – Mehmet Ali Uysal Liege, Belgium

    GIANT CLOTHSPIN – Mehmet Ali Uysal
    Liege, Belgium

  • PUPPY Jeff Koons

    Bilbao, Spain

    The world famous artist Jeff Koons’ popular sculpture in front of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao stands an example of the art of gardening. The sculpture titled “Puppy” consists of marigolds, begonias, impatiens, petunias, and lobelias and is brought together by a steel platform that connects all the plants while shaping the form of a puppy. The 13-metre-tall sculpture was exhibited in Germany, Australia and the United States in the past. In 1997, it was acquired by Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and brought to Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

    Puppy” is placed in Plaza Aguirre in front of the museum. The officer after whom the plaza is named was killed during a bombing attempt of the sculpture by nationalist Basque group called ETA.

    PUPPY - Jeff Koons - Bilbao, Spain

    PUPPY – Jeff Koons –
    Bilbao, Spain


    Melbourne, Australia

    Charles La Trobe statue that is located in the city of Melbourne in Australia carries all the features of a regular statue. Except for the fact that it is placed upside down! The statue belonging to Charles La Trobe, the lieutenant-governor of Victoria colony in Australia in the 19th century, is located on the grounds of the university that bears his name.

    La Trobe is one of the most important figures of Melbourne, known for establishing Melbourne University, Botanical Gardens and Public Library, but whose name is quickly forgotten. Australian sculptor Charles Robb answers the questions rearding the reason why the statue is reverse as “because the universities should spend time and energy on ideas.”

    SCULPTURE of CHARLES LA TROBE - Charles Robb - Australia

    SCULPTURE of CHARLES LA TROBE – Charles Robb – Australia

  • ALI and NINO Tamara Kvesitadze

    Batumi, Georgia

    Telling the uniting power of love and break-up, the story of Ali and Nino goes back to the famous novel of Kurban Said, a writer whose real name is unknown and whose works has been translated into 30 different languages.The artwork which was made as a reflection of the novel, in which the touching love story of an Azerbaijani boy and Georgian girl takes place, belongs to the Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze. Kvesitadze is one of the best-known artists of Georgia with her many international awards and his attendance in Venice Biennial twice.

    The most intriguing part of the sculpture is the appearance of two lovers as they move towards each other and finally engage through a special mechanism.

    ALI and NINO - Tamar Kvesitadze - Batumi, Georgia

    ALI and NINO – Tamar Kvesitadze – Batumi, Georgia

  • THE SUN VOYAGE Jón Gunnar Árnason

    Reykjavík, Iceland

    Created by the sculpture Jón Gunnar Árnason as an ode to Sun, the steel sculpture titled The Sun Voyager resides in Reykjavik, Iceland – a country known for its endless oceans. The trident sign on the voyager stands a well-known mythological symbol for the sun. Arnason came up with the idea of the work on a boat trip for a Scandinavian art project called “Experimental Environment”. Through the image of sun, the work symbolizes the mystery, hope and freedom of new and undiscovered lands.

    THE SUN VOYAGER – Jón Gunnar Árnason - Reykjavik, Iceland

    THE SUN VOYAGER – Jón Gunnar Árnason – Reykjavik, Iceland


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