• The Most Anticipated Museums of 2019

    Following the opening of the Susch Museum in January, we are counting down days for the new museums which are set to open in 2019. With their extraordinary building projects, unique art collections, rich program of events and exhibitions and million dollar budgets, these museums located in different parts of the world have already created a wave of wonder and excitement among the artlovers and international arts and culture sector. Let’s sneak peak into 2019’s most anticipated museums and discover their key features together.



    A Wonderland In The Swiss Alps: Muzeum Susch

    Cover Photo: Susch Müzesi © Claudio Von Planta. Muzeum Susch, Art Stations Foundation, CH.

    Forget all the things you know about big metropole museums, grand-scale building projects and museum crowds. Opened its doors to the public on the 2nd of January, the Susch Museum is located in Engadin valley of Swiss Alps, in a 200-person village of Susch. Raising on the remains of a 12th- century monastic foundation, this extraordinary museum not only reflects its founder, Grażyna Kulczyk’s vision but also offers its visitors an experience of slow art which creates a perfect harmony with nature.


  • cape town art fair

    Cape Town Art Week and Cape Town Art Fair 2019

    Investec Cape Town Art Fair (ICTAF), February 15-17

    ART WEEK CAPE TOWN needs no introduction to local denizens of the art world. Now in its seventh year, it is aimed at strengthening and increasing access to Cape Town city’s contemporary art sector.


  • İpek Yeğinsü

    An Alternative Urban Experience with İpek Yeğinsü

    The urban experience in İpek Yeğinsü’s photographs is more about dynamic and blurry impressions rather than static images. As a long-time member of the Art50.net family with her contributions to the website’s content and her almost abstract expressionist photographs, we talked to Yeğinsü about her Art50.net experience, her multi-dimensional career and her artistic practice.


  • The Conman

    The Conman

    Lonely Salisbury&Aly Suja, Gibson Square Books

    “The Conman” was written by Lonely Salisbury&Aly Suja. It tells the thrilling story of the art forgery which fooled the British Modern Art World for over a decade. This scam would never have ended if it hadn’t been for a naked woman and a microwaved goldfish. A school teacher puts a modest advertisement in “Private Eye” as a painter but he has no idea that this would make him a part of the biggest art fraud in Britain. Among a few respondants is the mysterious John Drewe who claims to be a Professor. But in reality, Drewe is a conman who knew little about the art world and discovered that the art itself didn’t really make any difference – that it was the documentation of a work that mattered. Hence he commissions 200 artworks from Myatt and gets ready to take over the art world.