• Fall18_Cover

    ARTnews 2018 TOP 200 Collectors List

    ARTnews released the latest edition of its Top 200 collectors list recently. The annual list is updated in light of the sales, auctions and acquitions that take place in the art sector for over a year. This is exacly why the prestigious list is important; while introducing to the public the most important collectors from all around the world, it also offers insights into the events of one year. What these collectors from various countries and backgrounds in art, science, technology, media, investment, banking and real estate have in common is a deep passion in art and collecting.


  • kerem durukan

    Kerem Durukan’s Colors Full of Life

    Interview: İpek Yeğinsü, Photo: Ezgi Turan

    The first thing that comes to mind about Kerem Durukan is, without doubt, the bold range of colors in his vibrant compositions full of energy. We had a pleasant conversation with Durukan, who received education in several creative fields including painting, graphic design and industrial design, and combined elements from each with the simplicity that he found in primitive art.


  • luma_arles_1

    A Magnificent Tower in Van Gogh’s Arles

    LUMA Arles Museum, France

    The city of Arles of Southern France is well known for Vincent Van Gogh who lived there between 1888 and 1889, during which he produced many paintings and drawings of the city. This beautiful French city has a new city icon, a contemporary art campus named LUMA Arles. With its Frank-Gehry designed tower that rises above five historic buildings, LUMA Arles has already become an icon in the minds -and hearts of Arles’ inhabitants and tourists.


  • begum_mutevellioglu

    The Mysterious World of Plants with Begüm Mütevellioğlu

    Interview: İpek Yeğinsü

    Begüm Mütevellioğlu is one of the earliest members of the Art50.net family. While tracing the deepest memories in her peaceful compositions, she tackles subjects like the relationship between the individual and the place as well as the construction of identity through place. In our conversation with her we examined her new series of works about plants, the latter also being one of her personal areas of interest.


  • big_eyes

    Big Eyes

    Director: Tim Burton, 2014

    Big Eyes is biographical drama about Margaret Keane who left her trace into the 1950s with her drawings and paintings with big eyes. It tells the story of a woman’s self-discovery and release from patriarchial hegemony. Based on a true story, the movie focuses on the relationship between Margaret and her husband, Walter Keane, who took credit for Margaret’s paintings for years. Living under lies and pressure, Margaret finally decides to take what was rightfully hers and files a lawsuit against her husband. In this 2014 production, world-renowned director Tim Burton worked with different actors and actresses. You can find this wonderful movie on Netflix and Amazon, with Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz’s performances, and wonderful dream-like scenes created by French art director Bruno Delbonnel.